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Thread: Basic Strats - A Thread

Started by: TheAngryRanterTheAngryRanter

As the others have said, the primary way to save time in PvZ isn't "planting faster" or "menuing" but rather making good decisions on how best to spend (plant) your limited resources (sun). There is a constant tradeoff between economy (sun production), killing a particular wave quickly (instants like chomper/squash/cherry), and DPS over the course of the level (peashooters, scardies, and gloom). There are also small instances of RNG that effect the optimal decision on any wave. Because the game is non-deterministic and different zombies appear in different rows every time you play through the game, it is impossible to come up with a single route that will work every single time. Rather, you have to react to what the game gives you, and learn how to deal with good and bad RNG effectively.

I highly recommend taking some time to watch our Any% tutorial and applying its principles to your game play. Start with memorizing what plants to take in what levels and approximately how many of each plant type to plant every level. Once you have that down, work on trying to make each wave faster via the 50% rule, especially the 9ths and final waves, and minimizing the number of very slow waves. Join our discord to get further advice.

Here is the most current and most detailed video tutorial:

Happy planting!

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Thread: Idea: Separate World Runs

Started by: TG2513TG2513

I likethis idea. We'd have to work out the rules and timing clearly.

We usually start 1-1 when the first plant is planted, but this same logic really can't be applied to 2-1 onwards. I'm also not a fan of requiring the running to start from "Adventure" for each of these IL's, because these IL attempts can/should be captured in the middle of an Any% attempt for maximum competitiveness. Maybe timing for 2-1 through 5-1 should begin on the frame when the "lawn" appears and ends when the prize is collected on the 10th level.

We'd also need to decide how to incorporate the shop, particularly for fog (4th) and roof (5th). Technically, you could farm the 9th/10th seed slots, roof/pool cleaners, or other upgrades. Not sure how best to handle this.

The auto-save feature makes this category a bit troublesome too, since restarting isn't as easy as it is for the other IL's... other than the day levels.

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Thread: Categories

Started by: ReverseDmitryReverseDmitry

After some discussion within the community, the Any% and All Worlds categories were deemed two of the best to launch the speedrunning scene of this game. The Any% is effectively the standard "finish the game as quickly as possible" and the All Levels is "beat every level" - in much the same vein as the Any% (warps) and All Levels (warpless) categories of SMB1.

Your point regarding updates and the addition of worlds is certainly a valid one and will be considered when and if that occurs. If so, we'd likely need to break down the categories further based on the version number, as we would if there were a game altering buff or nerf to a basic plant. The developers have not released a new world in over two years, and we can't wait forever to being speedrunning.

Feel free to suggest ideas for categories here or in our discord. We're happy to find just the right number of interesting/relevant categories for viewers' enjoyment. Cheers!

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