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Thread: How do speedrunners like Darbian and Kosmic screen record

Started by: SavirplayzlikeSavirplayzlike

correction: both kosmic and darbian use an rgb modded console, not an hdmi one. hdmi mod actually is slower as it clocks the console down to 60 flat fps to handle hdmi

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Thread: Level runs?

Started by: FrostMirror167FrostMirror167

unfortunately for ils that aren't 8-4 (ie 1-1 fire mario) if the frame skipped due to 30 fps is the frame where he grabs the flag its a lot of effort usually to get the ending frame since its not very obvious like a sprite blink if the last frame was skipped or not

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Thread: New WR

Started by: dlloyd10dlloyd10

It was a mistake with verifying. The user accidentally entered "4:59.557" as "4:55.557" and it accidentally got verified.

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Thread: Everdrive n8 help

Started by: Logan_SacreyLogan_Sacrey

Error 10 is “System Files Not Found!” As it very helpfully tells you. However, I’ve personally found that it also can mean it doesn’t like your SD Card. i have an SD Card that refuses to work with my Everdrive. So just make sure you placed the EDFC folder on the SD Card, and if that doesn’t work see if you can try a different SD Card.

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Thread: Weird 8-2 BBG Lag Frame

Started by: Th3Re4lTh3Re4l

That is called a "line of 1s lag frame". I assume you can guess why.

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Thread: Video Quality?

Started by: UnbonesUnbones

WiiVC I take it?
I don’t see why not, it’s better than some other things on the boards (no offense to anybody, I’m guilty of it myself)

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Thread: 100 people in this world have achieved sub 5 as of yesterday!

Started by: Lul_ecks_deeLul_ecks_dee

When I first started running SMB1 a year and a half ago and was just messing around with AISSON, I never thought I’d get a sub 5, much less be the hundredth person to do it. Its amazing how much fun this game has been for me.

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