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Thread: Glitchless?

Started by: Orange_TierOrange_Tier

It doesnt matter people wont run.. there should be catagorys for even 5% of the runners.. they can make alot of runs and somewhat grab other runners to run this way too.


Forum: Goime 500

Thread: new category suggestion

Started by: Mcguy215Mcguy215

I suggest you to play this is an amazing game! other than that, a run where you need to get all the guys achievements?

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Forum: Goime 500

Thread: the 500 Bug -> how to recreate

Started by: YarinPlayMCYarinPlayMC



Needs: Goime swf file and Cheat Engine. (or TAS)

Install Cheat Engine and remove the bundleware,
Select the goime swf change the speed hack to 100, Play a bit with this speed hack on then change it to 1000
click Ok on the warning pop up and you will see a pretty weird bug happening but thats just stage one,
click on the top bar on Control and then Step Back then the 500 ending credits will roll with screen bugged and all achievement unlocked good job this will go infintly and repeat for ever enjoy this 500-Bug


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Thread: rules

Started by: TehpsonTehpson

Can you please update it so you need a Video?


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Thread: Mines level 120 run

Started by: Icelander83Icelander83

I liked it :! Its not that pointless on doing it... it just idk :! you know how many boring recordes are!?!