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Thread: Require Verification?

Started by: TheDough_NutTheDough_Nut

If you had taken a look at the top pinned thread here in the forum or at the category rules, you'd know that below a certain time (any time in ILs), people are required to post a VOD, and plenty of people add VODs even when they are not required, so moderation still happens on the board.

The reason we have taken this route is because Hotline is horribly optimised on PCs, the game is pretty popular with speedrun beginners, with young people and with people from outside EU/NA, which means that a large part of submissions are from people who lack the know-how and/or the hardware to record their speedruns, and also most of them only do a couple of runs in their life. We do not expect these people to get a grip on OBS or buy a new computer, if they aren't going for competitive times. leaderboard settings also disappointingly binary. We can only turn on/off verification for the entire board, not for certain categories or certain time thresholds, so we went the route of just auto-verifying everything and then cleaning up behind them.

If our leaderboard moderation style bothers you to the point that you do not want to play the videogame, I invite you just look for one of the many games, that value gatekeeping higher than helping people enjoy the game.

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Thread: Thanks for all your feedback!! Let's talk about what's next :)

Started by: MetaMeta

Rather low priority but: Submitting a single run to multiple categories.

Multi-game runs or multi-category runs can lead to PBs in multiple categories (3D Mario 1862 includes Mario 602 for example) and it's not even out of the ordinary that a single run would be a WR for two different categories, so if on the runs page it would show all of the categories it is submitted to, that would be nice.
In that vein, if obsolete runs would show which rank they would be on the current LB, that would be equally nice, and especially in conjunction with multicategory runs. So for example a Mario 602 run could be submitted to the 602 cat, as well as 120 Start, 120 Shines etc. and then list them all as "would be rank X".

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Thread: Feedback Thread

Started by: MetaMeta

I've been meaning to open a thread about this actually. I see myself in a a similar spot to mkk.

The supporter subscription is actually something I have been asking for (privately) ever since the Elo takeover and I did not expect any more perks out of it other than removing the ads. And I am not >really< mad about Ads having been introduced to the entire userbase. I have not used an ad blocker in my life, but this site actually on the edge rn. The problem is really the type of ads that runs here. The popup video ads in particular are stupendously annoying and probably a CPU hog.
In a similar vein, the cookie settings are just straight up toxic. I invite anyone from Elo to delete their cookies and then try to reject every single cookie on this site. Make sure to do it during work hours, so you get paid for your time, because it it takes a hot minute.

So while I welcome the introduction of the supporter subscription, this should come as a replacement of these awful, overbearing ads and not as an addition. I'm not saying get rid of ads altogether, but oh lord, just make them bearable. And find a cookie thingy where you can "reject all". Otherwise it's kinda hard to justify paying for the service, would honestly make me feel kinda complicit.

I'm not as cynical as all the people getting angry about every update for no reason and I'm sure everyone working on the site is well intentioned, but this issue is where I draw the line personally.

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Thread: Thanks for all your feedback!! Let's talk about what's next :)

Started by: MetaMeta

(edited: )

• Category Extensions should be properly merged into the main game, just how ILs are.

• Every category should be able to be moved around between "Full Game", "ILs" and the extension's full game and ILs. (atm if you wanted to move a category to the extensions or god forbid the ILs, you need to just resubmit the whole thing)
In fact maybe every single category/variable should be able to be promoted and demoted as a main/sub category as per Bacon's suggestion.

• The 'Leaderboards' dropdown menu should not link to the different boards and then list the ILs, particularly because often games have dozens of ILs, and ILs are usually the least searched for categories on a board. Maybe opening the menu should just list/link to the boards and have each of them expandable if one wants to open a specific category/level directly from there.

• The date filter should include a "from" options additionally to its current "up to" option. Also the feature of just typing in a date should maybe work? At least I cannot get it to work. Also that feature should use the same date formatting that I have in my site settings, I get confused with the yyyy-mm-dd format. And lastly, I did not realise >until just now< that when you expand that thing to choose the date from the calendar, you can click on the 'Month Year' thing up top to zoom out and choose a year directly and stuff. I used to scroll throw every month of the year to go to 2015. All in all I love the filter but I hate everything about how it was implemented.

• Filters should be moved out of the category panel into the game panels, so that you can apply a filter once, and then as you go from one board to the other (Full game to ILs, or taking my first suggestion into account also Full Game to Extensions), it retains the filters. Also this would make it so when you look at the IL board overview, it could also be filtered.

• Speaking of overview, what about a Full Game run overview? And how about making that overview informative? Uh... lemme actually make a mock-up with my non-existent skills:
(I should probably be clear here, PC/Console is supposed to be a variable/sub-cat so it could be any other variable like "good/bad ending")

• As per my second suggestion, "Levels" should become "Categories" and "Level Categories" should become "Variables" to resemble the structure of full game categories.
Even without my second suggestion, I found the difference in IL and Full Game structure always confusing, in my head a level is a category and I recently had quite the problem talking to another moderator about some changes we were making to the IL board. The difference between Levels and Full Game would make sense if a board duplicated its entire category system from Full Game to every single IL, but that is really never how it works, ILs rarely have anywhere as many categories as Full Game, and no one thinks about ILs in such a holistic way.

Originally posted by Yummy_Bacon5• Checkboxes to decide on what categories a variable is for instead of the Category dropdown

This, this and so much this. This should be extended to all the hard-coded variables like Milliseconds, Platform, IGT, Loadless... even "requires video".

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Thread: Currently in Beta: Featured Run

Started by: MetaMeta

Seems like this isn't a featured "run" as much as a featured "PB".
I think it would be very interesting for some people to show runs that are not PBs, such as marathon runs (which of course can be submitted to srcom without being PBs) or maybe old PBs that have had post-commentary done for them, things along those lines.

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Forum: Hotline Miami

Thread: VOD requirements

Started by: UrinsteinUrinstein

(edited: )

Starting October 2021 VODs are also required to have game sound.

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Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Would like to request Hotline Miami ( /hotline_miami) to be added as a base game for its Category Extensions:

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Thread: All Levels IGT conversion

Started by: UrinsteinUrinstein

(edited: )

When you run an All Levels category, you will notice that the IGT is always a lot higher than during practice or in categories with menuing. That is because the timer runs in other places like the apartment and only gets reset after score screens and in the main menu.
Here I will list the additional IGT added in every level and where it comes from. Please note that if you do mistakes in the sections that add the IGT, obviously you can increase your IGT that way as well. I will only list approximate best cases.

TheMetro: 8.5s (Richard cutscene + apartment)
No Talk: 10.75s (convenience store + apartment)
Overdose: 10.75s (pizza place + apartment)
Decadence: 10.75s (VHS palace + apartment)

Tension: 11.75s (bar + Richard cutscene + apartement)
Full House: 10.75s (convenience store + apartment)
Clean Hit: 10.75s (pizza place + apartment)
Neighbors: 10.75s (VHS palace + apartment)

Push It: 11.75s (bar + Richard cutscene + apartement)
Crackdown: 10.75s (convenience store + apartment)
Hot & Heavy: 10.75s (pizza place + apartment)
Deadline: 10.75s (VHS palace + apartment)

Assault: 43s (bar + Richter cutscene + Trauma dialogue + getting clothes)
Vengeance: 9s (apartment)

Safehouse: 71s (Showdown + bar cutscene)
Fun & Games: 8s (apartment)

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Forum: ShootMania Storm

Thread: Autosplitter

Started by: UrinsteinUrinstein

(edited: )



Setting up the Autosplitter

Before using the autosplitter, you need to change your comparison to Game Time.
If you are familiar with Livesplit, you can that in your layout also, but the quick and easy way is as shown below: Right Click -> Compare Against -> Game Time

To activate the autosplitter just right click on Livesplit and go to Edit Splits...
A window with your splits opens. Click Activate.

To configure the splitter click now on Settings. Another window opens with all available autosplitter settings.
The standard setting at the top let you toggle whether you want to automatically split, start and reset the timer.
The settings in the window below let you specify when exactly you want to split.

Importantly you can configure the splitter to split on specific CPs of specific maps. The following example will split when the runner reached Checkpoints 3, 7 and 10 on the first map of the run as well as the goal (of every map).

All in all you can choose from 99 Checkpoints on 9 different maps. That number is chosen arbitrarily, but I reckon that should be enough.
You can do multi-map runs with more than 9 maps, but you cannot configure specific splits on maps 10 and onwards.

The multi-map functionality always runs in the background, but has no effect on single map runs, since all it does is pause the timer when you finish a map.


Known Bugs

• Resetting on the last CP of a map will cause a split as opposed to reset the timer.
no idea how to fix this atm


Other Issues:

• The splitter only works in Single Map Local Games of Smoke's Obstacle TP (it does not work on servers or local networks).
• The splitter only works in the 64 bit version of Maniaplanet and the Steam version has not been tested yet.
• If Nadeo for some reason decides to push a patch to MP, it will likely break the splitter.
• Going to the wrong map on a multi-lap run will ruin your splits. But that's on you tbh.



• I am neither a programmer nor an obstacler, so if you believe the splitter requires improvements, you are invited to make them yourself. Here's the GitHub repository:
• If you wanna push your luck, you can contact me on Discord about any issues you might want addressed, but my reply might just be that I don't care.

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Thread: Update on the Moderation Rules

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

Remember when "I'm reporting you to the speed police" used to be a joke?

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Forum: Hotline Miami

Thread: Community Best Segments

Started by: UrinsteinUrinstein

(edited: )

And I won't do other categories, because these two are the only optimised ones. I won't do these for level splits, because no top runner even uses those.

Here is the google sheet.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

The colour of links needs to be uncoupled from LB themes. Thankfully the design overhaul has made white the default colour for all plain text, however if you want a clean white font as your leaderboard's primary colour, you cannot distinguish links from plain text in forum posts or guides. The easiest solution would be to just give some distinguishable colour to all links globally on the site. Otherwise, one could add an extra setting on the LB themes to choose a colour for links in posts.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

This is probably a rare scenario, but at this very moment I would like a way to move full game categories into ILs.
The next bet thing would be to edit a submitted run from a full game category to an IL category, but that is also not possible.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

The variables page in Edit game needs a complete overhaul, it's a usability nightmare right now, even more so than before the new layout.

First off, the binary choice between adding a variable to either all or only one category is nor very useful. If you want to add it to many, but not all categories, you end up having to make multiple copies of the same variable then add it individually to each category and the page just blows up and becomes hard to navigate.

Generally everything just takes up too much space. When you add a simple yes/no variable then the whole page from left to right is mostly empty. That empty space is meant to be occupied by the few variables that come with rulesets, however even in those cases it's fairly useless as it only shows you the first few words:
Also a single variabale with 10 elements (for example anything you'd allow user defined for) will take up a most of the page already. Maybe it would be a good idea to be able to hide and fold out the list of variables, so as to allow to see more than 2 variables on screen at a time.

Sometimes the arrows to move an elements up and down the list don't work at all, instead just move it to some random position. I think optimally it would just be drag and drop instead, at least on desktop, and I don't know who would be daft enough to try and use this stuff on mobile.

While these aren't on the variables page, timing methods suffer from the same problem of not being able to choose what parts of the game they apply to. Often you want RTA for full-game and IGT for ILs. But you can only activate the for the whole game. You can write it into the rules as much as you want but people will keep submitting RTA to ILs and IGT to full-game runs even if none such things exist. I'm tired of doing constant janitor work for people who cannot read rules, when this problem would be solved by simply making timing methods category specific or at least putting it on the category tab and splitting it between full-game and ILs.

Lastly IL categories cannot be set as level specific AT ALL. If you happen to have two different types of ILs for your game and only one of them needs a split in categories, you're out of luck because every IL is gonna have it.

I don't know what else might be wrong with all of this, but it's hard to even find out as everything is such a mess. It would be nice if more focus could be given to leaderboard moderation features on a site than is presumably about making and moderating leaderboards. Nothing along these lines has changed in the 4 years i have used this site.

On an unrelated note, it would be nice to get a time frame filter for leaderboards, so you can get an impression of what the LB looked like 2 years ago, or maybe all runs that were posted in the last year.

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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

I'd like to add that having links the exact same colour as normal text is pretty meh for forum posts and guides.
The formatting options on this site are already underwhelming, so it would be nice if one could choose an extra colour for links in text posts, to add just a bit of readability to long guides and such.

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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

(edited: )

The banner behaviour is peculiar. In widescreen the banner is really thin, but as you change the window size towards a portrait layout, it grows taller. On phones it's always taller in any orientation.
I think the banner in a large window is generally too thin to make it look good in any way. For example Bowser falls victim to this in the SM64 banner. But if it's gonna change dimensions, that'll make it even harder to make look good.

Edit: I realise now that it just zooms in and out. Still meh.
I'd prefer if the banner were just a tad taller to start with.


Forum: SpeedCon 2019

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: OnestayOnestay

The events been great as always, arguably even greater thanks to the new location. Thank you to all the organisers.
And an additional thank you to everyone who brought a PC for others to do practice on. It was no problem at all to find a free on. Hopefully no one had a differing impression due to me hugging them too much :'D

The minor complaints I have are about the stream setup.

Like last year, the stream PC had astronomical loading times, creating freezing where I did not even know there was any loading done. That can be simply a waste of time in some games but also very irritating in others.

I have grown to dislike the camera angle of the runner cam. It kinda fails to capture everyone's, uhh... "Schokoladenseite" (German > English) and it also fails to capture the crowd, whenever there is one. I suspect it would look better if it were placed lower.

I didn't do any hosting this year, but (and I know I've said this before, sorry) I suspect that a pair of closed headphones could still be handy for the hosts. However this year there were loudspeakers on the tech station so I assume it was better than last year.

And on the note of acquiring hardware, I would, once again, suggest to just slap an extra 5€ on the ticket price to allocate to hardware. Between all the other associated costs of attending no one will notice the difference.

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Thread: Best IGTs

Started by: UrinsteinUrinstein

(edited: )

Whether I'm doing runs or practice, I like to have my list of IGTs nearby to see how well I'm doing. So just in case anyone might find it useful, I'll post it here.

Note that these are the fastest IGTs done during runs on kb&m and on some levels it is possible to go faster, while on all of them it is possible to go faster on cotroller.



NG any%

Metro - 32
No Talk - 19
Overdose - 17
Decadence - 9

Tension - 29
Full House - 26
Clean Hit - 21
Neighbors - 61

Push It - 10
Crackdown - 24
Hot & Heavy - 53
Deadline - 4

Assault - 8
Vengeance - 4

Safehouse - 84
Fun & Games - 23

Some clarifications:
Decadence: 9s without delaying mask selection.
Neighbors: 54s with the bathroom strat.
Vengeance: 8s if the idle AI spawns as a gunman.
Safehouse: This IGT includes your Showdown time.


NG+ All Levels

Metro - 37
No Talk - 27
Overdose - 29
Decadence - 42

Tension - 39
Full House - 35
Clean Hit - 31
Neighbors - 92

Push It - 42
Crackdown - 36
Hot & Heavy - 60
Deadline - 58

Assault - 99
Vengeance - 51

Safehouse - 84
Fun & Games - 32

Some clarifications:
Safehouse: This IGT includes your Showdown time.

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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

@Riekelt I pm'd Cryze on Twitter in September, didn't get an answer.
I couldn't contact Voltrey on Twitter (something something phone number vericifaction?), but he should be in the Discord by now.
Totally forgot that supermods can remove themselves tbh. Guess we'll send some pms.


Forum: Hotline Miami

Thread: [VODs] Milestones and other important VODs

Started by: UrinsteinUrinstein

(edited: )

Never forget the greats. For speedlore reasons I wanna compile all important/interesting videos that we have from Hotline speedrunning.
I don't wanna add any Online Marathons. If you wanna do it go ahead, it'll be a list long enough to fill its own list.




The first runs to get a sub whatever.

Duke_Bilgewater - 2 Nov 2013 - NG+ All Levels - 24:46 link
This is the first sub25 in NG+ All Levels.

Dingodrole - 23 Jun 2014 - NG any% - 20:54 link
This is the first sub21 in NG any%.

snowfats - 28 Apr 2015 - NG+ All Levels - 23:55 link
This is the first sub24 in NG+ All Levels. Unbeaten WR for 340 days (beaten by cookie).

snowfats - 3 Sep 2015 - NG any% - 19:54 link
This is the first sub20 in NG any%. Note that this run does not use the oob skips.

snowfats - 8 Mar 2017 - NG+ All Levels - 22:58 link
This is the first sub23 in NG+ All Levels. Sub22 is humanly impossible.

jackRite - 24 Nov 2017 - NG any% - 15:58 link
This is the first sub16 in NG any%. This was pretty soon after the new skips were found.

Sub15 is soon.

mightyjoey - 21 Feb 2021 - NG+ All Levels - 22:46 link
This is the first sub-keyboard run, which is to say it's the first ever controller WR. Improved to a 22:34 two hours later. link


Former WRs

Runs that used to be the shit and exhaustive rerouting was required to beat them.

cfb - 27 Dec 2013 - NG+ All Levels - 24:32 link
This was the last time a Tony run was WR. For years this was also the longest standing WR of the category having taken 392 days to be beaten (by snowfats of course).

Dingodrole - 3 Mar 2015 - NG any% - 20:07 link
Laying down one of the best gameplay performances in Hotline history Dingo has become synonymous with being a beast, but also with not using good strats. This run was beaten by snowfats after a great amount of rerouting and also actually doing Neighbors skip, which Dingo didn't want to do. Still the best pre-snowfats speedrun.

prokchor - 19 Aug 2017 - NG any% - 19:10 link
This is essentially Dingo's pb but in 2017. Some of the best gameplay to date. If anyone were to get the sub19 it would have been prokchor. But that train left the station when the new skips were found.

jackRite - 5 Aug 2017 - NG+ All Levels - 22:55 link
Longest undefeated NG+ All Levels WR (1279 days - beaten by Urinstein)


On-Site Marathon runs.

SGDQ 13 - Duke_Bilgewater - NG+ All Levels - 29:08 link

AGDQ 14 - Duke_Bilgewater vs cfb - NG+ All Levels - 27:06 vs. 25:46 link
Follow my boy Cyberdemon531 on Twitter

[FR] Stunfest 14 - Dingodrole - NG any% - 24:51 link

[FR] Stunfest 15 - [Dingodrole - HM2 NG+ any% - 41:29 link

SGDQ 15 - Duke_Bilgewater - HM2 NG any% - 46:51 link

Calithon 16 - snowfats vs Duke_Bilgewater - NG+ All Levels - 25:30 vs 27:00 link*

AGDQ 16 - snowfats - NG+ All Levels - 25:48 link
Hotline Miami 15.

Speedcon 17 - Urinstein - NG+ All Levels - 27:41 link

ESA 17 - jackRite - NG+ All Levels - 25:05 link

ESA 17 - jackRite - HM2 NG+ any% - 36:15 link

Speedcon 18 - Urinstein - NG any% - 17:23 link
In which Urinstein shares his deepest secret.

[GER] Dokomi 18 - Urinstein - NG+ All Levels - 24:36 link

[FR] Stunfest 18 - Dingodrole - HM2 NG+ any% - 40:23 link

WASD 19 - Cursed - NG+ any% - 19:39 link

Speedcon 19 - Urinstein - NG+ All Levels - 31:00 link

ESA 19 - jackRite - NG+ All Levels - 24:42 link

GDQ 20 - snowfats - All Masks - 24:42 link

ESA Winter 20 - Cursed - NG any% - 18:08 link

WASD 20 - Cursed - NG any% - 20:17 link

WASD 20 - Cursed - All Masks - 33:14 link

[PL] GSPS 21 - JACK4L - NG+ All Levels - 25:14 link

[PL] GSPS 22 - JACK4L - NG any% - 19:13 link


Random stuff

[TAS] Buffet Time - NG+ any% - 16:36 link
This is a segmented TAS using cheat engine to slow down the game. The new skips aren't included, so this should could be 3 minutes faster nowadays. Back in the day this was almost 3 minutes faster than WR. You should definitely watch the whole thing but if you only have one minute left to live then skip forward to H&H3.

NG any% Tutorial - by Duke_Bilgewater link
This is an ancient Tutorial from July 2013. The current tutorials are probably better but it's fun to see that most of the important knowledge can be traced back to Duke (no locking onto the boss and hooker spin).

[Discussion] Sum of Best link
A video produced by Moofin wherein Duke, cfb, cookie and snowfats review and discuss their pbs next to each other. This is from Dec 2015, so right about when cookie was going to beat snowy's 23:55 WR.

[FR] [Discussion] NES Blog / Speed Game
A French Youtube Channel that interviewed Dingo three times to talk about his speedruns.

• (12 Jul 2013) link RealMyop and Lestat Vampire give commentary on Duke's 26:50 NG+ All Levels run, back then WR and still called NG+ any%.

• (5 Mar 2015) link Dingo gives commentary on his 20:07 Ng any% (WR at the time).

• (13 Jul 2015) link Dingo talks about HM2 speedrunning, which was 4 months old at the time.

[Knowledge Dump] NASA 16 - cfb - Fortified Zone link
Draculantern reads snowfats' "why hm2 is objectively worse than hm1" pastebin during cfb's Fortified Zone run at NASA. The doc is so long, that cfb has to go 5 minutes over estimate to get through the whole thing.

[Oldest recorded run] Lazerlong - NG+ All Levels - 44:33 link
This run is from 19 Nov 2012, not even a month after release. It shows, but people submit worse times even today.

[FR] [Discussion] Mach 1 link
A French Youtube channel commentates Pochtron's any% WR and interviews him about his Hotline exploits, hopes and dreams.