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Thread: Twilight Menu ++

Started by: stoic_rosestoic_rose

We don't have any formal rules on pirated copies of the game but generally it's preferred that games are run on original cartridges when possible.

If you can provide any evidence that UTK2 running on Twilight Menu has no obvious differences to original version, we can consider it. Just some footage of loading up a chapter and doing some of the later, more intensive operations (like Sige or Aletheia) would be a good starting point.


Forum: Trauma Center: Under the Knife

Thread: emu alloweed

Started by: [Deleted user]

We don't allow emulator for these games because there is significant differences with loading times/in game lag.

Anyhow, part of the fun/challenge of Trauma Center games comes from the control schemes which cannot be easily or accurately replicated on emulator.