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Forum: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon

Thread: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon - Main Thread

Started by: Tterraj42Tterraj42

LexPlay is only 3 weeks away.

We have 12 games from 6 runners for 9 hours of speedruns.

There's still another 9 to 13 hours worth of time we could fill.

For those who have already submitted runs, I have sent you a message about when you are on the current draft of the schedule. I won't change your slots without asking first.

I tentatively have some non-speedrun stuff planned, but if anyone is interested in coming and doing a run, I should be able to put that in instead. The sooner you let me know, the better. Don't wait till the last second to express interest!

Remember, every runner gets a ¤full badge refund¤. That does mean you have to buy your ticket before the event. I'm told online ticket sales will end one week before the event, so on Friday, October 21st. Note that the site still says the 28th, so don't let that confuse you, I'm told that's a bug.

Also, any runner that helps with either Tech or Hosting will get upgraded to a VIP ticket. Which includes various "swag". I don't actually know what it is though.

I also just want to say there will be a lot going on just besides the charity stream/event. We've got 6 fighting game tournaments scheduled. A 3v3 rocketleague tournament. Multiple VR setups. 12 gaming PCs will be available with Overwatch (among other games) for freeplay, possibly a tournament if there's interest. All tournaments are free to enter and the winner gets a free badge for next year (potentially more, still in talks with sponsors). We've also got a few panels from local indie game developers/media and a cosplay competition. So even if you don't want to run, or help with the stream (tech/host), I do hope you consider attending 🙂


Forum: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon

Thread: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon - Main Thread

Started by: Tterraj42Tterraj42

Less than 2 months away!

We've partnered with the Lexington Public Library for this year.

Also, room distribution has been finalized, we'll be getting a whole room to ourselves!

Updated the first post with those two changes.

There have been very few official submission. I've talked to a few people who are tentatively coming. I'm going to do my best not to have this come together last minute, but it's all dependent on when everyone can finalize their schedule. So let me know if you're thinking about coming! Submissions are "supposed" to close soon, so I'm going to start putting together a tentative schedule. We'll do a sort of rolling submission system until the schedule fills. Though the later in September it gets, the more I'm going to look for alternate content. It might not be all speedruns, but it'll be related. Like challenge runs, exhibitions, etc. Anything that would work in a charity stream.


Forum: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon

Thread: Kentokyocon Speedrunning - In Person Event - August 26th

Started by: Tterraj42Tterraj42

KenTokyoCon starts today! We're going to finish setting up the stream this morning.

The plan, as I was told yesterday, is to stream speedruns from noon till 5pm (EST), and a mystery game tournament after that. The "schedule" is pretty lose today, as we're expecting most people to show up for the weekend. So we may change things up based on availability. Bbforky will be there with Tetris Attack, DeconStream with Pokemon RBA, and a local friend and speedrun watcher is gonna try his hand at a DKC2 speedrun, so that should be fun 😉

We'll be using my channel for today's stream, then the gaming director's channel for the fighting game tournaments Saturday & Sunday.

Friday Stream
Saturday & Sunday Stream

Hope to see some of you onsite, or in chat 🙂


Forum: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon

Thread: Kentokyocon Speedrunning - In Person Event - August 26th

Started by: Tterraj42Tterraj42

Hello again, everyone!

This is pretty similar to the LexPlay event, so I'll just include it here.

The organizer for the Game Room at Kentokyocon said they were interested in adding speedrunning content to their event/stream on Friday August 26th. Kentokyocon itself will run the whole weekend (26th - 28th) but the stream content for Saturday & Sunday will be the fighting game tournaments. Nothing was planned for Friday.

Anyone who does a run will have 2 options: get in free on Friday, or buy a heavily discounted 3 day badge.

Kentokyocon is, as you might have guessed, an anime convention in Kentucky. So if you're near Lexington, KY and this sounds like fun, consider offering a run (or just showing up anyway). The convention will open Friday, August 26th at noon and run until midnight. So 12 hours for speedrunning.

Friday, August 26th @ 12pm - 12am

This is super short notice, so we'll keep things pretty informal. If you want to do a run, either post in this thread or send me a message with:

Game: What game?
Category: Which category?
Estimate: how long is the run? (factor in bad RNG, mistakes, safe strats, etc.)
Video: link to a run of this game&category by you.
Description: Tell me about the run.
Availability: When will you be on site?


Hope to see some of you there 🙂

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Forum: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon

Thread: LexPlay Speedrun Marathon - Main Thread

Started by: Tterraj42Tterraj42

Hello everyone. At the end of October, RunJumpDev (a non-profit game developers group in Lexington, KY) will be hosting their first Game Convention: LexPlay. The organizers want to have a speedrun marathon at the event, and they're letting me organize it 🙂 First off, it's an in person event, so make sure you can attend in person before signing up. Here's the venue:,+430+W+Vine+St,+Lexington,+KY+40507

LexPlay will run for 7 hours on Friday (5pm-midnight) and 15 hours on Saturday (9am-midnight), for a total of 22 hours. No overnight, so no graveyard runs and we all get to sleep 🙂

All runners will get their ticket costs refunded, and host / tech volunteers will get a 50% refund for each 3 hour shift they work. Note you still have to buy your ticket to get in, and you will be refunded after the convention is over. So help with the marathon, and you get to attend for free! For more information on LexPlay itself, and to buy tickets, go here:

Here’s the current schedule of events:

Close game submissions - September 26th
Release marathon schedule - September 30th
Finalize schedule based on availability / feedback - October 7th
Close volunteer applications and create shift schedule - October 10th
Finalize Volunteer schedule based on availability / feedback - October 14th

Edit: Updated the schedule September 11th

LexPlay - October 28th & 29th

I want to make a final games list as early as possible, but I also want to leave submissions open as long as I can, so the schedule may get adjusted as needed.

Runner game submission form:

Host application form:

Tech crew application form:

We've partnered with the Lexington Public Library for this years event! They're excited to work with us in promoting it. The library (well, libraries) have a lot of cool resources for recording/editing video/audio in their Digital Studio, which we're hoping will appeal to local attendees with an eye on Youtube or Twitch.

We'll have a whole room dedicated to this, so that's cool. Should have plenty of room to set everything up, maybe have a quite practice area in one section. The other game rooms will be available for louder practice.

There will also be a “Main Stage” room with various streamed content. Again, nothing is finalized, but possibilities include: panels, interviews, game demos from local developers, live challenges with audience participation, cosplay judging, etc. So if there’s something short you think would be a good show, submit that as well, and I’ll pass it on for consideration.

Speedrun Stream

Main Stream

PS: LexPlay. Get it? Lex… Play… No? Ok, I’ll see myself out.

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Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2016

Thread: Post sgdq northeast meet up

Started by: darkfox36darkfox36

I'm slightly interested, but probably won't make it. In Kentucky and would rather not drive 8+ hours. Will see where it ends up though.


Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2016

Thread: NASA 2016 Hotel Roommates

Started by: NaegleriaNaegleria

Hey, looking for a room. Can get there either the 18th or 19th, and leave either the 23rd or 24th, whatever works for the group. Ideally a room of 4 (counting myself). Can book if needed, or pay via paypal / google wallet.


Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2016

Thread: NASA 2016 Hotel

Started by: NaegleriaNaegleria

24 hours gives more time per dollar. Though I do think non 24 hours for a first event would be good, strictly from a logistical and staffing point. If that's not an issue, then go with 24.