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Thread: Who likes to speedrun what?

Started by: 8989

Arcade racers, mainly Rollcage and Rollcage Stage 2.


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Thread: Any short games I can speedrun?

Started by: carketycarkety

I mean, I would love it if someone new checked out rollcage, but I doubt that’s going to happen.


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Thread: Hello Everyone!

Started by: mxknitsmxknits

Cool! Hope you have fun.


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Thread: Selfless game promo - Rollcage

Started by: UniwersalUniwersal

Hey. I used to be the only runner of Rollcage and Rollcage 2, but they seem to have gathered some interest lately. So I figured now might be as good of a time as any for a shameless promo of it since it’s the best time to jump in if you are interested.

Both are early arcadeish racing games from early 2000nds. They have time attack races, campaign mode and rollcage 2 has a mode called “scramble”, which is basically super monkey ballish.

One of the developers had found our discord long ago and made some updates for both the games, making them completely compatible with modern hardware and enabling us to play multiplayer on original rollcage. On top of that, he made the games free to download on his own site. (Thanks Rob!) You can read his blog there too to get a better understanding.

We have a discord and have multiplayer sessions every so often. We are friendly and can answer any questions you might have so don’t be afraid to ask.

Rollcage site:


Rollcage 2 site:


Rollcage discord at https:/​/​discord.​gg/​6WbWeKe

Maybe someone will find this of interest.

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Thread: Private Messages! (Beta)

Started by: PacPac

HOLY!!! Awesome!! This is worth a donation!

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Thread: Stupid Question, What's your favorite childhood TV show?

Started by: Mario160Mario160

It's time to D-d-d-d-dudududu-DUEL!

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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Lovely to see the wr charts back (everyone loves charts!). I suppose some bugs are inevitable though.
In the game "Race Driver: Grid" https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​grid/​gamestats when I click on a dot on the chart, an incorrect video pops ups. Aside from that, the game has 3 full game leaderboards (Any%, 100%, all tracks), but only the first category has a chart available, which on the chart drop down menu shows up under the name of "Full Game".

The "Race Driver: Grid" speedrun site had a fairly noticeable overhaul where many categories changed and runs were moved to different categories and I'm fairly certain that's the main reason for the charts not showing correct runs.


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Thread: WR Charts are back, and more

Started by: PacPac



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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Hey, this has probably been brought up at some point by someone, so I apologize beforehand.

I mainly enjoy playing/viewing IL leaderboards and one thing that always bugs me are the empty time boxes since I don't know if the category simply hasn't been performed yet or it can't be performed for some reason.
I wish that moderators had a tool or something to mark the unplayable IL time boxes, so they wouldn't misrepresent as being unplayed due to lack of interest from the players.

I noticed that the Croc 2 community already made their own solution to this by creating a fake user and blocking those categories as a N/A 0.01s fake player. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​croc_2/​individual_levels

I do wish there was a more sophisticated solution to this though, like a tickable toolbox for modders which would make the rectangle darker and put a white cross over it or something like that.

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Thread: Updates and feedback

Started by: UniwersalUniwersal


Since I've been added as a mod here, I've made some changes to the page and fixed quite a few mistakes that were lingering about. Here's some stuff that I changed.

• Added background picture

• Changed logo to a more "Grid" style (viewable only in night mode)

• Changed Emkay's original japanese track times to their correct times (instead of being rounded down to lowest second)

• Changed timing priority to In Game Timer (Used only in level leaderboard and in the newly added "All tracks" USA/Europe/Japan region leaderboard) and fixed everybody's runs who mistakenly used their final in game time in multiple timing methods.

• In level leaderboard added the vehicle that the players used to everyone's runs that hadn't added it themselves.

• In "All Japanese Courses" re-timed everybody's runs and created pastebins which shows all track times for every driver. (Hopefully people can do that themselves in the future, if not then I'll do it)

• Made Level Leaderboards class based (May expand in the future) based on the most frequently used vehicles and moved everybody's runs into the appropriate class.

• Reworked the "Misc" category which featured all Usa/Europe/Japan courses into an "All Tracks" category, which features the regions as subcategories. Also made the rules for those less obscure and easier to understand.

• Changed the rules for every category in general to a simpler, yet concrete form.

• Made it so that only correct vehicles could be added to your run in level leaderboard. (Can't do that for the subcategories in "all tracks" mode due to site limitations, which is why every vehicle can be chosen. Only the appropriate regional vehicles will be approved by mods though and added region behind every car to make it easier for people. I could eliminate the problem completely by making the 3 subcategories into full classes, but it doesn't look as nice.)

• Added an IGT - Ingame Time Calculator to the resources. It's main purpose is to help people interested in the "All Tracks" category by making it easier to add up the track times.

If there's any questions or someone would like to see anything else added/changed/removed or doesn't like any of the changes I made then you can post your feedback here.

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Thread: Trueno Run -The unbeatable record

Started by: WanWan362WanWan362

Just improved to 3:03.47
First part ended with 1:10.11 which is pretty good (think my best is 1:09.72)
Second part went really well and ended with 2:18.56
Last part was horrible, it could've been a 1:02.xx for sure, but was too nervous after seeing 2:18.56 and just wanted to make sure I finish and prayed for no traffic.

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Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

I would like to request to be a moderator in Race Driver: Grid https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​grid

The game currently has 2 mods. I was unable to contact the current super mod emkay and he hasn't connected to the site in over 4 months and his last activity that I could find was over 2 years ago when he approved a run.

I was able to contact the regular mod JV through reddit and got him to add me on discord too. He approved my first run but after that I haven't been able to contact him neither on reddit nor discord at all, despite seeing him online on discord and having frequent log-ins on this site. Perhaps JV has a lack of interest for moderating Grid nowadays, if I had to guess. Either way, I have some runs pending for over 21 days and I'm keen on continuing to run the game a lot more in the future and help improve the leaderboards.


Forum: Race Driver: GRID

Thread: Trueno Run -The unbeatable record

Started by: WanWan362WanWan362

I do think that flashbacks should not be allowed on a run as it pretty much constitutes as a TAS run in that case. Also 3:03.72 sounds awesome.

I'll be busy with work for a while now and will be moving shortly. I'll try and improve the runs sometime in November probably. And ye, I'm up for giving you some healthy competition in Grid in the future ^^

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Forum: Race Driver: GRID

Thread: Trueno Run -The unbeatable record

Started by: WanWan362WanWan362

3:04.38? Nice time! Too bad you didn't record it...
But no worries, I've got you covered!

Here's what a 3:04.38 looks like:

Funnily enough I got the exact same time while trying to beat your 3:04.38, which is rather difficult, especially considering the constant traffic messing runs up.

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Forum: Colin McRae Rally 2.0

Thread: Community Discord

Started by: benjacastellonbenjacastellon

the link may want to be updated


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Thread: Updating the Level Leaderboard suggestion

Started by: UniwersalUniwersal

I'd love to drive both Skyline and the actual fastest car in the game (Audi R10 or Mazda 787B, depending on track). The pro tuned cars are really fun to drive, but putting Skyline in same class as Audi R10 is like using a tractor in a Formula 1 race.

I've done some runs with Impreza so far, but I guess it takes a while to verify.

Really though... mods, please make the level leaderboards car class dependant.

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