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Forum: Wipeout 3

Thread: Why are Levels done in single race and not time trial?

Started by: CycloneJokerCycloneJoker

I didn't take it as negative, I'm just stating facts as runs should obviously be checked 😃


Forum: Wipeout 3

Thread: Why are Levels done in single race and not time trial?

Started by: CycloneJokerCycloneJoker

This is something I noticed earlier, let me shed a little light into the matter.

So when I first set up the leaderboards, I was assuming people would use Time Trial by default. However, as it turns out, people chose to go for Single Races.

I'm also a failure of a mod for just approving runs and not checking, thus I noticed the issue just recently.

If I were to fix this, it would require quite a bit of fixing as it's not straightforward. I'll get around to it at some point.

Thank you for running the game.

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Forum: Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012

Thread: 100% cheats

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

The cheats used in the 100% category are as follows:

All the other cheats unlocked are either levels, boss battles, unlockable characters and the Duke Nukem FMV.


Forum: Destruction Derby

Thread: ALL stock car races discussion

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

Hello everyone,

I created this thread as I noticed there was a bit of rules that I hadn't applied to the category in question.

Since it is possible to win every race in division 1, and therefore it is a guaranteed Championship win, you may stop the timer there, as well as when it is clear you're leading the championship (e.g. more wins than The Skum)

Then, I was thinking of adding something in the rules but chose not to. This would've been about the effort in such races where winning is impossible. What I mean is, if you simply cannot win anymore, you could just throw in the towel and let the AI finish the race. While this is viable, it would undermine the concept of finishing all races. You should still make an effort to go as far as you can. This admittedly becomes tricky if your car is broken, especially to the point where the radiator is blowing along with steering damage.

Ultimately, this is a category that focuses on skill, so I won't touch up on the second part any further, but as always, try to do your best!


Forum: Mobil 1 Rally Championship

Thread: Level Runs

Started by: EdgyMemerXEdgyMemerX

Indeed, but you have to understand that no one else but me has run the game, so I didn't see it necessary to set everything up 🙂

I'll get around to doing it at some point.

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Forum: Enthusia Professional Racing

Thread: Note on level leaderboards

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

For some reason, (at least for me) the times are not shown by default. To fix this, select "any" under the car filter and the times should show up.


Forum: Enthusia Professional Racing

Thread: Rank 1 category

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

I decided to exclude a part of the run to make it more "accessible", by getting rid of the RNG in the beginning. You may start the run from a save file where the first race is completed and start the timer at "Continue"

Wouldn't be fun to keep resetting for that MR2 (or any other car) only to get screwed by RNG later in the run 😛

For now, any% remains as it is.


Forum: Enthusia Professional Racing

Thread: Car names

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

I have taken the liberty of renaming cars that have different names in different regions to the more common ones

These include the cars Vitz (Yaris), FunCargo (Yaris Verso), March (Micra) and Vita (Corsa).

I also gave cars more distinctive names. For example, the car named Sprinter Trueno shall be known as AE86. And Skylines R32, R33 and R34.

Hope that's okay!

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Forum: Gran Turismo 4

Thread: All Driving Missions Speedrun

Started by: CousinCousin

(edited: )

By the way, I have already tried this run several times. 😃 Tried it all the way back in 2018.

Today I finally got a run worth posting.

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Forum: Road Trip Adventure

Thread: OH JADE

Started by: PullPull

what dis


Forum: Destruction Derby

Thread: Stock car categories

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5


The all races variant of the Stock Car category is now a main category, as a subcategory. I realized that it's easier this way, plus you no longer have to go to the Misc. tab to see some skillful runs 🙂


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request: Rank Points

Started by: KhazukiKhazuki

2 years late, but what was said about being biased and unable to compare different runners, there could always be a ranking system inside game genres. Of course, there is one problem I see from this. Even inside the same genre there are different types of games. E.g. Gran Turismo and Mario Kart.

The only doable thing as a result would be having ranking systems inside a game series.

Outside of that scenario, nope. And it would be something that can't be managed easily.

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Forum: Introductions

Thread: TumeK5 registers.

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

Bumping this 'cause why not lel

Not much has changed in 5 years, except that I live on my own now and have a connection that doesn't suck xD

As well as the fact I run plenty of games today, back in the day when I began it was all GT2.

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Forum: Enthusia Professional Racing

Thread: Wallpaper credit

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

(edited: )

Strider_503 on Reddit is responsible for creating this stunning wallpaper. 🙂

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Forum: Porsche Challenge

Thread: Test Driver

Started by: MooreaMoorea

(edited: )

Technically speaking, no. Since any% is done from a clear or non-existing save file, selecting the Test Driver wouldn't be possible. I can always create a misc category for that purpose, though. Like Marshall said, he is unlocked and thus he is not part of the start of the game.

I'll let his run slide for now, he can improve a lot anyway 😃 I honestly didn't check the run, I'm a lazy mod but rightfully so, as runs come in very occasionally.

But just to be thorough it should always be the norm for any leaderboard that any% starts from square one, unless it's NG+ or something.

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Forum: Destruction Derby 2

Thread: Record

Started by: lgkimpellgkimpel

Dammit, still waiting for Logan's run(s)!


Forum: Destruction Derby 2

Thread: Stock Car All Race Category

Started by: ChuZZZtaChuZZZta

The unexpected happened to me now. 😃 Before I was always able to win but this time, the AI fought back big time.


Forum: Destruction Derby 2

Thread: Background

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

I hate to nitpick but Arenas is the last thing we wanna see with about this?

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Forum: PowerSlave EX

Thread: Any% timer stop

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

(edited: )

Hey guys,

Sorry for butting in, but I noticed all of you stop the timer when you skip Ramses' speech. That is not the exact timing, I even saw you copied the rules from the PS1 page, which says "timer stops as the corpse of Ramses is picked up"

That's all 😛 I just feel like it's pointless to delay it for a moment later, as his speech automatically transitions to the ending sequence.

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Forum: Porsche Challenge

Thread: NTSC vs PAL

Started by: TumeK5TumeK5

Thebpg13's new PB (and by extent, WR), proved NTSC is just as fast as PAL. Props to SCE(A) for optimizing the game in that regard.