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Thread: New Layout!

Started by: PacPac

First off, I do not agree with the practice of making the desktop version of a site less optimized for desktop use just to accomodate mobile users. It's a trap so many sites fall into and it's terrible, and IMO not a change that should be made just to make things "look more modern". "Modern" webdesign means making a website mobile-friendly to the point of compromising desktop users, which isn't appropriate for IMO. Would be better to use seperate layouts for desktop/mobile. With that said, I realize this is a philosophical disagreement and if you want to have just one layout for both (be it for philosophical or practical reasons) I'm going to respect that.

However there are some real issues with it on desktop: Waaaay too much vertical spacing between leaderboard categories on game pages, and the mods list overflows its container sometimes. Rules no longer show up in plain view and are instead hidden behind a clumsy button, terrible. The page header shouldn't be semi-transparent, looks awkward when scrolling down (such as in the forums). That's all I've found briefly reviewing the new layout, I bet there's many more I haven't spotted yet.


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Thread: Should we rename "Any%" to "GC/PS2/XBOX Any%"?

Started by: WilliamBarrowsWilliamBarrows

Would be more consistent with the other categories and avoid confusion in the future.

If nobody says anything against this within the next week I'll take that as a yes and change it myself.


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Thread: Alphabet Failure.

Started by: [Deleted user]

Probably a typo in some HTML/PHP of the site. At least I don't see why it would be intended.


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Thread: The site's HTML is terrible, please PLEASE fix it

Started by: TrystTryst

> Where they are going wrong though is using HTML5 elements and attributes whilst declaring HTML401.

That's what I mean't by "the doctype is wrong". They were using the wrong doctype for their HTML. Also they should be using HTML5 simply because it's the newest standard.

And yes, once all the issues you mentioned are fixed the page will display properly in IE8 even without making specific adjustments. "Not supporting older IE versions" was meant in the sense of not making specifc adjustments. We all know how much effort legacy IE support can be, effort that is more needed in other areas of the site (e.g. new features).

Also, I previously thought Microsoft only supported IE9 and up. Thanks for clearing that up.


Forum: The Site

Thread: The site's HTML is terrible, please PLEASE fix it

Started by: TrystTryst

Whenever you do something and put it on the internet, someone is going to come along and tell you you're doing it wrong!

The site's HTML definitely isn't 'terrible', but I agree that there is room for improvement. Also, linking is very useful advice, too few (amateur) web devs know about it.

The only 3 things you mentioned that are actual issues are the doctype, the center tag, and the form within form. All others shouldn't affect how the page displays, and are merely "bad practice", but in no way incorrect or deprecated.

Also, many bigger websites have officially stopped supporting older IE versions, so supporting them should not be a priority for a site like this.

tl;dr: As long as the most severe issues (being the doctype, the deprecated center tag, and the forms within forms) are fixed quickly, this shouldn't be an issue. After that I would suggest simply using Tryst's HTML/CSS (or a modified version thereof) once it gets done.


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Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

The Resources interface won't let me upload .zip or .rar files. It gives me the error "That is the wrong file type (application/octet-stream). It must be a .zip or a .rar."

I'm using Chromium browser, and my zip/rar files were created with winrar.