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Is this Continue situation your describing on the switch actually different than the normal Continues on the arcade(you respawn with Heavy Machine Gun and 10 bombs)?
There's no rules for continues atm because it's generally not faster. The only situation I can think where it would be faster is during the final fight, and that's only if you do not get a good weapon drop.


Frankly because no one runs that game. Metal Slug 4 and onwards are pretty dead.
Most runs you will probably find on youtube the game will be done on emulator, which are pretty incomparable vs console/port releases. The only non-emulator time I can think of is Uyama's run on SDA, which is literally a decade old by now.


The biggest rule about the 2-3 clip is that you need to have an ability on that does NOT physically add anything to Kirby's appearance. Things like Tornado, Hi-Jump, and Ball are good. Parasol, Hammer, and Sword are no good. Then you just run and duck off the edge and aim for the corner. Afterwards just follow the path you see in runs and you're good. Be careful though cause you can softlock in certain spots.

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It appears that the mix order is always the same no matter what. But depending on the enemies it will start and stop at different points.

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I know DK28's out of action right now but his tutorials are really useful and informative. Definitely something new players should check out. I hope it's okay to add them.
I also added Zallard's Waterfall Route. It's not covered in DK's tutorials but it's something I feel should be looked at by anyone who doesn't already do it. At least the first ledge skip, it's very easy to do for anyone imo.


From what I remember Joecoolgames saying. He didn't include Easy because it doesn't actually do the entire game?
Older Metal Slugs do give you all stages and endings regardless of difficulty.

You should message him on twitch( and ask him yourself.


I can backup Saos being active on twitter. I sent him a message about XG3 not too long ago and he answered within the day.


Currently, the difficulties shown are what the steam version put out for us. The default difficulty for Metal Slug games(original arcade and neogeo releases) tends to be Level-4. The closest difficulty for this in the steam version is Medium. But while Medium may be level-4 in the steam version, Medium may not be the same in other releases or other difficulties for that matter. We do know that Level-8 is the highest difficulty you can set it to, so we assume that's Very Hard. I should note that all of this hasn't been fully tested.

Anyway we do not fully know all of them for the ports. So if you are unsure what difficulty you actually fall under, your best bet is to simply do a damage check on enemies and see how many shots it takes to kill something and compare it to either runs on the board or to your own testing in an arcade/neogeo emulator.


If you want to do runs on the Anthology version there's nothing wrong with that, go right ahead. Again we accept runs from all platforms.
The few of us that actually speedrun games from this series do not want to separate the Anthology version just because one random person, who hasn't done any runs or shown any interest(according to your social links), wants to.
Not to mention we can not add games to the site.


Nogatin set up a metal slug server on Discord. is a TeamSpeak/IRC thing, really lightweight and is fairly easy to setup/use

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Its less about the Anthology version being "unsafe" and "unreliable" and more that our community is just too small to support separating releases at the moment. If there is enough backing for the idea then we'll figure something out when the time comes. But for now we are just accepting releases from all platforms for each game from the series and using RTA timing.