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In some levels I won only 2 points.
Thanks for the information.

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I just discovered something in the game, when you already get the total number of levels points in the new game you automatically go to the Release Therapy level instead of going to Personality Clash;

And the doubt I have is: my speedrun will be accepted like this, will not it? Switch to Release Therapy instead of going to Personality Clash.

Why first of all Personality Clash is the good ending and the Release Therapy is bad end.

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His run the 43:43 is in "glitchless" and not in "with glitches".
(just a little mistake)

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Can you get a disk image of manhunt 2 beta or is there any code to access?


Can I skip executions?
part of tutorial how awakening -> jumping the cells?
ghosts -> enemy with crowbar

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In Manhunt 2 only the version of pc has like to gain style points, already in the console does not exist.

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There is an error in the level score, a user named "zombie390" made some max style speedruns on some levels, the problem is he is playing on the "insane" difficulty and not on "are" as it is appearing at the Max Style level;

This was a small mistake of the previous moderators and I hope these new ones will solve;

And I agree with you Don_Elgorro, the category "Sane, Max Style" should be removed.

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Disabling running animations saves time or wastes time?
Mainly trying to win Max Style in insane <<<

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Ok, thank you so much


Somebody got save 100% the game
new round ADA
new round PRO
new round NORMAL
for download, please?


Where is the individual levels 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-2, 3-3, 4-1, 4-3, 5-1, 5-2, 6-1, 6-2 and 6-3?


Any% - Princess Only
Any% - Mario Only
Any% - Toad Only
Any% - Luigi Only
Any% - Mario Only - No Save and Quit/Continue
Any% - Luigi Only - No Save and Quit/Continue
Any% - Toad Only - No Save and Quit/Continue
Any% - Princess Only - No Save and Quit/Continue
All Levels - Princess Only
All Levels - Mario Only
All Levels - Toad Only
All Levels - Luigi Only
All Ace Coins - No Save and Quit/Continue
All Ace Coins and All Yoshi Eggs
All Mushrooms
All Mushrooms and All Ace Coins


This new category could be added to be another new challenge. So much that the normal individual levels not all levels are present.

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Blindfolded is impossible.
One Handed needs to be in a real GBA (No emulator the GBA).


yes Theguesst but, i think this is one challenge run
because i did this other categories and found it interesting to me.


No skateboard%


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