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View the marathon schedule here: https://horaro.org/yuutoichikasaveslives/schedule
Need a link to the Discord server? Send me a private message: ChairGTables#9958

Yuuto Ichika Saves Lives is a 24-hour non-profit charity marathon in August 17, 2019 for Save the Children. This silly marathon has an emphasis on meme speedruns, ranging from Pringles All A's to Barney's Hide & Seek Co-Op Any% No Controller. Even if your run is not a meme, you are more than welcome to submit any game you'd like, as all help is appreciated to save lives. All donations will go directly towards Save the Children. Let's show the world that bootlegs and memes can make a positive difference in our community!

Yuuto Ichika is an original character heavily inspired by the Touhou series. She is a wonderful little magician in training who does her best to become a useful spell caster one day. Her creator, a young girl named Koshi, was very excited to show her creation, only to be met with bullying and harassment by a certain closed Facebook group. To counter her mental state, LAME Dimension has dedicated years to work together with Koshi to flourish this character to its best potential. This year, LAME Dimension will be starting a charity marathon to not only save lives in Yuuto's world, but also in our world.