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Thread: Is my cartridge glitched?

Started by: YorickYorick

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Hey guys, I'm interested in getting into speedrunning this game so I bought a SNES with a copy of the game.

A weird thing that happens is whenever a game object is rotating, like the platforms that rotate in a circle, the spiky balls on a chain, or the platforms with the rhino boss on them, the object in question doesn't rotate normally but shakes around violently while rotating. Sometimes that makes Mario glitch through the bottom of the platform.

I recorded it here:

Also, on some autoscroller levels, the scrolling gets reversed at times and will also get stuck at random places, forcing me to restart the level.

I tried using the same cart in a different SNES but on that one it won't boot up at all. I also have a copy of Mario All-Stars, which plays fine on both SNESes.

Could my cartridge be glitched? Have I provided enough information for anyone to be able to help me?

I'd love to hear what you guys think.

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