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I want to propose myself as a moderator to manage this category if the player agrees


Hi ! I have a category idea that could be added to this page.
This will be inspired by a Call of duty category, the 30 kills challenge.
I learned that they were going to release a new dlc of the story mode (in a very long time) and so I think as much proposed another category that can be interressante.

The category will be called 25 kills challenge, in which the player will have to make 25 kills with any class, hero or vehicle in the arcade mode solo (and why not in the future) on the map he wants. Each hero, class or vehicle constitutes a record distaint of the others.

The interest of this category:
-Additional category more, for more run and more fun
- used the arcade mode which is very little useful
- proposed renewal for a game that I appreciate

I have already made gameplay as an example to explain the concept:
luke =
palpi =
vader TIE =

I have already thought about the rule that would be:
-25 kills because 30 kills unassailable in the party settings, 10 kills is too little and 50, too long
-No modification of life point
- Radar active
-The time of the record will be that defined by the game at the end
-no exploitation of bug (voluntary or not)
- Average difficulty for everyone
etc ...

Waiting for a positive response !


yo, I'm a moderator on the Dokkan battle page, another mobile game, if I can be a moderator, I'll deal with the leaderboard problem I've already dealt with.

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Hi everybody :
-Super Battle Road are available.
Thank you ...

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You can add Dragon ball z dokkan battle in the game list of the dragon ball series?
link :


Hi everybody :

- Omega Shenron levels are available.
- The chapters of the mode quests are currently available without any restriction of difficulty .This could be changed in the future.
-Other aesthetic changes have been realized but are not definitive.
-Other categories of Speedrun are coming.
Thank you ...

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we could also add the levels of LR Goku and Freezer F2P and In the future that of Trunks LR ?!?!


a new logo for the dokkan battle page would be better I find that just a point of interogation !!
idea :


for me, the potala team is easy to obtain with vegetto lr and more interesting to build for the player Free to play.

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