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Thread: A Quick Inquiry on FPS

Started by: XiamulXiamul

Hey everyone.

I've been thinking of picking this game up for a while now, but I have a question regarding the origins of the restrictions (or rather, lack of) regarding FPS limits. In most other games I watch where FPS can alter the physics and gameplay of a game severely, the FPS is limited to 60 for speedruns. However, this game doesn't limit the FPS at all, despite certain strategies and routes being impossible or monumentally more difficult without exceptional hardware that is capable of producing the high FPS required. For a similar reason, loading times are often removed from times to accurately compare runners with different hardware capabilities. Similarly, FPS in this game greatly changes what is and isn't possible to perform.

Essentially, I'm just curious as to why the Talos community decided that restricting the FPS of this game wasn't deemed a necessary restriction, despite there being precedence to do so under such circumstances. I'm not asking for a rule change or anything, I just desire some insight into why the rules of this game are set up the way they are.