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Forum: Defender of the Crown

Thread: Adding some decimals to the leaderboard

Started by: TootooTootoo

Currently 2 frames faster by my count but yeah adding ms would be nice at least for the top spot.

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Forum: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Thread: Ancient Cave Manipulation Category

Started by: KriegspyreKriegspyre

Several issues still aren't addressed, if I click on view rules there is still a link that leads to this forum post that may or may not contain 4 more lines of things you consider rules instead of just putting them directly in view rules. There is also one run with an objective manip that needs to be moved, and an unknown number of runs with subjective manips that may or may not need to be moved(but certainly haven't been examined at all). Also I've never heard of a category called Any but I'm assuming you meant Any% which is the fastest category of a game, so that should probably be fixed as well.

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Forum: Defender of the Crown

Thread: Choosing Cedric

Started by: TootooTootoo

I guess the test would be TAS the same route and same inputs with Cedric vs. whichever guy has the WORST leadership and see how the battles go. I think the main RNG of the run is determined on the final input before the first income screen pops up. I think Wilfred actually gets 1 more income at the start which would give you 1 extra soldier at the cost of 1 less leadership, but I really have no idea about the inner formulas of the game or if Leadership or Bombard is actually the best choice.


Forum: Qbert (Arcade)

Thread: Category Name

Started by: YogidamonkYogidamonk

This Category name is a bit awkward, either 1 Loop, or Beat 9-4 is better. Also add rules for start and stop time.


Forum: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Thread: Ancient Cave Manipulation Category

Started by: KriegspyreKriegspyre

The fastest run with no restrictions should be called any% as it is in literally every other game. Anything with added restrictions you can call whatever you want. Also the phrase "true any%" is not a real thing.


Forum: Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer

Thread: Intentional RNG Manipulation

Started by: ZozokenZozoken

Moving everything over since the fastest runs shouldn't be hidden in Misc, and half the runs don't have working videos anyways. The kzy8 run is ACE to perform some glitch in the town after floor 4, but I'm not sure if he triggers the Condor room at the end as it just looks like he still has control after beating the boss.


Forum: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Thread: Subpixel LUA

Started by: YogidamonkYogidamonk

Putting this here so it doesn't get lost again because it's helpful for learning, and backup floor drops. I think Deceax wrote this for a big 20? Shows the Subpixel value on the screen. (can save the code in a txt file and just run it)

local XAddr=0x336
local X
while true do


Forum: The Site

Thread: High Scores - what shall we do?

Started by: PacPac

There's already starting to be too much clutter with junk speedrun categories on (here's looking at you sharpen 10 pencils IRL%). Let's try to not clutter it more with something unrelated to speedrunning just because you don't have the perfect URL.


Forum: Pictionary

Thread: Potential aid for runners using an emulator.

Started by: DrD2k9DrD2k9

(edited: )

LUA scripts, RAM watches, or any such viewing of the game memory(displayed or not) has always been and will always be banned from any respectable board and is typically used as a learning tool only. The best use for this LUA would be to map out a large # of seeds in order of framecount, then assign each seed a speed value based on the distance you have to move the cursor to input 6 words, (for example the word NO would be valued at 1 point since the cursor moves 1 space). Compare all the sums and see if there are other fast seeds like the NO seed.(the word NO itself is allowed to appear in a different seed but not twice in the same seed) Drive bys(where you hit a letter without stopping the cursor) might affect this speed value slightly.

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Forum: Metroid (NES)

Thread: Ball Room Good Pattern?

Started by: TNMYcFan182TNMYcFan182

(edited: )

Man I'm pretty late on this so I hope it's already been answered but I'm pretty sure it's the "Spiderwaffle freeze" (thats who I learned it from anyways), you freeze the 2nd to last Geruta(red ceiling hopper) 2 rooms before the elevator to Ridley's Lair as it's moving to the right, and that makes one of the balls go to the right since those 2 things occupy the same RAM "slot" giving you good pattern in the ball room. The freeze itself is unimportant, as long as the direction when it leaves the screen is right or possibly straight up and down, but if it's moving left you get bad pattern.

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Forum: Spy Hunter

Thread: Category updates

Started by: link_7777link_7777

Agree that random snow has 0 impact on any% and should be removed, and a "loop" of the game should be defined.


Forum: Qbert (NES)

Thread: 18000 points category

Started by: NolcolemNolcolem

Given the large number of bonus points received per level I would assume any points run would just be beating the levels as quickly as possible, that being said I could add something like beat level 4-4 or 5-4. Beating level 3 is a bit too easy. Also added tutorials to the guides section.

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Forum: Metroid (NES)

Thread: Deathwarps

Started by: Toad22484Toad22484

Allowing screenwrapping which bypasses large sections of the game and disallowing deathwarps is just absurd to me. There's really nothing special about deathwarping at all, it's a routing decision you can make in any game. I don't consider this worthy of being something so special as to be a new category, but if we must hold on to the arbitrary rules of 10 years ago it might need the word "deathless" in the category name or something. I don't know how 2 glitches in Mario 64 were just compared with deathwarping in Metroid. Maybe a better comparison is other non-linear NES games like Faxanadu(deathwarps allowed) or Rygar(1 with, 1 without, 1 ww). Perhaps some new mods are needed here that are actually a part of this established Metroid NES community to clean the site up a bit.

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Forum: Metroid (NES)

Thread: Deathwarps

Started by: Toad22484Toad22484

Banning manual deathwarps in any category is outdated and simply nonsense. As an example, I consider the any% no up+A run that manually exits Kraids instead of deathwarping to the start of Kraids to be a very skilled run of a very bad route. The fact that deathwarping has the same function as up+A is largely irrelevant. One is a code on controller 2, the other is simply a strategy.

Using a 2nd controller to input a code just feels wrong. No one uses Konami code or invincibility codes or any other such codes in runs. Just because 10 year old rules are around doesn't mean they're good rules.

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Forum: River City Ransom

Thread: Cartridge and ROM versions

Started by: CapnGoofCapnGoof

This rom came from some pack of all the NES games on emuparadise

Nestopia 1.40: Frat Guys
Fceux 2.2.2: Generic Dudes

29 4e 4f a0 92 db 8e 29 d8 3f 71 e1 37 d1 f9 9f