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Forum: There Is No Game

Thread: New Ting Tournament

Started by: XcvazerXcvazer


If you don't want to create a Challonge account, send me a PM on discord or ask me here.


Forum: I saw her standing there

Thread: Other Games in the series

Started by: BatBat

IF you want to submit the games, do it by yourself i'm not interested in this game anymore, also if you want to mod the game tell me.


Forum: There Is No Game

Thread: I may have discovered something

Started by: CuberCuber

my theory is that he broke the birck when the dialogue trigger happened so it skipped the the scene where the narrator breaks your ball etc. could shavve of some time if we could find a good setup. Really nice find you got there.

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Forum: Forager

Thread: Shrine glitch "glitch"

Started by: XcvazerXcvazer

Why it didn't worked 😱 I was on such a good pace


Forum: Forager

Thread: Game timing?

Started by: Hanklet69Hanklet69

IGT is cool, personnally I can lag sometimes, and IGT doesn't count lags


Forum: Strider (NES)

Thread: can we get a category for no mid-air zip%

Started by: WispyWoodsWispyWoods

and kazakh air zip too I guess


Forum: 140

Thread: Patterns for 3rd boss?

Started by: yynayyna

you should have watched my streams Alpha 😉


Forum: Gravity Switch

Thread: Gravity Switch Enemy Glitch

Started by: SubZeroSubZero

seems usefull for this room 🙂


Forum: Dude, Stop

Thread: IL Idea 2

Started by: IanTEB764IanTEB764


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Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I'd like to remove SlyLobster from super mod in , he stopped speedrunning, and it's been inactive for11 month on src. Thx


Forum: Gravity Switch

Thread: Full Game Run Categories

Started by: SnakeobSnakeob

You can do regular without reseting your game, just enter loading bay first and collect the tickets if you cant the costume.

Are you sur you got all 15 tickets (or 16 I don't remember the number)?


Forum: Gravity Switch


Started by: XcvazerXcvazer

This is a community discord for Free Games speedrunning, it have a gravity switch Channel we can discuss on.

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Forum: Gravity Switch

Thread: Full Game Run Categories

Started by: SnakeobSnakeob

Costume runs are like New game+ Runs of the game, regular is here to have a new game experience run.

i know that some costume like Coin Eater are not really interesting to do because Ultimate have them all in one.

if you have any Idea for categories send them here.


Forum: Sphere (French freeware)

Thread: Game download link

Started by: XcvazerXcvazer

Game is really hard to find, so here's a Link to download it.