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Forum: Nicktoons Unite!

Thread: DS Run Add to list

Started by: YoJoeGaming


When you'll get time can I get a DS area for Runs.


Forum: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled

Thread: Co-Op Run

Started by: YoJoeGaming

Can we add Co-oP Run part to the list.



Forum: The Simpsons Arcade Game

Thread: Co-Op Run

Started by: YoJoeGaming

Can we add a Co-op 2-3-4 player area? Wanted to run the game with family.


Forum: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Thread: Can we add All Game achievements

Started by: YoJoeGaming

There is 8 different streamers doing a starcraft 2 achievements hunt. 2 Today have finish under 24 hours with a non stop run. I think they deserve a spot on the board.



Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: LF Player 2 Fightcade

Started by: YoJoeGaming

Hi Ya,

Fightcade is a MaMe online player. It allows you to play MAME online with people. I have been using it to play people online in Marvel VS Capcom 1, Street Fighter Alpha & 3rd strike.

I was wanting to know if anyone wanted to team up and knock out some runs for Co-oP Arcade/Mame games.

Just let me know on here of hit me up on any of the below.

Fightcade - Everylevel
Twitter - https://twitter.com/YoJoeGaming

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