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- Some words are spelled wrong with: "Dificult" and "Caracter".
- The "easy" difficulty setting when sending a run is not present.
- The game does not have "In-game time" as shown in the options when sending a run.


Is my run appearing in Pending Actions? or is it a bug?

already makes a 1 month ago


The moderator is inactive or my run is not appearing


The bug has been fixed, thank god.

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Thanks for the info Lieutenant_Boo, I'll be waiting.

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Is this a bug or ban?
I send my run, when I go in "Runs awaiting verification" nothing appears.
what's happening?


Can you send me a link to the older version of the hack rom.


Wow, thank you! I did not know it was so complicated.


Okay, but thanks for the info.


PS2 has a normal camera too, Yashirmare?


Does this glitch work on all versions?


Liv, Habreno, Daravae and Timmiluvs thanks for the info, sorry for the intruder is that I was kind of lost and can delete this post if you want.

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What are the problems, Habreno?


I will resend the request carefully, I think I sent the wrong link last time


Liv I sent the request again with this video: and not with the IL and they still refused.


Single game or Game series? Daravae?


Somebody who is moderator of the series "Duke Nukem" puts the game "Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes" and add me as moderator.

I did speedrun the game but they are not accepting or I'm not doing things right.

I already have new categories, individual levels and rules already ready if anyone could help me thank you.

Link the run:


Se os moderadores olharem minhas runs e pegarem os tempos sem loading pra ver se meu tempo vai ser diferente, podem fazer isso, vou ficar muito agradecido. Abraços ( não sei se raciocinei certo)


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