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Thread: why cant i verify my own run

Started by: SpeedwalkerMicahSpeedwalkerMicah

That's because you're a verifier, verifiers can't self verify runs
What each mod has the perms to do is at the bottom of this page


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Thread: is there any way to view pending runs on games that im not mod on?

Started by: chegcheg

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It is pending to view all the runs or runqueue to view the amount of runs

And the same question has been asked recently where @drippingdripping sent this website to view the runs

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Thread: is there any way to view pending runs on games that im not mod on?

Started by: chegcheg

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Yes, with the API.
People have created programs that use this such as the Discord bot


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Thread: fun fact of the day

Started by: BombBomb

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Day 96
Longest Game Names
1. /the_quintessential_quintuplets_android_game: 93 characters
2. /grandpa_danger_one_time_of_crying: 86 characters
2. /pixeline4: 86 characters
3. /pokemon_mobile_and_mini_games_category_extension: 83 characters
3. /something_about_super_mario_on_scratch_reboot: 83 characters
4. /futari_wa_precure_max_heart_-_danzen_ds_de_precure_chikara_o_awasete_dai_battle: 80 characters
4. /rehydratedce: 80 characters
4. /zzt3: 80 characters
5. /larry3: 79 characters
6. /beyblade_dachi: 78 characters


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Thread: new game I want to run only has one mod and they are inactive

Started by: little_tater_totlittle_tater_tot

If you read it then it says


Moderators are considered inactive if they have not logged on or verified a pending run in at least 21 days.

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Thread: Why's this game suddenly so popular?

Started by: YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5

I have seen a lot of stuff about this on TikTok

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Thread: Scanning Long Speedruns

Started by: blitz4blitz4

What about using the arrow keys or something lol


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Thread: Search.

Started by: kirtajaltukirtajaltu

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Thread: Storster video summarizes everything wrong with ELO's handling of SRC

Started by: BlazingRaven495BlazingRaven495

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Sr.c is currently working on its leaderboard layout and backend


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Thread: Don't Break The Chain (Supporter Edition)

Started by: LorLor



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Thread: Bots Deletion Thread

Started by: MetaMeta

@yopsblogingix their post hasn't been deleted


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Thread: granny gone from steam

Started by: kazurokazuro

The whole Granny series has been removed from Steam
It is unknown why this has happened or if it was DVloper or Steam that has removed it

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