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Thread: Modded SNES

Started by: AttentionDeficitDadAttentionDeficitDad

I would recommend using a NTSC-J rom of SMW on your SNES Classic, I thought there was an easy way to play any rom or hacks on a modded classic. I could be wrong as I don't own one, but that would be a better option than emulating on an emulator.

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Thread: New to SMW Speedrunning, I have some questions

Started by: GhostfishGhostfish

Version differences: https://smwspeedruns.com/Version_Differences
Mainly minor and not to worry about if you only have access to the US version.

Orb and Cloud are not mandatory at all in 11 Exit, if you go to the board and filter by Glitchless, you will see that there are a lot of runs. Almost everyone starts with 11 Exit Glitchless to learn SMW, I highly recommend it as well. Orb can be done on any version of the game (so yes to SNES Classic and Nintendo Switch), while Cloud can only reliably be done on an original SNES or SFC, on the original JP and US versions.

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Thread: Optimized categories

Started by: MakuMaku

96 Exit has some room for optimization, but it's a really difficult long run. Small Only is shorter and highly optimized, but not perfect. Don't worry about picking a category to start off only looking at optimization, just play for fun and improvement and see where that takes you. I started off SMW thinking WR was the only thing that mattered, and that created a toxic mindset for me.

Click the Discord button on the side bar to join the SMW discord and get help or check out all the resources we have there, glhf!


Forum: Super Mario World Extra Categories

Thread: 150Exit, small only

Started by: akimaro8318akimaro8318

aight, 150 Exit or 10w%, what do y'all want


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Thread: Another quick question

Started by: Akira80KVAkira80KV

You can see more channels by reading the message in #welcome and reacting to the message

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Thread: Another quick question

Started by: Akira80KVAkira80KV

There is no reliable setup for cloud on Switch, you'll get unintended results and likely crash yea


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Thread: IL’s Idea

Started by: ZennanZennan

If you skim through this thread, you'll see reasons why SMW ILs are not feasible or desirable on the leaderboard: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smw/​thread/​t46ap

To sum it up, there's a lot more variables you can have for each stage, like small only, no cape, etc. but that's not the main problem, the main problem is having the IL leaderboards be competitive, which for SMW in particular is a really hard sell.

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Thread: No level leaderboard?

Started by: austin101123austin101123

"I actually rather like the status quo where IL runs are mostly about finding new strats and executing them, not about grinding out individual frame improvements. "

Yeah, this is how I prefer it as well. I'm probably not going to try to compete with an IL time if it already uses the best strats, even if it's a few frames off of being perfect. Finding new strats and exploring unknown territory (like Lunar Dragon) is more fun for me.

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