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Category would only be ruined really if I allow this, which I'm just gonna blanket ban these kinds of exploits for survival since it makes having a category for it pointless otherwise, I will be using yours and WinnerBit's videos as examples though in the rules!


Well it looks like yet again the AI in this game is absolutely spectacular lol. I feel like this should also be something banned in survival just because you can loop around forever, but does anyone have any suggestions themselves?


May I get super for pac-man championship edition DX ? Tried reaching out to Kyle a bit ago through his steam a few times with no luck and his discord tag doesn’t work anymore either.


Sorry for the really late reply, has anyone tried out any good estimates for the scores? I need to redo the ones I did since I lost the text file where I wrote down some possible scores lol


I just want to say "Do you realise that in SPEEDrunning the main value is not SPEED but TIME" doesn't make any sense lol, they're correlated, and the way you're capitalizing them both makes it look like you're trying to imply the name speedrunning should be timerunning? You don't need all these categories for one sole person to have a spot on the leaderboard because they can't compete against the world record in the current categories. Splitting up any% by difficulty for this game doesn't sound very great, especially for trying to wrangle people in. It doesn't change very much per difficulty, and you actually chose a very good example with Resident Evil 5 not changing much per difficulty as well, but that must've been unintentional. People don't shy away from this game because they see a good world record time, it's because this game's mechanics are poo poo (among other things), especially compared to FEAR 1.


Alright so I sorted out the score goals, but some of the boards need a different score goal other than just 250/500 (like Highway II and Championship III which for some reason isn't even under ILs I have no idea why) some can get 500k or 750k or even a million with ease


^ I’d rather go through with that, as the 2mil/3mil on challenge I was an oversight by me due to it being set up that way in the past and me just going by the old categories. Plus I’d have to remake all the IL boards again if I defined the category name as 250/500


Under extra variables/subcategories, you'll have to add a value first before ticking off "Use as subcategory" once you input a new variable, the value or values being the name of the subcategories you want

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@peck324 Two days isn't very long of a wait and Chimpaneez is active, there's a discord for the Metro series as well that you can contact any of the moderators in

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Ayyy, do you have video of before you getting out of bounds or just started recording when you got out??


Series pages do not get run submissions and it looks like theyre just moderator of the series page


Sounds like you have timer ascending on for that category

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@SpiderHako his discord tag is Shasta#6969, if you can’t dm him on discord then you can get an easy response from him through the Kirby discord

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There hasn’t been much testing on how accurate timewise the timer is so I wouldn’t know, we actually only just found out about the time being reverted on death not that long ago


Unfortunately the in-game timer is actually not accurate in that if you die, the time is reverted along with the checkpoint, so you could keep dying if you don't like a specific segment and then end up with a really good time


@Sizzyl ctrl + f5

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Doesn't seem to be happening anymore, just tried it leaving the rejection reason box up for 5-6 minutes whereas yesterday the error would happen within a second or two


If college wasn't consuming my life I would definitely be down


A super mod can give out super mod status as well, not just regular mod

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Brother, I am already there

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