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The events been great as always, arguably even greater thanks to the new location. Thank you to all the organisers.
And an additional thank you to everyone who brought a PC for others to do practice on. It was no problem at all to find a free on. Hopefully no one had a differing impression due to me hugging them too much :'D

The minor complaints I have are about the stream setup.

Like last year, the stream PC had astronomical loading times, creating freezing where I did not even know there was any loading done. That can be simply a waste of time in some games but also very irritating in others.

I have grown to dislike the camera angle of the runner cam. It kinda fails to capture everyone's, uhh... "Schokoladenseite" (German > English) and it also fails to capture the crowd, whenever there is one. I suspect it would look better if it were placed lower.

I didn't do any hosting this year, but (and I know I've said this before, sorry) I suspect that a pair of closed headphones could still be handy for the hosts. However this year there were loudspeakers on the tech station so I assume it was better than last year.

And on the note of acquiring hardware, I would, once again, suggest to just slap an extra 5€ on the ticket price to allocate to hardware. Between all the other associated costs of attending no one will notice the difference.

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Whether I'm doing runs or practice, I like to have my list of IGTs nearby to see how well I'm doing. So just in case anyone might find it useful, I'll post it here.

PS: this website has the most garbage formatting and the cyan text surely isn't helping.



NG any%

Metro - 33
No Talk - 19
Overdose - 18
Decadence - 9

Tension - 30
Full House - 26
Clean Hit - 22
Neighbors - 63

Push It - 11
Crackdown - 25
Hot & Heavy - 55
Deadline - 4

Assault - 18
Vengeance - 7

Safehouse - 84
Fun & Games - 24

Some clarifications:
Decadence: By choosing your mask very late you can go lower, the 9s apply to choosing it immediately.
Clean Hit: Graham gets a low 22, Richard gets a high 23. Taking mask selection into account, I don't think there is much between them and I think choosing Richard can reduce mask selection and movement mistakes.
Neighbors: 63s is insanely good RNG. If you do Biker Warp, then a 68 is already okay.
Hot & Heavy: You wanna do Brandon strat on the last screen and as for the third screen, both the gun strat as well as the Brandon strat can achieve a 55. sub60 is already fine.
Assault: 18s is insane RNG, normally 20 or 21 is already great.
Safehouse: This IGT includes your Showdown time.


NG+ All Levels

Metro - 38
No Talk - 28
Overdose - 29
Decadence - 43

Tension - 42
Full House - 36
Clean Hit - 32
Neighbors - 95

Push It - 44
Crackdown - 36
Hot & Heavy - 62
Deadline - 58

Assault - 105
Vengeance - 53

Safehouse - 84
Fun & Games - 32

Some clarifications:
Neighbors: This is an estimation, partly, due to not knowing exactly how much Biker Warp saves, but perfect Neighbors also don't come by often.
Assault: This is an estimation. I've never seen a 105 and i never fucking will.
Vengeance: This requires the rifle strat on the last screen.
Safehouse: This IGT includes your Showdown time.

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@Riekelt I pm'd Cryze on Twitter in September, didn't get an answer.
I couldn't contact Voltrey on Twitter (something something phone number vericifaction?), but he should be in the Discord by now.
Totally forgot that supermods can remove themselves tbh. Guess we'll send some pms.


Never forget the greats. For speedlore reasons I wanna compile all important/interesting videos that we have from Hotline speedrunning.
I don't wanna add any Online Marathons. If you wanna do it go ahead, it'll be a list long enough to fill its own list.




The first runs to get a sub whatever.

Duke_Bilgewater - NG All Levels - 24:46 link
This is the first sub25 in NG+ All Levels.

Dingodrole - 23 Jun 2014 - NG any% - 20:54 link
This is the first sub21 in NG any%.

snowfats - 28 Apr 2015 - NG+ All Levels - 23:55 link
This is the first sub24 in NG+ All Levels. Unbeaten WR for 340 days (beaten by cookie).

snowfats - 8 Mar 2017 - NG+ All Levels - 22:58 link
This is the first sub23 in NG+ All Levels. Sub22 is humanly impossible.

snowfats - 3 Sep 2015 - NG any% - 19:54 link
This is the first sub20 in NG any%. Note that this run does not use the oob skips.

Jackintoshh - 24 Nov 2017 - NG any% - 15:58 link
This is the first sub16 in NG any%. This was pretty soon after the new skips were found. No one in their right mind ever expects to see a sub15 if no new tricks are found that save 10-20s.


Former WRs

Runs that used to be the shit and exhaustive rerouting was required to beat them.

cfb - 27 Dec 2013 - NG+ All Levels - 24:32 link
This was the last time a Tony run was WR. For years this was also the longest standing WR of the category having taken 392 days to be beaten (by snowfats of course).
Snowfats' 23:55 took 340 days to be beaten (by cookie).
Jackintoshh's 22:55 will took over the title on 1 September 2018.

Dingodrole - 3 Mar 2015 - NG any% - 20:07 link
Laying down one of the best gameplay performances in Hotline history Dingo has become synonymous with being a beast, but also with not using good strats. This run was beaten by snowfats after a great amount of rerouting and also actually doing Neighbors skip, which Dingo didn't want to do. Still the best pre-snowfats speedrun.

prokchor - 19 Aug 2017 - NG any% - 19:10 link
This is essentially Dingo's pb but in 2017. Some of the best gameplay to date. If anyone could have gotten the sub19 it would have been prokchor. But that train left the station when the new skips were found.

Jackintoshh - 5 Aug 2017 - NG+ All Levels - 22:55 link
Current WR and longest undefeated NG+ All Levels WR. I don't know how many days it is when you are reading this, but since 1st Sept it's more than cfb's 392.


On-Site Marathon runs.

SGDQ 13 - Duke_Bilgewater - NG+ All Levels - 29:08 link

AGDQ 14 - Duke_Bilgewater vs cfb - NG+ All Levels - 27:06 vs. 25:46 link
Follow my boy Cyberdemon531 on Twitter

[FR] Stunfest 14 - Dingodrole - NG any% - 24:51 link

[FR] Stunfest 15 - [Dingodrole - HM2 NG+ any% - 41:29 link

SGDQ 15 - Duke_Bilgewater - HM2 NG any% - 46:51 link

Calithon 16 - snowfats vs Duke_Bilgewater - NG+ All Levels - 25:30 vs 27:00 link*

AGDQ 16 - snowfats - NG+ All Levels - 25:48 link
Hotline Miami 15.

Speedcon - Urinstein - NG+ All Levels - 27:41 link

ESA 17 - Jackintoshh - NG+ All Levels - 25:05 link

ESA 17 - Jackintoshh - HM2 NG+ any% - 36:15 link

Speedcon 18 - Urinstein - NG any% - 17:23 link
In which Urinstein shares his deepest secret.

[GER] Dokomi 18 - Urinstein - NG+ All Levels - 24:36 link

[FR] Stunfest 18 - Dingodrole - HM2 NG+ any% - 40:23 link


Random stuff

[TAS] Buffet Time - NG+ any% - 16:36 link
This is a segmented TAS using cheat engine to slow down the game. The new skips aren't included, so this should could be 3 minutes faster nowadays. Back in the day this was almost 3 minutes faster than WR. You should definitely watch the whole thing but if you only have one minute left to live then skip forward to H&H3.

NG any% Tutorial - by Duke_Bilgewater link
This is an ancient Tutorial from July 2013. The current tutorials are probably better but it's fun to see that most of the important knowledge can be traced back to Duke (no locking onto the boss and hooker spin).

Discussion] Sum of Best [link
A video produced by Moofin wherein Duke, cfb, cookie and snowfats review and discuss their pbs next to each other. This is from Dec 2015, so right about when cookie was going to beat snowy's 23:55 WR.

[Discussion] NES Blog / Speed Game
A French Youtube Channel that interviewed Dingo three times to talk about his spedruns.

• (12 Jul 2013) link Here Dingo plays and talks about Hotline speedrunning (presumably. it's in French so I don't know)

• (5 Mar 2015) link Dingo gives commentary on his 20:07 Ng any% (WR at the time).

• (13 Jul 2015) link Dingo talks about HM2 speedrunning, which was 4 months old at the time.

[Knowledge Dump] NASA 16 - cfb - Fortified Zone link
Draculantern reads snowfats' "why hm2 is objectively worse than hm1" pastebin during cfb's Fortified Zone run at NASA. The doc is so long, that cfb has to go 5 minutes over estimate to get through the whole thing.

[First ever recorded run] Lazerlong - NG+ All Levels - 44:33 link
This run is from 19 Nov 2012, not even a month after release. It shows, but people submit worse times even today.


• Stream layout
What Boomer said basically. Last year had all the stuff like system, release date, Twitch name and such. So last year the layout was a 10/10 imo. People have been asking for those missing infos all the time in chat..

• Chat in streaming room
I asked for this before the marathon and the reason I was given for it to not appear was simply the lack of space and given the setup, I can see why it couldn't be done. Still would be great for next time. I enjoyed it the most as a runner at ESA, but Boomer has a good point since audience is often very visible at speedcon.

• Headset/headphones for donation reader
Last year there were many mics, so there was even one for the donation reader. I wish it back if possible, since at times there was some talking going on in the stream room, especially around the tech that was nearby. And whenever I had to multitask I essentially ignored the runner completely, which was kinda bad one time during xoneris' run, sorry bout that.
I understand that the hardware was not available this year, and might not even be next year, but perhaps when there is no couch commentator we can give the extra headset to the donation reader? Dunno how much work that might be.

• Practice room CRTs/PCs, space and plugs
First of all thanks a lot to everyone who brought their powerful PCs to the event for people to practice as well as for races and some "special" games. This surely helped out a lot and we had 300% the practice PCs from last year. Wow! 😮
One thing I missed, just like last year, was a bit of free space for Laptops to be set up. Apparently the definition of practice room to most people is just CRTs all over the place, but I think people bringing their own laptops is very useful, to not overcrowd the practice PCs and simplify setups, so it would be a shame to not encourage that by giving them space and plugs.
Speaking of plugs, I forgot about this myself tbh, but it would be a good idea to remind people before the event to bring a few power strips for when they need to plug in their console/laptop plus phone or whatever else.

• Splitting CRT and PC/HD practice rooms
I can't quite see how this would help with the power plug issue. Both a console+TV setup and a PC+monitor stup use two plugs, so you guys have to go into detail for me as to how putting them in different rooms is helpful. I'm honestly more interested in PC runs in general so when I watched someone practice it was in the PC/HD end of practice room 1, but in principle I would prefer if things were generally more mixed up. Most people are there to meet all kinds of different people and I feel like PC and console communities are often already split in the online spheres.

• Floor layout, rules and trash
There was a floor layout at the door entrances this year. :thumbs_up:
Maybe you can upload that stuff the day before in the forum here so people actually know from the start, I'm not sure everyone saw the plans.It would also be nice to upload a plan of the complete Freiland area (crudely hand-drawn is totally fine) just so people know which building to walk into when they arrive for the first time and where the mass housings are.
And to these infos that people will want to know, you can attach some rules as to how to get rid of trash and how to use the kitchen. Maybe also add the trash containers outside the floor plan so if anyone ever feels like taking out then pizza carton bag, they know where to take it (it's right at the entrance of the are iirc, so not even a big deal. people go to get food all the time).
Oh and it would be nice to have example photos of the masshousing hall and what a bed in the 5 star legendary mass housing looks like. I sometime shave trouble explaining to people what a mass housing even is.

All in all I really enjoyed it again this year, thanks a lot to everyone.

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Since the newer versions of the demo don't include the escape section in Story Mode, I'll go ahead and retime the existing runs of the old versions and add a ruleset to the category with the timing ending with the crab boss beaten.



It still works in the demo version 0.7.1
Hold the block/dash button and spam attack, this will perpetually stun the crab and it won't throw you off.
If you use m&kb make sure that you keep your mouse over Lea, because when the camera moves by itself after clearing the first bar, it will make you shoot instead and end your combo.


We (the mods) will from now on require submissions over a certain speed limit to have video proof. Runs below the time threshold will be rejected if no VOD is included. The thresholds are as follows:

• NG+ All Levels - 28:00

• NG any% - 21:00

• NG+ any% - 21:00

• Maskless - 22:00

• All Masks - 28:00

Other and misc categories won't have strictly defined thresholds, but moderation for those will roughly align with the given ones.

This does not mean that outside of the VOD requirements no moderation will happening. If anything seems off, lower ranking submission might get rejected as well, so providing a VOD would benefit you in such a case. Generally we haven't had any such problems however.

These rules aren't set in stone so they might change in the future.

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For the Momodora RutM run both me and my race partner will be bringing laptops, so unless disaster strikes, we won't need a pc.


"Sorry if my intentions seemed different!"

Ah no, I think it was me who misunderstood you.
The idea a brainstorming thread kinda went over my head. I'm rather used to meme category ideas being thrown around on weekly basis from my other speedgame. >.>

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"I wish this game had more categories"

I feel like it's worth pointing out, that no page is the ultimate authority on how to speedrun a game. Instead think of them as a communities business card: you go on there and the the most important info. And I think it's a reasonable logic that the most important info are the most popular categories of a game. It was just as reasonable to assume that any% and 100% would be fairly popular categories worth putting on here right away.
That does not mean that you may only run any% or 100%. The site is not your mom and can't tell you what to do. Therefore one could make the case that every sort of category "exists" and it's just up to people to actually run them.

Now if you're more interested in the page having more categories, rather than "the game having more categories", then I can only recommend you to go out and find the one category that you think you'll have fun running, instead of waiting for it to have it's own leaderboard first. If you think other people might enjoy it too, you have both, this forum and the Discord, to advertise it.
If tomorrow five people were to record runs of "All bugs arrows only while balancing a bowl of soup on their head% Insane" then it would already have more runs than all of the 100% categories together and it would hard to argue against adding "Abaowbbs% Insane" to the leaderboards. After all, at least to my undestanding, the page is supposed to represent the community and what people in it do.

The Momo4 community seems to be small fee of ego, so maybe if you're the first and only person to run a category but wish to have it included, then I'm sure people won't mind that. The worst that can happen, is that after a few months no one else has run it and it can be removed again. But in any way, actions speak louder than words.
Now everyone might understand the idea of "Abaowbbs% Insane", but anyone can understand a VOD of it.

But that's all just my opinion anyway.

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On Nov 5th and 6th (Saturday Sunday) we'll be having a Hotline Speed Tournament.
We'll be playing NG+ All Levels and everyone interested is welcome to join.

On Saturday we'll play a few (5-6) rounds of Swiss format so everyone will get to have a few races. The top 8 runners move on to the elimination matches on Sunday, where the winner will be determined.

You can find more info and rules here:
The time table (estimatied) is here:

And if you decide to join you can register here:
In that case please also join the tournament Discord at:

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I lost my copies of most demo versions, but if you can get your hands on any of them you can play them.

Between 0.1 and 0.1.5 there have been a few changes to the damage formula, so there are definitely differences.
I have no experience with Story mode so I can't say anything about that.

Puzzle Mode got a bit harder between 0.1.1 and 0.1.5 due to those changes to combat, but 0.1.5 came with quite a bit of additions to the whole mode, so you cannot compare 0.1.5 with anything below that anyway.

Exploration Mode is a funny one. 0.1.1 (iirc) is again the easiest one due to extra damage, but 0.1.0 had a bug where you could just walk straight into the observatory without getting all of the boxes (maybe you had to get both keys, don't quite remember). This makes 0.1.0 the fastest but also the hardest, as you go into the final challenge at level 3 with average gear.
Another change important for Exploration is the removal of the "charge queue", where enemies in earlier versions could not charge attack at the same time and had to go one after the other. Again this makes the earlier versions easier and effectively faster.

With the release of 0.1.5 I have stuck with that version however. It's the most fun for both Puzzle and Exploration imo.


Same problem here. Also every 3 minutes.

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I was thinking about misc categories and how no one wants to create them for just one or two runs. The leaderboards are meant to be representative of the whole respective community and that should also be the case for misc categories.
That does not mean however, that none of those runs are worth showing somewhere, so I figured that there must be a way to do so.

I'm thinking of a list of unrelated runs, basically a leaderboard without ranking, where peope can dump any of their noteworthy runs. And "noteworthy" does not only have to be some meme category that people invented for themselves, but also marathon and tournament runs. Former WRs might also deserve more of a spotlight on the site, in those cases where they were excellent runs with outdated strats. There are also blindfolded runs and maybe other people can think of even more things of that nature.

So while a clean leaderboard is a nice thing, a speedgame also consists of its fringe runs and moments of historical significance and I think it would be a good addition to the site, if people could compile those here as well.

So yeah, just an idea of mine.

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So door setup + Curry Warp seems to be the safest bet at making warps viable for runs.
However each mask seems to warp slightly differently so we'll have to figure shit out for each individually.

Therefore I present my findings for Graham.
Graham seems to be pretty consistent in where he lands, but not completely consistent. He either lands right in the elevator or outside of it oob.

The setup, that worked the best for me, was going to the right, looking left and positioning my right arm so that it touches the second from top floor tile line. I'd say my success rate would be about 60% if not 70%.
Biker's angle doesn't seem to make any difference, but as I tried to execute him asap, I usually got him facing almost straight up anyway.

here a collage of oob warps
and one of elevator warps


You just made my day. 😃
Add me on Steam and I'll help you out where I can.


Recommending this as a speedgame is rather bold, but since you asked specifically for a PC hack'n'slash I dare to try my luck.

I like to play CrossCode at a reasonable pace. It's a top down Action-RPG with sort of hacky combat, but with the added element of ranged combat, so it actually controls like Dual Stick Shooter. It contains some platforming at in certain parts a bunch of puzzles.

The reason I said, this is rather bold, well... it's an Early Access game and not close to completion at all. Naturally running a game in this state is kinda "meh" to say the least, so really the only timed runs have been done in an old (and most importantly free) promotional demo, with a surprising amount of substance to it. The way its structured, it lends itself rather well to being run.

If you're at all intersted in checking out the game anyway, you can play the demo either on Steam or here. I can also hook you up with the version that I like to run.

I now know why less is sometimes more in marketing. >.>


- are emulators allowed here and where can I find the rules of the site? -
Each game's community decides on its rules, so you will find the rules to each category on its leaderboard on the top right where it says "Show rules". Similiarly the allowance of Emulators is up to the community. Emulator runs are specifically marked in the leaderboards, so if you don't see any in a certain game, you might wanna ask one of the game moderators.

- what would be the best way to split while using an emulator or playing a game on PC for someone who uses a laptop? -
You can find a list of software for streaming and recording here:

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You go to the game's page and in the top right corner, right under your account related menus, there is a text "submit run". Admittedly it seems rather subtle to me as well, but most rankings are looked at rather than submitted to I guess.