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Forum: Super Mario 63

Thread: Fludd question

Started by: NucleuszNucleusz

Yea, there are even some runs of it


Forum: Super Mario 63

Thread: Weird Glitch (may be useful in Any%)

Started by: NCryptiNcogNitoNCryptiNcogNito

Hmm, that's interesting. Could you tell which floor of the zigzag section you were in (you go left on the 1st and 3rd floor, and right in the 2nd), as well as which way you were facing when the bullet bill hit you? That would be useful to know


Forum: Vex 3

Thread: Still active?

Started by: NikhattNikhatt

At the moment, not really, but there's a chance that if you start running, more people will join or return 😉


Forum: Vex

Thread: Vex 4?


Vex 4 never got any notable attention, mostly because it isn't nearly as polished as the other 3. This has to do with a different developer creating it. So, we never bothered to submit it to the site, and, as far as we know, no one except me has speedran it. If more people want to run vex 4, I guess we could submit it, but for now there's barely any activity on it.


Forum: Super Meat Boy

Thread: Problems With Streaming

Started by: VerticVertic

Normally, I am able to stream at 3000 bitrate with no frame drops. However, when streaming Super Meat Boy, even at 100 bitrate I drop around 70 - 80% frames. I tried lowering video quality, setting bitrate higher, changing encoder, twitch server, CPU usage preset, in-game quality settings, doing both game and window capture - none of these worked. Looking into task manager, neither CPU, nor memory or GPU seem to be near 100%. Also tried streaming other games to make sure it's not temporary network issues, and it worked fine.

Does anyone know what might cause it?


Forum: Vex Category Extensions

Thread: RTA or not

Started by: daedlusdaedlus

I prefer segmented timer. The lag just wouldn't seem fair, since some people would suffer from it more than others. Plus, we are running the games, not their transitions.