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Forum: Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2: Karakuri Land

Thread: New time save on final boss

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

Khananaphone found during the Big20 that you can save maybe a second on the final boss by screen-wrapping an attack during the spawn-in. While the boss is flashing he apparently has a hitbox at the back of his sprite.

Between this and the two cycle statues (which may not be RTA viable) you can probably save a couple more seconds in an ideal run. I don't plan to go for it any time soon, so I figured I'd document it before it's forgotten.



Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Brawler optimal STR thoughts

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

With clone fight one-shots no longer a worry thanks to healing item cheese, there's no mechanical reason to limit STR duping. We could go all the way to 500 if we wanted... though I suspect diminishing returns set in pretty quick.

I just did a few runs going to 200. I'm pretty trash at duping, especially extended duping like the Power Wine dupe, but I was still able to pull in a 1:39 with a fairly rough run. It has me wondering what optimal STR target would be.

I chose 200-225 for the specific reason that it allows you to destroy everything but 'heavy' enemies like Golems with one Claw flurry up until Chaos Castle. After that you need to resort to knife spins. 250+ STR may let you claw flurry everything there too, but I don't personally feel it's worthwhile.

200 STR also lets you kill the first two limbs of Vatali in one cycle without Guts, kill two balls on the Dryazhek snake in one knife spin, and two-cycle Dark Mistress.

I guess I just feel like these are all breakpoints that'd need significant more STR to surpass, and then you're moving into diminishing returns.

Maybe we need to do some Math here 😱 Anyone have thoughts?

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Forum: Jurassic Park (Genesis)

Thread: Start time change

Started by: BrandoOatesBrandoOates

I don't remember why I timed on character control. Habit I guess? I see no strong case for one way or the other so I'm fine with whatever takes consensus.


Forum: Strider (NES)

Thread: Red Dragon Jump Clip

Started by: AldrielAldriel

Important question: Do we call this the Aldriel skip or "Just jump straight up, dumbass" 😛

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Forum: Strider (NES)

Thread: Red Dragon Jump Clip

Started by: AldrielAldriel

Yeah I can replicate that too. It's not in the WR so I'm inclined to believe it's new.

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Forum: Dragon EGG!

Thread: Board housekeeping

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

1.) I removed Shiden's runs as his twitch account seems to have gone foom, taking the video proof with it 🙁 He's welcome to re-submit. His runs were Easy mode, 10m45s and 11m42s.

2.) I retimed my Normal WR to 9m36s. I timed from character control but all other remaining runners in the game time from start screen. So I'm adjusting to their consensus 🙂 If you pick up the game please time from start.


Forum: Action 52 (Genesis)

Thread: Mousetrap

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

I did a run of this as a joke, then realized it's actually pretty fun. Here's my somewhat decent PB. I may try to grind it lower. Can we get a category for it?


Forum: Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2: Karakuri Land

Thread: Run submission

Started by: HurricaneMixerHurricaneMixer

Deln just approved the runs. Sorry if I sounded pushy on twitter, Deln; twitter isn't good for being eloquent 🙁


Forum: Rolan's Curse II

Thread: Shieldswap Glitch

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

Though no one runs this I thought I'd document a finding, just in case 🙂

While trying to find a marathon safe route for the Handheld Heroes marathon I stumbled onto a new glitch that can be used to develop at the very least a race-safe route that eliminates the need for 75% of health drops my WR route uses.

I call this glitch skill swapping, or in the specific case I use for safety strats "Shieldswap". It does what it says on the tin: swaps Lane's 50% damage shield to another hero so I can do another character's damage while using the damage mitigation usually only available to Lane.

The way it works is simple. If you press select to open the character select menu the frame after you use a B-skill, that skill will remain in effect after the swap. Usually this just results in a hilarious glitched out animation like skillswapping Pit's bomb to Kyle results in exploding skeletons. Lane's shield is, so far, the only useful use of the glitch I've found.

I've built a marathon route based on this. It's exactly the same as the WR route except if you don't get a tear from Bat Boss, you take Lane and Kyle and on the hand boss use Lane to start the fight until she's one hit from death, then use Shieldswap to protect Kyle. When his HP runs out, swap to the Hero to finish the fight; you should need zero healing items.

You can then use Shieldswap on Knight but you have to wait until he's about to hit you to get any use out of it. If done right you can beat Knight with only two potions instead of four.

Finally you can Shieldswap on Barius to beat him with zero healing items if you start with Zold, switch to Lane, and shieldswap just before his first volley hits you. If done right you will shield two cycles, giving Zold enough HP to finish the fight with no healing needed.

All in all this drops the healing item requirement for a run from 10 potions to 2-3. Unfortunately the time you waste getting Lane and juggling her MP means it's not WR-viable without a major reroute, but it'd be good for new runners, people who don't want to reset on bad drops, and races.


Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Handheld Heroes marathon

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

That's a shame, but legit.

Honestly they're on a time crunch. They already expanded the marathon from 2 days to 3, so there's a good chance my NG run will get bopped because it's 2 hours of a wolf stabbing things. NG+ has a better chance, so go for it 🙂

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Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Handheld Heroes marathon

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

Yeah, it'd probably have to be the folks who have sub-2. The marathon people said they want close-ish PBs. 🙁


Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Potential new glitch?

Started by: FourthHornFourthHorn

I saw this when you posted it and poked at trying to replicate it. It may be something specific to Beast Mountain since it's "Special". Though I've seen some weird stuff with boss cutscenes and music glitches, and sometimes cutscenes taking longer to start and end-- it wouldn't shock me if the game code to do cutscenes and boss loading is buggy.

No idea how to trigger any of this on purpose though.


Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Handheld Heroes marathon

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

I submitted Any% Normal Brawler for the Handheld Heroes marathon. If anyone else is up for seeing if they can make it a race, throw in a submssion 🙂

Edit: I'd even be cool with Brawler VS Ninja if Fon wanted to throw in Ninja. We'd just call it "Any% Normal" then obviously 😉 That would actually be a pretty sweet thing to watch.

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Forum: The Great Battle IV

Thread: Difficulty Differences

Started by: TrysdynTrysdyn

I've done some testing of the differences between the two difficulties (first option in the options menu, defaults to Normal, can be flipped to Easy).

Here's what's different on Normal that's notable to a speedrun:

- Most normal enemies have more HP. The generic trash still dies to 1 rocket or rider kick, but other things may need 2 hits; things that needed 2 now need 3.
- Most bosses take more hits the kill. The is most noticeable with midbosses and phase 1 of multi-phase bosses. The final boss phase of the stage has less of a boost, or none at all.
- Your energy regen is cut about in half during mech fights. It's no longer possible to finish fights with a flurry of offense; most mech fights require playing defensive to recharge.
- The final mech fight does not refill your health between phases, which is actually kind of a big deal coupled with the energy regen penalty above.

The last two points are the most important. While most of my mech fight strategies will still work, you'd have to spend time defending to recharge between offensive flurries; a LONG time recharging on the final fight. I wouldn't be surprised if this adds 3 minutes to the run on its own.

Of secondary importance are the other two points. More enemy HP means more backboosts while trying to rider kick through enemies, that's about all. More boss HP makes bosses take longer because at no time are you in danger during boss fights; it's just more time for no difficulty or style gain.

In general, Normal difficulty is "the same but takes longer". I personally feel Easy makes a cooler looking run even if you execute optimally in both difficulties. However, these differences make comparing runs between difficulties unfair.

For now I've added a difficulty field to the leaderboard so it's clearer. If someone besides me takes up running the game I'm more than willing to split the board into two categories.

Just noting this all for the record if anyone gets curious.

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Forum: Super Mario Land

Thread: Leaderboard update

Started by: Oh_DeeROh_DeeR

I used Bizhawk, but it's effectively the same as Gambatte. Bizhawk uses Gambatte's emucore, and I did some pretty extensive timing tests to make sure it's the same before using it for runs.


Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Guts/Crit Brawler

Started by: VandaeronVandaeron

It looks like the best approach for Brawler is actually a hybrid. Since Vandaeron ran Claw and I ran Knife, we were able to see each weapon had its own strengths and weaknesses. My Knife runs would start slow then gain time on Vandaeron's Claw runs.

Claw is a movement beast. Your charge attack propels you forward faster than walking, and giving it more points doesn't give you more hits so it's a 1pt wonder and falls off hard after Boat. Knife is a boss killer, with geometrically increasing damage with every level, but it's slower than Claw on actually moving through enemies in the dungeons.

I combined the two with this skill order:

¤ Guts I
¤ Claw I
¤ Guts II
¤ Guts III
¤ Knife as many times as skill points allow
¤ If you fall between Knife tiers, dump the remaining points into Critical

Early game, I relied on the ridiculous power buff from Guts (and the ability to get 2 or 3 stacks easily) to power through things. Claw let me dive through enemy packs in Wizari that I had to stop and kill as a Knife user. Once I got the Power Wine at Boat, I already had Knife Lv2 and a decent knife weapon, I switched to using Knife as a boss killer and Claw for moving through levels.

Being capped at Lv1 Claw also meant I didn't waste SP on over-charging when I didn't have to, which was a huge problem for me going pure Knife.

Later in the game, starting at about Coldazhek, Guts becomes less important. It rarely makes the difference between one-charging an enemy and not, so you can stop worrying about it. It's still a beast to stack on bosses though because Lv4 Knife spin hits six times and each hit gets the full benefit of Guts.

The general rule for Claw VS Knife is if you have to kill it, and it won't die in one Claw charge, use Knife; otherwise use Claw.

This approach is, at worst, equal to pure claw and at best can save 3-4 minutes. Unsure because we both had deaths in our runs 😕

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Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Item Duplication Execution Techniques

Started by: Turbodog702Turbodog702

That's what I'm saying though. Fon uses a keyboard, I use a normal grip on a Dual Shock 4 so I'm not doing anything special, and I'm 90% sure Vandaeron does the same. I will say my consistency went up a ton just by doing a playthru and duping everything I needed. I went from about 5% consistent to 50% consistent through 1 or 2 playthru/runs. I'm probably closer to 75% now.

There's no special grip or trick to it; you just have to find a rhythm (or use a keyboard Kappa).

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Forum: Shining Soul II

Thread: Item Duplication Execution Techniques

Started by: Turbodog702Turbodog702

I use an input visualizer for my stream. Check my run around Dryazhek when I do a dupe session.

I just do a normal grip on a DS4.

Edit: One thing I've taken to doing is breaking the Power Wine dupe into three sessions. Once on the ship to about 70 STR, once early in Desert to about 110, then a final one just before the Chaos General to about 150. Three sessions loses me a few seconds because I have to play with my inventory 3 times, but I make it up in consistent duping because my right wrist doesn't get tired.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: What's your biggest improvement from one PB to the next?

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

I only did two single segment runs of Live A Live (most of the runners do ILs). My first run was 10 hours and then I found a ton of different strats doing ILs and did a 2nd run that came in at 6:07:xx.

So I guess that's about a 4 hour save.