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Hey, if someone can link me the discord on this thread or through a PM I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


I feel like people are mainly thinking this whole discussion is based around the whole "equal footing" thing, which I disagree with. I'm mainly against disc eject because allowing hardware manipulation in a speed run is really sketchy when you're talking about using glitches in the game.

One kinda similar example is from a while ago in the Crash community, where the emulator psxfin (aka pSX) was banned, and skicrazedteddy got upset about it being banned. Teddy pointed out constantly that since it is slower than PS2, it should be allowed, similar to how people are saying that since disc eject is slower, then it should be allowed. We constantly reminded Teddy, however, that psxfin is a horribly inaccurate emulator, and should not have been allowed in the first place, similar to how disc eject is hardware manipulation and should not have been allowed in the first place.

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It's my personal opinion that disc eject should be banned, but obviously the old runs using it should be grandfathered. Like Rallis said, disc eject is essentially cheating in terms of speed running, and it is unquestionably hardware manipulation. Just because disc eject strats are easier, it doesn't mean that they should be allowed in runs. I don't see any reason to split the game up, because the old runs would still be grandfathered on the boards, and anyone could just pick up the new strats, not everyone can use disc eject. The whole argument about "it's been here for so long, so it's valid" doesn't really add up, because I've heard many opinions against disc eject in the past, and I've always been against it personally, so obviously it wasn't universally accepted. Also, even if this kinda irrelevant, if Joe has to say, "So here's a skip that most communities wouldn't accept but it's allowed for some reason in this one" in his AGDQ run, then that might be a sign that something's wrong with allowing it. 🙂

Also, before anyone attempts to counter me, Nitrof, or another Spyro runner, disc eject is only allowed in Spyro 3 to solve a game crash using FDS, if you even get a crash in the first place. It is not used as a skip of any sorts, it is just used to fix a game crash.

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Because of ban evasion problems, we've had to remove this invite link. If you want to join the discord, message any runner and they'll give you an invite.


You can use any controller you can think of, as long as you can connect it to your computer. Whenever I have run on emulator, I've either used a PS4 controller or a PS1 controller connected by a USB adapter.

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I'm pretty sure that his time has been listed as 1:29:17 since the docs and if it wasn't there on the docs it was before the rule about requiring PB videos for top 10 times


Hey y'all. I know this will come as a surprise to all, but I've decided to step down as a moderator. I've been thinking about this for a long time now, and with the serious dedication of the other moderators, I feel like I wasn't living up to expectations.

Hopefully most things will stay the same in the community, but I feel like it is too much pressure to be a moderator of these leaderboards. I am super stressed with my real life and I need a break from the work environment of moderation.

Thanks everyone for the good memories and the massive community we've established here.

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I'd like to spend $100-150, the only reason I'm using a GT 620 is because my friend gave it to me for free. The options I were thinking of were GTX 750 TI, GTX 950, or GTX 1050 once it comes out. My PSU is 430W. PCpartpicker estimates that I'm using 183W.


Hey, I've been looking into running this game, but I think I'd definitely need a GPU upgrade before I can. I get around 100-140 FPS in game with my current hardware. What GPU should I look into, or what do most runners currently have?

My specs currently:
Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.2ghz
8gb ram
nvidia GT 620




I think that if someone can pull this off on console at least once, it should be allowed.


Rules should change, but old runs should stay on the boards, because they were previously accepted. Grandfathered runs are a legitimate thing, and should stay when a rule change occurs.

I think a good idea would be top 10 times require videos, unless there are less than 20 runners for the category (like 100%).

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No, previous runs will stay on the boards because the rules were changed after the runs were accepted to the boards.


Why should an emulator that has been proven to be inaccurate be allowed for people to possibly exploit when we can just remove the possibility entirely?

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Originally posted by SkiCrazedTeddyAnybody who wants World Records in these games has to play it on PS2 because of the faster load times on it.

The record isn't the only time on the boards that has to be accurate. Also, psxfin does have accuracy problems that are certain. There can't just be exceptions to rules because they're not top tier times.


First of all, this should probably be in the general Spyro forum, not the Spyro 2 one.

I think I see what you want to do. You want to have a cool project to work on for your first project, and want it to be useful in some way. I think that's cool. The only problem here is that if a feature that is wanted is already part of LiveSplit, it's kinda useless. Also, if you add a feature that gets a lot of appeal, it will probably get added to LiveSplit anyway (like rainbow splits). If you have no problems with that, then go ahead. Just make sure the timer is accurate 🙂


Pretty much my opinion on this is that no one should be removed from the current modlist, but some people should be added for the games outside the trilogy (like Dust for aHT).


I'm definitely not against the idea of updating moderators. But I have a few opinions about this.

1. I think Dact is definitely a good choice for another series mod, but I'm not sure if KJ should be downgraded, he does a good job.
2. Why remove Ty as a moderator for Spyro 2? I have nothing against being a mod, but Ty is active in the community and knows what he's doing.
3. I'm not sure if GT would want to be a mod of the boards, but if he does then I think he could be a really good mod for Spyro 1.


Originally posted by gcah2006My problem now is that you've banned it after allowing someone else to do it. Your rules are inconsistent with your leaderboard.

You do realize that the reason why they're banned now is because of you, right? If you hadn't made a big deal about Matt's run using save states just because its the world record and you wanted a reason to make his run removed, then it wouldn't have been the need for a rule change. Even if that's not your intention, you're giving the impression to me completely, and probably other people here.

Back to the real point here, if save states have always been disallowed, then why wasn't it part of the rules in the first place? If this was a BIG problem like you're making it sound like, then this would've been handled long ago. Just going off of "Everyone in the community should already know that! Common knowledge!" is really not a good idea. It shouldn't have to get to this point where someone gets a good time doing something that is "disallowed" to make the rule change. If Matt's run was a 35, no one would've actually cared, which has been shown by all of his previous submissions getting accepted.

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Okay, I'm not at all an FM runner, and I know that m13's run is being kept, but I have to leave a reply here.

Originally posted by gcah2006So you're telling me one run on the leaderboard is allowed to run to a different rule-set than everyone else's?

Why were all of m13's other runs accepted before this run? Why are there other times on the leaderboard that were accepted that used a savestate to reset? If this was a known thing, then this should've been solved a long time ago. Saying that "one run" is using a different rule-set to everyone else is completely ridiculous.

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