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The main issue with adding an All Time Stones category is at this current point in time, there is no interest expressed by the community currently. Having an empty category on a leaderboard looks bad, and creating one just to fulfill one person's wish isn't a good enough reason. The only way that it could be considered is if at least two people ran the category, which would be a bare minimum. This can always change in the future however, but right now, it's simply just not a plausible idea.


The version you're referring to is CD 2011, please go the page for that game instead.


Well, if you can't select it under Time Attack which you can't, it's not viable to be put under the IL leaderboard.


The submission rules strictly say this in the beginning: "All runs must be done from a new save file." Which if you did a run beforehand this leaderboard was created, you'll have to another one most likely.


Yes, in the form of how every IL on this leaderboard is recorded.


After some discussion with the other mods for this game, unfortunately the replay system will not be accepted for IL submissions when the leaderboards update. Two reasons being that replays are broken for some people, so runs might not look right or weird, and that there is the potential of cheating. The only way to ensure that these issues don't occur is to record ILs just as how they have always been.


Yes, when the leaderboards here update for Plus 🙂

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I want to let everyone here know that the issue has been resolved. I was the mod who rejected it because the video was taken down along with the channel according to Youtube at the time I looked at the run. I came back and re-verified it a bit later on, so I thank Kay-Lin for posting this thread since I was not aware of the situation. 🙂

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Voting for Patched/Unpatched. I like the juxtaposition between the two names and it would help clarify to viewers to see whether a certain run is done in either of the two versions. This will also clear the issue of someone submitting a run to both versions, which I personally do not approve of, since it just clutters the leaderboard. As soon as there is a method to get Unpatched on the Switch, I will definitely consider also running that category as well when the time comes.


Hello, with the current patch out for the PS4 and likewise for PC, there are no differences between the two in terms of mechanics and glitches. The reason why are there so many PC runners is because of the freedom you have in choosing what controller you can use and simplicity of recording runs. Unlike the console versions of the game, where a capture card is required.

The prepatch version of Sonic Mania for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Switch are different however, since some glitches work differently (e.g. Studiopolis 2 pipe clipping glitch) and others that are only present in said version. When the PC version came out, many of the glitches present in that version of the game were removed and thus made runs a bit slower than prepatched. The Switch is undoubtedly a popular console, so it's no surprise that some of the top runners play on it. I would say that play whichever is comfortable for you, so don't worry about any differences since all platforms are the same, unless you have prepatch for console. 🙂

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