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In case you wanna hear Pac's words about it. You can listen to this podcast episode where Pac was a guest talking about delevopment

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Request the serie and then you can ask them being added


There still is the patreon in case you wanna give more Kappa

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Have you tried contacting him over the provided social media options?
If not try that first and talk to him if he can add you.
If yes you can post at but make sure to read the first post

(edit) Just looked at his page and his youtube link doesnt work so imho you can go to the thread.

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Please get my name right racemonster Kappa

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Wasnt this discussion moved by Kirkq to a seperate thread?

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Everytime someone asks this question in the forum the message system is delayed by 1 day. Together we can make it come out sooner by stop asking about it Kappa


@DrYoshiyahu press ctrl+f5 and it should update


"SETUP Games: These are basically puffer blocks. The games will only be played if the marathon is not too far behind schedule at that point."


The converting Horaro is out now aswell


The following pictures are free to use in your twitch profile to advertise what you are going to do for ESA.

Runner promotion v1

Runner promotion v2

Attendee promotion v1

Attendee promotion v2

Attendee promotion v3

Watching promotion v1

Watching promotion v2

Sellout (4,99 DLC)

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