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Thread: How much days until christmad

Started by: valhallavalhalla

today is dec 1st for me B )


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Thread: word game

Started by: SioNSioN



Forum: Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Thread: The Minecraft Bedrock Discord

Started by: AngryCheeseAngryCheese

your email probably isn't verified

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Thread: Greetings

Started by: ProjectRunProjectRun



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Thread: Things Elo needs to do

Started by: GarshGarsh

Bump, get rid of the dropdown for games with one leaderboard


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Thread: MAking new friedns

Started by: TheChoosenzOneTheChoosenzOne

why would you want to friend some randos on the internet?


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Thread: word game

Started by: SioNSioN



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Thread: Moderation for Roblox game

Started by: AstroliteAstrolite

I could help? also i recommend posting this in that games forum.


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Thread: Speedrun on Chromebook?

Started by: IncrediblIncredibl

yes you can, you don't even need a timer. Also please don't bump old threads

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Thread: Is there no way to reject moderation for a game?

Started by: JamarleyJamarley

Lol the super mod got banned


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Thread: How/Where did you get your username?

Started by: GuffGuff

Free username generator