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Hi all! I was inspired by the SGDQ run that Glitcheress did, and I was wondering how to get started. I have a copy of the game from way back, but I figured emulation would be a much easier way to do streaming. Is there a guide or any advice for getting started with this game?

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Well, I would recommend looking into routes for each stage. Also, brace your thumbs, it's gonna get rocky


Hey, it's cool to see someone interested in running this game 😃 unfortunately we don't have a guide video or a tutorial written up, but you can join us in the katamari speedrun discord https:/​/​discord.​gg/​tfQEskB where we have a WLK channel. I'd recommend running on console if you can. Composite capture cards can be pretty cheap, an I-o Data GV-USB2 is about $35 on amazon (it's what i use) and there is a good guide online for how to set it up for streaming.


This game does not work very well on emulators. I don't think we've explicitly banned it, but that's because no one has done any serious runs on it. I'm pretty sure that you'd be at a disadvantage compared to console if you tried running on that. Since you have a copy of the game I'd recommend getting a capture card, they're super cheap since HD ones are more popular these days.