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Forum: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Thread: Getting unpatched versions

Started by: m3rlockm3rlock

You would have to start a new save, or take the practice saves from the Resources tab here. Saves are only forward compatible, not backwards. Personally, I do Old Version on a separate Steam account that I library share the game to. Keeps things nicely separated without fiddling with the files a lot


Forum: Mindustry

Thread: These leaderboards need updating

Started by: Valyssa0Valyssa0

Hey again.

Good to see you've already started making some changes. I compiled a list of changes we'd like to see with my gf (who I've been working with to document and route the game). I'm sure you were already planning a couple of these changes, but just in case we wrote them all down.

- Any% isn't a very clear name, since there's no linear progression and no definitive last map. Instead, we think it would be best to have "Beat All Maps" as the main category. Starts from a new save, unlocks all the maps (which requires you to research a bunch of items and reach high waves on some maps to unlock new ones). On maps that don't lead into others, you would just launch at the first opportunity.
- A bunch of rules need more clarification or just better phrasing "120 cooper to starts. More = cheat" for example could be phrased as "Default loadout only"
- Speaking of which, for ILs there could be a distinction between default loadout and an anything goes loadout. This would make a huge difference on playstyle for maps that don't have all resources.
- All the "X waves" categories are pretty overkill. A 20 or 25 wave run is gonna be almost identical in strats. Instead of all these, we'd just like to see "First Launch" and some late wave category. Maybe something like "First Boss Wave" where the goal is to beat a boss, as this would require more preparation and a more solid defense setup.
- Archive all Mindustry Classic runs, they're just a different game. I believe you should be able to hide runs by variable by default? That way they would still exist but not be in the default comparison
- Delete all current misc categories (Speedwaves and all the collect X resource ones). Speedwaves doesn't really make sense, there's different maps being compared on the same board, and we already have ILs on the ILs page). X resource runs are just uninteresting (and nobody has run them yet anyway).
- Also there's a lot of overlap between first launch and second launch categories. I'd say first launch only suffices (again we could have default loadout vs anything goes loadout for this too, being an NG+category)

Sorry if some of these changes seem a bit harsh, but we have to be honest, this game has like no runners, so there's no need for a million categories, especially ones that aren't very distinct from eachother. A clean, simple board will make the game more attracting to newcomers, and is just more digestible for everyone.


Forum: Mindustry

Thread: These leaderboards need updating

Started by: Valyssa0Valyssa0

Hi there.

I've been playing this game a ton recently, and have been working on an any%-like category (NG beat all maps) and documenting everything needed for a 100% run. However, no offense, the state of these leaderboards is pretty sad. There's a ton of categories (that don't have to exist) that have no runs at all, and categories that you can't even do because the game is COMPLETELY different now. Not to mention there's old runs from that time period on the board, which are being compared to current versions.

I propose that a separate board is made for Mindustry Classic (which is a separate entry on based on version 3.5 as opposed to the current 4.0) and we update this to current standards. I'd be happy to help out with this as a moderator, as I have experience moderating a couple other games. I hope you will consider, as I really want the best for these boards


Forum: F-Zero

Thread: How come people don't reset after finishing Knight and Queen?

Started by: PMYAPMYA

The game doesn't acknowledge that you beat the cup until the scoreboard shows up. So it doesn't save the times you got, nor would it unlock Master if you played on Expert. Following the game's logic is usually a pretty good way to make rules, although if everyone agreed to change the rules to allow reset, I wouldn't be opposed to that.


Forum: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Thread: Speedrun: Hard, no reflex mode, stealth no kill...

Started by: azertyxppazertyxpp

A ghost that leaves behind a lot of magazines 😛 There's something comparable in TPP, called "No Traces" which is an actual ingame bonus, and it involves not leaving ANY trace of your presence. This means you cannot use any items or weapons (as they would leave something on the ground, even if it's just a bullet shell). Holdups on the other hand are fine, as long as you don't directly walk into anyone or CQC them. I'm not sure if this bonus exists in GZ, but I feel like it makes more sense to do runs based on those rules.

Regardless though, impressive work, GZ is not an easy game, especially with such limitations

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Thread: Console Section for Speedruns (i.e. Switch and Xbox One)

Started by: runwaymadness55runwaymadness55

Hi there! Thanks for pointing this out, I have added PS4 and Xbox One now. If I'm not mistaken, it will also be on Switch, but hasn't released yet? (I've not kept up with this game at all). Anyway when that is released we can also add that.

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Thread: New category I've been working on.

Started by: TJHudsonTJHudson

Just a little correction, I too have done a run (7:05:45 according to my splits from early 2015), though I seem to have lost the video so it wouldn't help filling up the boards. I wanna say Frokenok has also done a run but not sure. But yeah it's definitely existed for a longer time.
Same can be said for 100%, though at least I have a video for that one


Forum: Sonic Lost World

Thread: 2 Category ideas

Started by: MiyKamMiyKam

(edited: )

ILs can be found on TSC here: so they won't also be added to this site.
Those categories seem good, but the mods probably won't add them until a run is done, at least that's the way it's usually handled (of course it's all at the discretion of the specific mods).
I'd considered doing All Red Rings before, but dropped the game before finishing routing, so it'd be cool to see a run done.

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Forum: F-Zero X

Thread: Death Race Leaderboard

Started by: ProgjiProgji

There is already a leaderboard for it. Like all other ILs, it can be found on F-Zero Central at
Since we have an established community there, we won't be moving these over to this site, but you're very welcome to sign up to FZC

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Forum: F-Zero X

Thread: Categories

Started by: HaydenHayden

Just post here again if you've done a run. When there's enough I'll add them. I just don't want 4 (or 5, if someone is crazy enough to grind X cup?) empty categories for now

Whenever I have time I might even join y'all. Always wanted to do more things with this game but doing all cups is quite devastating, considering how easy it is to mess up on some tracks

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Forum: F-Zero X

Thread: Categories

Started by: HaydenHayden

Apologies for the late reply.

There is some merit to having individual cup runs, but seperating the difficulties is pointless since there's no difference in strats used (unless you wanna rely on random bumps). Either way it's minimal and would just create messy, empty boards.

If there's enough interest in individual cup runs they can be added.

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Forum: Snake's Revenge

Thread: Rules for any%

Started by: Taiyo_San64Taiyo_San64

Any% just means beat the game as fast as you can with any tools the game gives you. Death warp, glitches, it's all fair game.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Hiya. Could I get my name changed to "Valyssa0"? Thanks in advance!


Forum: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Thread: No Trace?

Started by: BubbleButtSpeedRunsBubbleButtSpeedRuns

If people do runs of it, I will happily add it as a category

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Forum: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Thread: Making a Comeback

Started by: Entropy4Entropy4

"5. The loss of the wall glitch really only hurts on M6, and even then you lose maybe 15 seconds. "
You mean D-Horse clipping? Because that still works, I did it just last night. At the very least it still works on the straight walls in OKB Zero, can't speak for anywhere else but I'd be surprised if that was patched

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Forum: F-Zero GX


Started by: Rmac524Rmac524



Forum: Sonic Unleashed

Thread: route?

Started by: IlluminaTeaIlluminaTea

There's not really a single definitive route due to how many medals there are that are easy to miss and going back for them would waste more time. It also depends on which skips you do, so if for example you don't do the big Rooftop Run Night skip there's a couple more you could get there.
I'd recommend you collect all the in-stage medals at least once so you have some knowledge of where they are, then look at the WR and memorize which medals that gets. Then look through the stages and find some more medals that don't take a lot of time to get and add those to your route. My first route I went for I think 125/85 medals, so by the end of the run I'd usually have a few too many so I could skip some then. It's not optimal but the time difference isn't huge if you pick the right medals.
Hope this helps you a bit and it's good to see someone interested in running the game again!

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Forum: Metal Gear Solid

Thread: Consideration For New Category

Started by: VideoGameRouletteVideoGameRoulette

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I disagree with hiding PC runs by default. This would imply they're somehow less valid than console runs.

Rather, I think it would be a good idea to use subcategories so you don't end up with 2x the amount of main categories while still showing there's a significant time difference between the versions

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Forum: Dustforce DX

Thread: Any tips for brand new player?

Started by: DelahoyhoyDelahoyhoy

If you haven't already, check out this tutorial which explains a few of the tricks that are used

Other than that, if you have any specific questions you can join this Discord server and people will be happy to help out