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Forum: Mafia: Definitive Edition

Thread: Who ever speedruns this good luck

Started by: BalanseBalanse

nobody's gonna run on anything other than easy anyway

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Forum: Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time

Thread: Golden carrots duplication

Started by: dhadha

There's no reason to be holding back on how to do it, indeed; what bad will it do? If someone decides to use this in runs and it's banned, the run will just be rejected

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Forum: Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time

Thread: Golden carrots duplication

Started by: dhadha

if you go on to complete the level, which speech does merlin have? does he say you completed the level?

if you complete the game having duplicated some GCs and missed the same amount, does the percentage counter say 100%? If you pick them all up AND duplicate some, does it go over 100%?

Also, how is this done?


Forum: MediEvil

Thread: Dragon fire gate skip is finally here for ps1!!!!!!!!

Started by: Crash41596Crash41596

tbh any% NMS should stay as any% for now, and maybe the categories can be split when there is an actual run using dragon gate skip, this way you don't have an empty category


Forum: Mafia III

Thread: Speedrun of the demo

Started by: MiguelRiveraMercuryMiguelRiveraMercury

so pretty much betrayal%


Forum: The Godfather II

Thread: new category

Started by: AQLGamersAQLGamers

Have you done a run of it?


Forum: MediEvil

Thread: Level looping (and dashing during level loop) explained?

Started by: NazzarenoNazzareno

I've had that problem too. The game doesn't seem to work very well with emulator, you actually have to double push the analog to run as if it were just the d-pad


Forum: Mafia II

Thread: DLC runs

Started by: FailyFailracerFailyFailracer

If the runs are verified, that means the game mods saw them and confirmed the runs were legit, even if the videos are not available now

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Forum: Mafia II

Thread: DLC runs

Started by: FailyFailracerFailyFailracer

why would they be removed?

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Forum: Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse

Thread: Possible new trick For Mad Doctor

Started by: samma2111samma2111

Yes, that level is coded so that if you die on 0 lives during the autoscroller, you get sent to the tower instead of having a game over. We already knew about this, but if I recall correctly, the time you save by skipping the autoscroller is less than the time it takes to lose all the extra lives.


Forum: The Godfather: The Game

Thread: No rules for any category

Started by: MeatBagFrankMeatBagFrank

Looks like it's only the 30fps categories that don't have rules


Forum: Team Fortress 2

Thread: New MvM categories "No Cheesing" & "Stock Only"

Started by: TrickstabberTrickstabber

Canteens would kinda make stock only pointless, so no canteens


Forum: Age of Mythology

Thread: Exchanging AoM:EE mission files by the original ones

Started by: MystoganMystogan

I've imported the original scenario to EE to compare them, and I'm not seeing a difference in triggers.

For Cerberus, I've noticed that, when you skip the cutscene, the position of the titan on EE is slightly different from the one on original, probably due to some slightly bugged pathing during the cutscene of the EE version. In the original version he walks straight to the pyramid, while on EE he walks slightly to the right and adjusts at the end, so that he ends up slightly further south. This causes him to attack the bottom obelisk first rather than the top one, which then makes him go north.

For Rampage, the enemies' positions change a lot between skipping the cutscene and letting it play out. It seems that if you skip the cutscene at the start, then the positions the titan and army warp to are different between EE and original. As far as i know, what happens when cutscenes are skipped is not handled by triggers, so I don't know where to look for that info; it does indeed seem that the original and EE scenarios are different in that. There may be more scenarios where the different versions have significant differences.

That said, I am neutral on whether it should be allowed to swap scenarios between original and EE; on one hand you're modifying game files, but on the other hand both versions are official dev-made and part of the campaign.


Forum: Age of Mythology

Thread: Exchanging AoM:EE mission files by the original ones

Started by: MystoganMystogan

That's weird, are the mission scripts the same between the versions?


Forum: Age of Mythology

Thread: Moderator

Started by: SarsartSarsart

You literally just started running the game a couple weeks ago


Forum: Age of Mythology

Thread: No difficulty-based full game runs?

Started by: NakamuraRTSNakamuraRTS

In most games you should have a run ready to submit before asking to add a category; regardless, the absence of a category from the leaderboard is not stopping you from running it.


Forum: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PC)

Thread: What happened to better any%

Started by: Nintendofan002Nintendofan002

Better any% was made obsolete when we found the trigger to get to the credits. Now any% doesn't require the list of requirements and is pretty much better any%, plus the jump at the end to reach the credits. Since old better any% runs don't reach the credits, they are not added to the new any% category.

The old any% category is now All Requirements.