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Thread: Why u should get cube in any% (NOT CLICKBAIT) 2017

Started by: ElectrowolfElectrowolf

I've been working on this a lot. Training day after day. Even when I didn't want to I forced myself to practice.
I tried looking new ways of doing it and then I copied what I found to improve my skills. And finally, I can confirm I have WR. I'm so happy right now that I just wanted to share. I'll be submitting video as soon as it's done processing.

Still can't believe I fucked your mom and sister 12 times in a row.

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Thread: Discord

Started by: TooadTooad

Yes there is! Check it out here


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Thread: Petition to remove IGT from the official any% boards

Started by: TwoWorldsTwoWorlds

It's no surprise that Jet Set Radio Future is no longer a beginner friendly speedgame, due to the ridiculous amount of hoops you have to jump through to simply be competitive. The amount of new runners is absolutely abysmal, because the vanilla game experience is basically discouraged, and all but made obsolete.

Speedrunning should be as simple and streamlined as possible, 99% of potential new runners are not going to download a million things just to speedrun a game they're not even completely invested in, they're going to get discouraged, and as a result, leave before they even start. The community is going to grow stagnant and many valuable and skilled new runners are going to pass up this absolute gem of a game due to the ruined state it's in.

The easy fix to this is to remove IGT from the primary Any% category, and make it a separate category or remove it entirely.

I invite all potential new runners lurking the forums here to like this post if you've felt discouraged seeing the sheer ridiculous amount of effort needed to simply run this game.

Something needs to change. Thanks for reading.

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Forum: Jet Set Radio Future

Thread: Suggestion: Rip Skip %

Started by: MiintpwnageMiintpwnage

Alright listen here: I'm about to deliver some insane wisdom to you:

You can create any category you want for this game, and run it. Don't feel restricted by leaderboards because all this shit is fake. That's right, EVERY time on the JSRF leaderboard is FAKE

Anyway, if you do a run of it, and then highlight it as you would any% people are gonna see that shit and run it. And even if they don't, you got your practice in and that's what matters.

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Thread: Misc Glitches Thread.

Started by: mxldspxremxldspxre

Was playing JSRF the other day with my wife and all was well until we got a knock on the door. I answered it, and was face to face with the man who would proceed to change my life

"Sir, i'm sorry, but you've been served"

In the blink of an eye, my life had been irreparably changed. I turn to the woman I had spent the last 15 years with, she couldn't even look me in the eye. My stomach turned, and I felt like I was about to pass out.

"Why?" was the only thing I could force out. I waited for what seemed like hours for her to reply...

"Because you never get sewer skip"

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Thread: Cutscene skip (and other features) voting thread

Started by: 7thAce7thAce

[No] Item 1: Cutscene Skipping
[No] Item 2: Sewer Skip Patch
[No] Item 3: Input Viewer
[No] Item 4: Kill Combo
[No] Item 5: Music Mute

I do not support any of these mods, this is all nonsense and will kill the game.

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Forum: Potato Thriller

Thread: Please help

Started by: TwoWorldsTwoWorlds

I turned myself into a potato morty i'm potato RICK!!!!!!!!!!


Forum: Grabbed By The Ghoulies

Thread: Categories

Started by: TooadTooad

Definitely run NG+ to get thru run killers first and eliminate high risk losses.

All Books is a fun one too if you learn where all the books are. Tons of online guides to see where they're all located

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Forum: Metal Wolf Chaos

Thread: Adding XD Edition to the leaderboard

Started by: hivemind514hivemind514

I'm absolutely interested in working with everyone to balance out the boards. Which is why I've reached out to BlueMetal to be a moderator, once they're on the team the process of getting everything in order should move forward smoothly.

Also I may be doing a run soon myself with XD out now 😉


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Thread: I've done some route testing after speaking to TW

Started by: GoldRazerGoldRazer



Forum: Jet Set Radio Future

Thread: new "runner"

Started by: Cheater_Cheater_

Dude welcome!

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Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2019

Thread: Feedback Thread

Started by: NaegleriaNaegleria

Memphis would be a solid choice for a USA NASA location


Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2019

Thread: Feedback Thread

Started by: NaegleriaNaegleria

There's was too much uphold at the event tbh

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Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2019

Thread: Feedback Thread

Started by: NaegleriaNaegleria

Personally I really enjoyed the massive room that was a fusion of stream room and casual, but for the next event I think a return to having both a distinct stream room and a casual room would be great.

The event itself was solid and i'm happy to have been part of it.


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Thread: Welcome to Burger King what would you like to order?

Started by: TwoWorldsTwoWorlds

Can I get uhhhhhhh Boneless Whopper?


Forum: Jet Set Radio Future

Thread: verify mod

Started by: olo_iliolo_ili

Why isn't C7 modded yet


Forum: The Site

Thread: WeWantJSRFHDMarathon 6 page request.

Started by: TwoWorldsTwoWorlds

Planning to have the 6th WeWantJSRFHD Marathon on November 15th and want to make an srcom page for accessibility. Can I get a page?