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Thread: Games & Profiles - Moderation Features, Privacy Improvements & More

Started by: MetaMeta

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There are new comments settings for leaderboard moderators. They are:
- Allow comments on runs
- Allow comments from users with a verified run (in any game)
- Allow comments from users with a verified run (in the game)
- Disable comments on runs for this game
Exactly what we've been asking for, thank you.

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Thread: Games & Profiles - Moderation Features, Privacy Improvements & More

Started by: MetaMeta

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While runners being able to disable comments on their runs is nice, I hope moderators being able to disable comments for the entire game is in the works. I'm surprised that that wasn't one of the top priorities.

Edit: There also should be a toggle for showing the "Games Moderated" profile statistics in the Privacy section. Again weird that this is low priority for ELO. It gives similar privacy concerns.

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Thread: Reprimanded then ghosted by site moderators.

Started by: TVGBadgerTVGBadger

I'm bothered by the sleight of hand in referring to a verifier as a moderator. It seems like Starsmiley is saying that site staff consider verifiers to be authorities on polling and changing rules in the same way that an actual moderator might be, which is absurd to me. I've never added a verifier under those expectations. Verifiers can only edit and verify runs, they specifically do not moderate the game.

Are staff going to hold moderators to what verifiers think rules should be in future as well?

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Thread: Amount of NKG Radiant in a row

Started by: drpogersdrpogers

The goal of a speedrun to finish as fast as possible. "Amount of NKG Radiant in a row" isn't a goal that makes any sense for a speedrun.


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Thread: Switch recording/submisson

Started by: LemonplaymagicLemonplaymagic

You can record the screen with a phone. And there's no need for a timer for console runs since they are timed in Real-time.

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Thread: Verifiers should be able to verify their own edits

Started by: XeroGoFastXeroGoFast

I submitted feedback through the support hub and I'd like to know other moderator's opinions on it as well:

Verifiers should be able to verify runs when they submit or edit them. This process is unnecessarily broken into two steps for verifiers, who first have to edit the run and only then can verify it from the verification queue. Runs on the site very frequently require edits when details are wrong and the fact that this basic feature of verification is locked from people whose key responsibility IS verification causes constant tension.

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Thread: Timer Questions for Disabled Gamers

Started by: GreenLizzardGreenLizzard

The loadless timer doesn't allow for any indefinite pauses. It only removes sections of loading time between scenes. If you need to take breaks during the run it'll be easiest if you just allow the timer to continue running, then there's no need to manually penalise. There's also no need for any additional proof so long as the entire run is recorded in one video segment.


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Thread: No Logos and Tutorials within LiveSplit

Started by: ry1ury1u

Yes. If you remove all the game mods and only use what's in Livesplit, that'll be accepted.


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Thread: Uploading multiple runs

Started by: Keonimor21Keonimor21

You can upload as many PBs as you'd like to have history of. If there are multiple runs by the same person in the queue then we still see and review all of them.


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Thread: cool messaging system

Started by: AmeiAmei

I've had this issue before as well. They should at the very least be actually able to read the full message, even if they can't respond.

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Thread: It's time to say goodbye

Started by: R0mainR0main

Thank you all, everyone who was ever in a staff or content mod position. Volunteer work is the heart of this great community (speedrunning in general, not just on src). Much love with whatever you're doing next 💖

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Thread: Auto splitter game version / Help Stuck

Started by: spoofy507spoofy507

Do you have the beta controller support active in the game settings?


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Thread: Man can't i just edit my speedrun?

Started by: swordsawayswordsaway

I really dislike the limit on access to dms. It also means if you send a dm to someone new, they can't even read it. Almost all the dms I send are for informative purposes, and to newer accounts. It's very disruptive.

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Thread: Leaderboard entries without Videos

Started by: MurrayMurray

The above point is important for me at least. One of the great benefits of having video footage is that it makes leaderboards a great learning tool for every skill level. Each run doubles as a tutorial for how to achieve that time. This isn't only relevant for the most optimised of WRs.

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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

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Can it be confirmed that the game specific resources still exist please? It's really worrying that those pages are inaccessible right now.

Edit: Thank you, this now looks fixed.

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Thread: What Makes a Necessary Series?

Started by: GarshGarsh

From what I know the the main qualifier for the necessity of a series is whether or not new games will need to be added in future. Series that just collect together already existing games are unlikely to be accepted.

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Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

Don't set a default value for the variable. This is what the default does, it automatically filters the leaderboard.

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Thread: Glitch question

Started by: ZNakoZNako

yep that sounds like elevator storage. If you hit the very edge of an elevator spikes and then send it up or down you'll fly in that direction even when you're off the elevator.

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Thread: where to play

Started by: VavriJarVavriJar

Should work in newgrounds player.

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