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Thread: Feedback Thread

Started by: FPaulFPaul

This was my first on-site speedrun marathon.
I attended from Thursday evening to Sunday noon.

I love the freiland for its accepting and open-minded environment.
Great atmosphere with friendly and interesting people everywhere.
The rooms and hallways are spacious and I simply enjoyed being in the building.
The short distance to the train station where all important stores are is excellent.
Can't say anything about masshousing since I stayed at a hotel.
Overall I would certainly come back there for another event.

Streaming room:
Had enough chairs for anyone who wanted to watch from there.
Good viewing experience thanks to lighting and multiple screens.
The atmosphere was laid-back, which is a big plus personally.
Sitting on the couch was rather rough though; really uncomfortable after a while. I am glad I only sat on it for ~40 minutes.
The chairs for the runners were comfortable and there was enough space around them (important for me because I had to get up and switch controllers many times during the run).
Overall felt pretty comfy up there while running.
The music during setups was very pleasing. Great arrangements! Whoever chose them has an exquisite taste.
The open window was necessary to avoid dying to the heat but at least I could not sit in the back rows due to the draught.
Would have caught a cold immediately.

Practice room:
Had 8 CRTs I believe, which was sufficient when I was around. Big thanks to the people offering them!
Also 2 devices for HDMI I think?
Being able to watch the stream from here was super cool.
At times it got a bit crowded; mainly when a group of people would just camp near the entrance.
But I was always able to practice when I wanted to.

The kitchen:
A tranquil domain of peace far away from the crowd.
Not many people found their way here, which is one reason why the Practice room was rather crowded and was seen as the "main" room.
However, I cannot complain about that since I enjoyed chilling here, especially after my run when I needed an isolated place to recharge my battery.
I didn't end up actually cooking, but the equipment seemed sufficient to make some meals. Hopefully I'll do that next time!

The toilets:
The women's restroom was clean and nice overall.
Very important!

The stream looked pretty good to me; I liked the layouts. Audio level and quality seemed fine from what I could tell.
There were a few typos which probably aren't a big deal to many but personally it gives off a sense of unprofessionalism.
Same with the main forumthread. Would be nice to have someone for proof-reading next time. I'd volunteer (if I can I will help out more in general. Taking care of all the pizzaboxes and bringing out the trash was fun for example).
Being able to see the stream while running was really helpful; feels like being at home taking a look at my OBSpreview window from time to time.
The CRTs were good. I usually play off AmaRec so I don't exactly have high standards though haha.
The headset fit perfectly on my ears. Only issue I had was that I couldn't decrease the output volume which was kinda loud personally.
I didn't mind hearing myself because it gave me a good idea of how I spoke and what sounds I made.
Communication with my partner, the host and tech worked flawlessly.
The amount of gear the tech-crew had was impressive to me. Looked pretty professional and was functional most of the time.
There was an issue during our setup because the GC wasn't displayed on stream so it took us a bit to finally get started (but we finished way ahead of our estimate so it wasn't a problem).
The schedule was fine most of the time, with acceptable changes (as far as I know, anyway).

Overall I am really glad that I attended this event as it was an enriching experience.
I had a great time meeting people and showing FSA together with Toad.

I'll be looking forward to the next one!

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Forum: Spyro the Dragon

Thread: Spyro Discord?

Started by: MasterLeoBlueMasterLeoBlue

This invitation link doesn't work anymore (in case it ever was intended for multiple people?), so could someone invite me please?


Forum: Spyro 2: Season of Flame

Thread: Rule set

Started by: Yadra121Yadra121

In December 2014, Ongnissim and I were working on this game.
Back then (and even now) no one else had shown any major interest (aside from an old SDA run), so the both of us came up with a rule set.
The problem with the any% SDA run was that timing stopped after defeating Ripto, which not only feels very incomplete personally, but was also a bit problematic to bring in concordance with 100%.

So we decided to end timing upon reaching the credits (by talking to the Elder).
This basically makes any% the "bad ending" and 100% the "good ending".

Otherwise, 100% would end as soon as you collect the last Gem and/or Firefly. The internal % counter is not affected by spent money on Moneybags, so you'd never need it back. Bosses and upgrades also do not count towards it.
Now, this is still a bit sketchy, because you can reach 100% and talk to the Elder without talking to Moneybags first (not having 8000 gems).
However, you can only trigger the Good Ending when you talk to the Elder with 8000 gems and 100 Fireflies, making Moneybags a requirement.
So, while this definition does not exactly stick to the 100% in-game definition, it still makes sense as you unlock the true ending.
Because else you wouldn't even need to defeat Ripto, as his only function is to spawn Moneybags and trigger the credits dialogue. And that would be a really lame ending to a run with no final boss and no credits.

Then, there's a trick called "Intro Skip". It requires an existing save file you can overwrite. As the game has no natural option to delete save files (I know of two methods to delete them though) and since you don't run on a prepared file, we decided that using this glitch is no "pre run setup" that should count towards the timer.
You just start the timer when you confirm that you want to overwrite this existing file; the completion of the file you are going to overwrite does not matter at all, just its existence so you can actually overwrite it.

So, summed up:

Any% rules:
Runs must be done on a new file (overwriting an existing save file is allowed).
Defeat Ripto and reach the credits by talking to the Elder (Bad Ending).
Timing starts when you select an Unused file or confirm overwriting an existing save file.
Timing ends upon reaching the credits (triggered through the Elder conversation after defeating Ripto).

The use of the Intro Skip is allowed.

100% rules:
Runs must be done on a new file (overwriting an existing save file is allowed).
Unlock the Good Ending by the talking to the Elder after you have restored all 8000 Gems and 100 Fireflies.
Timing starts when you select an Unused file or confirm overwriting an existing save file.
Timing ends upon reaching the credits (triggered through the Elder conversation after defeating Ripto).

The use of the Intro Skip is allowed.

If anyone has any questions or things to discuss, let's do it.
EDIT: I just remembered that disabling audio reduces lag (quite noticeably in some places) but an entire speedrun without sound is a questionable experience, so we decided against it.

Otherwise, it would be nice to officially add some rules to this game (a mod would have to do it since I can't).


Forum: LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

Thread: Why is the GBA version considered a miscellaneous category?

Started by: Yadra121Yadra121

Alright, cool.
I suppose that's the best name we can get.

And sure, you can just add me as a mod then.


Forum: LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

Thread: Why is the GBA version considered a miscellaneous category?

Started by: Yadra121Yadra121

Fair enough.
I suppose none of you have any interest in the GBA version?
If so, I'd just take care of it myself.

Not sure how to handle the name issue though.


Forum: LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

Thread: Why is the GBA version considered a miscellaneous category?

Started by: Yadra121Yadra121

I agree that the GBA version is quite different, and the name is more or less the only thing it has in common with the other versions.
However, GBA has been added as a platform just like the other versions, so it's a legit run and as it happens, it's the fastest version out there.
(the problem is mainly caused by the leaderboard structure. Technically, you denied the fastest run and made it a miscellaneous category)

Nonetheless, it makes sense to separate them, but making it a miscellaneous category just because it's GBA is somewhat disrespectful.
Having two leaderboards is kind of an immoderation though, so the best solution is probably to just keep it like this, but give the GBA version some credit too and move it out of the miscellaneous area.


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Thread: New All Instruments route

Started by: Yadra121Yadra121

I've always wanted to run AI, but didn't like the DX run that much. Or rather, learning it with no resources was a pain.
So after a long time, I looked at LA's run and decided to create a new route, implementing ICS.
I don't know much about LA, so I am sure the route is improvable or might change drastically with other glitches like that no clip thing when swimming.
I can write a more detailed route if someone wants me to, but this is the general idea.
You can watch Z's run here for a video reference:

All Instruments Route:
Firerod + L2 Bracelet >> S+Q
Enter D2 >> D3 >> P.Boots >> D4 >> Flippers >> D4I (ICS)
(you can get D2I first, but it's nice having the boots to set up screen warps with bonking against walls. Failing ICS is annoying because you need to perform a screen warp in water to get back to D2)
D2 >> D2I (ICS)
D2 >> D3 >> Load D3 >> S+Q (for whatever reason, doing S+Q at this point will spawn you in D3 and not D2)
D3 >> D4 >> D5 >> D5I ICS! (Failing ICS means you have to go back to D2 to re-enter D3, so you either get it or reset)
D3 >> D3I (ICS) (failing ICS is no big deal here since you want to leave D3 either way)
Rooster Grave >> D1 >> Feather >> D1I (ICS) (failing ICS means you despawn the owl outside and screen warp up to the grave again)
Rooster Grave >> D6 >> D6I (no ICS!) (no ICS so you can walk to the cave to access D7 from D6's entrance instead of the Rooster Grave)
Walk to cave for D7.
D7 >> D7I ICS! (ICS here is necessary because you'll be stuck outside otherwise and this route skips the flute)
D7 >> D8I (no ICS!) (ICS spawns you back in D7, getting to D8's entrance from there is a pain)
D8 >> Dethl

Major difference is of course ICS, but also skipping the ocarina and health potion (since there's no convenient way to get it).
Combined, it makes, together with Dethl, for a pretty punishing, but fun run.