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Thread: Multiple difficulty runs?

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

I've been experimenting quite a bit to see if there were any easy way to improve my current run, and it seems like changing the difficulty mid run is one of the things I can do for an easy improvement.
Problem is, the run submission form doesn't allow for that unlike multiple classes, so I'd like to ask for that option to be added or be specifically denied as right now it's unclear whether you can do it or not.

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Forum: Earth Defense Force 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair

Thread: Categories For Other Difficulties

Started by: meleemanmeleeman

I actually didn't even realize the other mod had resigned until getting the notification for your runs and forum post so I'll answer as the sole mod for that game.

If someone is willing to actively run it why not, as long as there's a run to put in it when it's created.
Thing is there's very little justification for it that I can see, I could be wrong but between easy and very hard it's the same spawns except they have more health and only Inferno has places where spawns differ, resulting in runs that use mostly the same strategy (as in use endgame weaponry) except it's a tiny bit different as the enemies have more HP but move towards you faster) up until inferno which while different to some degree presents it's own set of reasons why it's probably not a good run either, although those are more up to length and the credible risk that you can kill your run very far into it (not that I haven't thought about trying at some point anyway but that's another thing).

If you were to do a run with level limits on equipment in relation to mission and difficulty level like MP it would become more interesting to have difficulty level separations obviously, but that becomes lot more work for everyone involved as said limits have to be enforced by the player himself and obviously those have to be verified for each level afterwards.

As of right now I'm leaving the rules / categories as they are because they promote the fastest way to run which seems like it's the best possible thing they can do, I'm maybe tweaking the rules a bit regarding the health limit as it doesn't make much sense inn regards to the rest of the rules (also considering making the auto splitting script mandatory for any PC submission due to some quirks with how the game works)
But if you were to do and submit a run (maybe also a compelling argument as to why it's a good run and maybe even a ruleset) I have no reason to refuse barring some extremely stupid categories (which I might still add as misc. if I can find some sort of speedrunning value to them) or submission containing obvious cheats / modded weaponry, an Inferno run is something I personally have considered doing and will be added once I (or anyone else) do a run or.

tl;dr: For your main question the answer is probably yes, if someone submits runs for it.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Need help with autosplitter

Started by: TaruDuckTaruDuck

I'm gonna assume you ran into the same issue as I did and you're trying to split when a specific value is equal to a specific number when you actually want to check if the value has changed and if the value is equal to a specific number in that case, like in that example where I check that the value from the MissionActive pointer has decreased and is equal to 1.

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Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: Silly question about emulators and their legality

Started by: WilsoonWilsoon

Emulators are legal as long as they do not officially package any copyrighted content, including BIOS, other firmwares, official logos, fonts and ROMs without being authorized to do so by the relevant copyright holders
ROMs are legal to make as long as it'd done within the laws that rule private backups in whatever country you live in, some country deem bypassing DRM at all to be illegal but then you'll have to argue what exactly is a DRM measure and what isn't which gets complicated (such as Nintendo arguing a cart constitutes one by itself), and obviously if the original copyright holder is involved he can distribute it like any other copy of said game.
Downloading a ROM is never legal, not even if you own the game yourself, the fact that no one is realistically gonna go after you for doing so doesn't change that.

So technically if you want to use an emulator legally you just have dump your own BIOS / firmware / ROMs (provided it is legal to do so where you live), but in practice there's very little probability that you would ever get in trouble if you're just a simple user (except maybe in Japan which has exceptionally hard sanctions against anything vaguely related to piracy) as long as you're not doing anything exceptionally stupid about it.

As for speedrunning it's up to individual communities how they handle emulator usage and whether proof of ownership is actually a thing they'd care to enforce (I'd wager a lot of communities for older games don't actually care that much that you don't actually own the game besides the impact emulating / backup loading has on the run time not to mention the fair few communities that will outright give you a link to the game if you ask for it, whereas any community for somewhat recent game especially indies would probably react a lot worse to a runner admitting they have not bought the game they're running)
There's other factors relevant to speedrunning when it comes to dumping or acquiring ROMs besides legality as some dumping methods and many already existing ROMs are not necessarily good copies of the original which might or might not affect the way it runs (usually not or at-least not in a way that's easily observed), and that's without considering the large quantity of prepatched ROMs that aren't labelled as such floating around

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Auto splitter Help / Request

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

Sure, it's mostly all the resources from the Speedrun Tool Development discord server ( https:/​/​discordapp.​com/​invite/​N6wv8pW )

Specifically http:/​/​pastebin.​com/​raw/​DHgMG8ch which is as simple as you're gonna get.
Additionally https:/​/​fatalis.​pw/​livesplit/​asl-list/​ for a mostly complete list of existing scripts which will most definitely help you figure out smarter ways to do what you're trying to do
And https:/​/​cdn.​discordapp.​com/​attachments/​253158314798481408/​648835702800252958/​UnityAutosplitters.​pdf courtesy of DevilSquirrel if you're trying to make one for an Unity game.

I especially recommend getting comfortable with Cheat Engine and Address / Unknown address / Pointer scanning, because that's what you're gonna spend most of your time doing, I'd even recommend trying your hand at something fairly simple first then going for what you want.
The hard part is figuring out what values can help you do what you want if there isn't an easy one, it can become very tedious.
You'll have to become creative and really pay attention to what values could help you in that case, like for example in my case the game only sets the main health value when the player has control of the character, which was surprisingly helpful in making my script work well.

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Auto splitter Help / Request

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

>If a tool like that should be created, the best place I would go search for is with existing runners of the game and its community and should ideally be created without (money) reward and mostly because of shared interest and willingness to help out.
That's true but there's not much of a community for that game, I guess I should ask around anyway.

I'm also making some very small amount of progress on my own towards making it myself which is good, if I'm lucky and the game behaves similarly to EDF5 I might be able to figure out something myself.

I also tried for a video auto splitter but even disregarding the fact that it is resource intensive which makes the game itself run worse the game also has that thing where it will leave you able to control your character during loading screens on some missions so that's not an option to begin with.

EDIT: Well shit, turns out the game more or less uses the same way to track loading screens as EDF5 so I pretty much have load removal working, it might need a small adjustment but it's close to what I needed, now I just need to figure out the splitting part of the deal

EDIT2: Well looks like I managed on my own after finding a decent tutorial and some lengthy bruteforcing and copypasting.
It's very likely not as good as it could be if I actually had any clue about what I was doing but it seems to do what I wanted it to do well enough.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

I'd like to request mod for Fairy Bloom Freesia, I have a pending run since about 3 month and the only mod hasn't been active on here in about 4 month or active anywhere else in over a month.
Less of an issue but one of the game I moderate, Space invaders 1999, has a completely inactive supermod which I haven't been able to contact at all since june and hasn't had any activity in over a year anywhere.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Auto splitter Help / Request

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

I know it's not a good idea but it's pretty much the only thing I can think of right now.
It would be nice to have a place where you could ask somewhat trusted people to make an auto splitter (either graciously or for some sort of bounty) since I'm fairly sure there are other games with similar issues and no auto splitter / no member of the community with the technical abilities to make one.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Auto splitter Help / Request

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

I was wondering if someone would be willing to either walk me through the full process of getting an auto splitter with load removal made or make one for one of the games I currently run which has a lot of load time inconsistencies and other issues which an auto splitter would solve nicely (EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1).
I'm willing to provide a copy of the game on steam if someone is interested in doing so but doesn't have the game itself.


Forum: Earth Defense Force 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair

Thread: Variable load times

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

The game seems to have loads that not only get longer over the course of the run but are fairly random in lenght to begin with.
Obviously the ideal solution to that would be an autosplitter / LRT.

But since that's not a thing and I'm clueless as to how you even make one to begin with, I have came up with the next best thing, restarting the game every so often.
Thing is it's actually fairly complex to test out what the optimal places to do so are and it would also help to know as a rule where exactly the game considers a mission cleared or not to know whether I have to get back to the premission screens or if I can quit right as the "mission clear".
For now I'm going with restarting every 20 levels since that equates to 4 restart in a run and even a single one of those restart seems to save enough time to cover for all 4 restarts


Forum: Earth Defense Force 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair

Thread: Clarification on strange rules.

Started by: MactoPerFurorMactoPerFuror

>I need clarification on what an exploited weapon is.
Exploited weapons are weapons you need an external modification to use, that's pretty much it.

>I would like to understand the need for the 800 armor, it seems redundant with the weapon limit rule.
It's not very relevant since the run is done on easy and short of walking inside the Mothership firing range or calling high level fire support on yourself with the air raider you're not gonna die
Now if there was hypothetically an Hard / Hardest / Inferno run that's would be a whole different story and having a limit at all would drastically affect the way the run would play out.

>Why does coop have to do an additional DLC pack?
Are you referring to the fact that online has 10 more levels exclusive to it.


Forum: Crimsonland

Thread: Proposing vote to settle some rules

Started by: YuriNikolaiYuriNikolai

I actually didn't even know about the 1.5x speed toggle, and since the new WR apparently uses it whereas I didn't I actually gave it a try and honestly outside of the obvious speed change it doesn't change the run that much.
Originally before trying I would have thought it would have been better as a separate category but honestly the difference in practice is very little (not referring to the time obviously but skill / route / strategy wise the run is the exact same but the skill ceiling is a bit higher)

As for the perks it's a bit different, it's not actually that apparent it would be faster in a real full run unless you heavily optimized your toggling of the option, a run without perks would be slower and much harder / luck dependent but still interesting to some degree.

I don't have any strong opinions on either thing, but everything being allowed is fine by me.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

>Regarding the Switch Board, if this is something the community would rather not exist (and be merged platform wise with another of the games) contact me or another site mod. Since it appears this was a vocal point of your first post also, and I don't believe it can be manually removed by anyone but site mods now.

Apparently the supermods are able to remove the leaderboard by themselves from what they've told me, I'll post again or let them post in case there's an issue with that.
Thank you for the help.

EDIT: @Liv Looks like the supermods were mistaken after all, so we would like to have removed since we're just gonna use the regular board.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

It is a good thing for us that you finally decide to step down but again it would have been great if we were made aware of it prior, our DM's have also always been open.
We also want to make sure that people and the site moderation are aware of what you have provably done in regards to our community and that this is not just a graceful stepping down on your part.

>as I didnt want to leave the board with mods I didnt feel comfortable with.
So you took it upon yourself to make such an important decision alone and not consult the community at all at any point.

EDIT: Now that LoveBot has removed himself as a supermod from the game series, and all the leaderboards contained inside and gave it to someone who hasn't been active on this site or anywhere public in several years and has no contact info that we can find I'd like once again to ask that a supermod be nominated from any of the currently active runners of the game
( , , , , )

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo


I'd like to request that user LoveBot be removed as supermod from the game series, and all leaderboards therein.

This is due to his behavior within and in relation to the community since he hasn't been active inside of it for nearly 2 years, which has culminated in his recent removal/demotion of other moderators with no good justification as a completely unilateral decision. He did this because the community disagreed with him about putting the Switch release of the game on a separate leaderboard. He's behaving more like a dictator than a moderator, so the community feels he is no longer fit for the role. As the site moderation guidelines state “You are a representative of the community, not the ruler.”

The community has also compiled a history of his behavior which can be provided privately or publicly if requested, as this is not the first time he's acted on his own without consulting the community / in complete disregard of what the community wants.

In his place, I suggest instating or , since they have been the most active moderators and contributors until they were removed by him.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Forum: Ace Combat 3 : Electrosphere

Thread: Few questions regarding rules

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

So i kinda wanted to start running the game, 100% in particular, but there's a few things that aren't discussed in the rules and since the only ru has no video I can use that as an example.
I see emulator isn't banned, if possible I'd prefer running emulator because I don't really have a decent setup to record of a console right now, is any emulator accepted or is there anything I should know regarding emulator runs on this leaderboard before I start submitting runs that won't be accepted?
Can I use the mission simulator at all?
That one is important considering the route would see fairly major changes depending on it (mainly starting by going through hard mode first instead of normal and obviously not being able to use superplanes to go through the other difficulties).
Can I use the hidden weapon select? (press start + a facebutton until the mission starts while in the mission simulator)
It doesn't matter much to me but the run is faster if I can use it (regular missiles on superplanes and access to O.S.L before completing hard mode) so I'd like to be sure.
Is a blank memory card required for 100%?
I'd assume so but having a 100% save on the memory card before starting if it was allowed it would be faster (not having to play Normal to unlock the mission simulator and not having to play hard to unlock the O.S.L) so I just want to be sure.


Forum: Space Invaders 1999

Thread: Emulator run requirements

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

As of right now emulator runs are allowed for any category provided that they conform to the following rules, those are not retroactive so any runs already present that violates any of those rule will be kept.
Some of those rules might be overlooked at the moderators discretion for any run below the top 3 or not within a certain time of the current world record.
If you have trouble understanding some of the rules please contact me @TransparentBlueTransparentBlue and I'll clarify for you.
If you have trouble with your emulation setup at all please contact me @TransparentBlueTransparentBlue on the community Discord server ( https:/​/​discord.​gg/​tw4vFGv ).

> For All platforms

Exempt from any of the the following is PCem, Wine, graphic wrapper (i.e. dgVoodoo, WineD3D etc) and Virtual Machine to run the PC version on modern systems, if you use those just include the fact that you did use that and the host / guest systems (i.e. running an XP VM on Windows 10 would mean that Win 10 is the host while XP is the guest) or the name and version of your wrapper in the submission text.
You include the windows border in the video
You include the exact emulator version or build with your submission
You include the configuration files you used with your submission
You have a FPS readout onscreen at all times during the run
You must, if using a Retroarch core, show the core and latency options after you complete your run, to note that overclocking of any kind is disallowed as it has been shown to make the game unstable and make some things act in unintended ways, CD read speed is allowed for now as it doesn't impact IGT, runahead is allowed for now as it cannot reduce the input lag below console level.

> For the PS1 version

> Following emulator are explicitly banned
>PCSX / -df / -R /-R PGXP / -ReARMed etc, any version
>ePSXe, any version
>Avocado, will be reevaluated once it's more complete
>pSX / pSX-fin
>PSXACT, will be reevaluated once it's more complete
>hpsx64, will be reevaluated once it's more complete
>Rustation, will be reevaluated once it's more complete
>Connectix VGS
>POPS, only the PS2 version

> Following emulator are explicitly allowed
>Mednafen, any version past 0.94, launcher used irrelevant
>BeetlePSX, excluding the HW version
>XEBRA, most recent version as long as plugins aren't used.
>POPS, PSP / PSVita / PSTV / PS3 versions

If whatever emulator you're using is not mentioned here bring it up and someone will look into putting it here (probably in the not allowed list though so be aware of that)

> For the N64 version

Runs using N64 emulation are not allowed for now.
Simple explanation is that both of the current major emulator have noticeable issue with that game and I'm not dealing with that.
If you find an emulator that can play the game without massive sound popping (PJ64) or audio desync (M64p), please mention it to me and I'll be sure to add it here.
And the other emulators are not worth mentioning.
Currently being reconsidered, please contact me @TransparentBlueTransparentBlue for clarifications.

> For the GBA version

> Following emulator are explicitly banned
>VBA / -M / GX etc, any and all version
>GBE+, will be reevaluated once it's more complete
>Nanoboy Advance
>PlayBoy Advance
>My Boy!

> Following emulator are explicitly allowed
>mGBA , preferably most recent version but anything above 0.6 should be good, include the libretro core version if using Retroarch, must use a BIOS image and prove you do by resetting at the end of a run to show the GBA boot animation.
>Higan, most recent version only.

If whatever emulator you're using is not mentioned here bring it up and someone will look into putting it here (probably in the not allowed list though so be aware of that)

>For GB

Since someone has went out of his way to make a proper speedrunning emulator for that platform all run must be done on GambatteSpeedrun with a GBC bios image, no exception.

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Forum: Space Invaders 1999

Thread: Rules FAQ

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

Since the ruleset is getting a bit crowded and some of those rules are not necessarily obvious as to why they exist here's an explanation for most of those as well as a few other things.
If you need further details or your question isn't answered just ask here or in the discord and I'll be happy to answer

> IGT instead of RTA or LRT

The game is primarily timed through IGT because it's consistent across all 3 main platforms (PC/N64/PS1) and is also available on one of the portable ports (GBA).
It's also not sensitive to slowdown or load times which isn't the case for either of the other ones and would put PC at a massive advantage since it runs without slowdown and sometimes even slightly faster than it should depending on hardware configuration and has exactly 1 frame of load times per world if your PC is fast enough, in addition the PC version is very temperamental regarding what it will run on which makes it the least accessible version of the lot, that coupled with the relatively small runnerbase makes it more practical to try and make all platforms be able to compete in a singular leaderboard, this will be reconsidered once/if there's enough runners to fill a leaderboard for every platform or if the IGT is shown to be inconsistent or inaccurate enough.
It also allows emulator to compete without having to care about loads or lack of slowdown.
Nothing is stopping you from using RTA to track your progress obviously.

> Requiring to include the end of world timer

All 3 platforms have an extremely rare glitch where the end of game timer can show 00:00, obviously that cannot be accepted as an actual time so in that eventuality you still have the possibility to manually add every end of world times to get you actual ingame time.
Second it's mandatory for categories that stop before the end of the game since they don't feature the end of game timer and the only way to get your IGT is to manually add every single world.
And obviously it allows you to use any kind of run to submit in any other category that is a subset of that run (i.e. submitting Earth% or ILs off an Alien World % run)

> Demo Mode Glitch?

First discovered by Ivanzypher then researched more in-depth by thestrangepie it's a simple glitch that allows the N64 version to play normally during the demo mode thus allowing you to start the game on latter worlds right away.It can be manually triggered by pressing A to start a game during the fade-out to demo mode.
In addition to allowing you to start on latter worlds it also locks your difficulty to Normal and affect the "Mothership" stages in the middle of worlds by making all motherships spawn from the left in a line which.

All those reasons is why it has it's own category (Any% because it's the fastest way to go from starting the game to the end credits as of right now) and a separate category in the levels leaderboard.

> ILs allowing starts from saves but not level select

Saves allow you to retain powerups whereas level select doesn't and only allows for fresh starts, that coupled with allowing ILs to be submitted from full runs makes submitting ILs from a fresh start with no powerup meaningless as you're at the mercy of RNG (powerup drops are based on a per board table that drops in a random order if you hit a mothership that will spawn once you ave killed a certain amount of aliens onscreen provided there's not another one already present in which case it will be queued, but said queue will be discarded if it is supposed to spawn as the last non projectile entity in a board) until you get the right powerups which translates to up to two minute of handicap on certain worlds.

If need be a separate set of categories will be made under the condition that someone has a set of runs to submit for it before the category is made before it's made

> Differences between difficulty levels

Normal has the slowest movement speed for every entity and has the least aggressive AI for aliens although bosses are unaffected, it also stops at the 8th world.

Expert has slightly higher movement speed for every entity and a more aggressive AI for regular aliens, it also allows you to play the final two worlds of the game.

Maniacal has 200% speed compared to expert for your tank and your projectile, regular aliens are also faster than expert and their AI becomes overly aggressive.

> Differences between platforms

First off both portable ports are different games although the GB port has nothing in common with the others outside of being from the 1999 series of Space Invader ports from Activision whereas the GBA version tries to retain most of the content of the main version with some fairly big changes, I won't go more in-depth regards those since they're in their own separate categories.

Then comes the PS1 and PC version they're extremely similar with two main differences, the PS1 has very long load times and a fair bit of slowdown throughout the game making it the easiest to run, both the PS1 and PC version have the same tricks and glitches available (no glitches are actually useful in a speedrun as of right now) with one exception as the PC version will crash if you kill a large amount of enemies simultaneously (which thankfully is not actually that frequent and will only be an actual problem in two specific boards)

N64 on the other hand has some fairly big differences, it spawns entities models in each boards faster than the other versions although the hitboxes themselves are present at the same time.
It also modifies a few things regarding how it checks enemies being hit or not leading to one special weapon in particular (the laser one) being far more effective than in the PC/PS1 version
On the other hand the N64 version modifies the behavior on a few bosses leading to some quick kill strats not being as easy or straight up not being possible.
It also apparently has a few exclusive glitches, if you reset intensively for some time the game will end up having desynced audio and if you use the Mercury special weapon the game has a chance of resetting your projectile speed back to what normal mode would give you (this is especially bad if playing on maniacal and the risk seems to increase with each use or if playing coop).

> Glitches?

As of right now only 4 of those are known to exist and only one of those being beneficial in a speedrun.

"Boss pseudo softlock", sometimes the result screen will not pop up immediately after killing a boss and will sometimes take up to several minute to come, it's unknown if the IGT is still counting while this is the case though, there isn't any known specific or way to trigger or avoid it and it affect all 3 main version, it has been known to happen on the Uranus, Mars and Mercury boss particularly

"Saturn boss suicide win", if for some reason you were to kill the Saturn boss while his laser is firing the game will not advance until you suicide into it, this is extremely hard to trigger on accident and should never actually happen in a normal run since it requires you to kill the laser last which is both slower and harder to do.

"Attack speed reset", as described earlier this one only exist in the N64 version (as far a current runners could tell) and is triggered by using the Mercury special attack, easiest known way to avoid it is to simply not use that attack.

"Demo Mode glitch", specific to N64, by either pressing A to start a new game during the fade out to demo mode (or it can also apparently trigger on it's own sometimes) the game will let you start the game where the demo mode would usually take place, meaning in practice you can start the game at mars and skip 5 worlds, as discussed earlier it locks your difficulty to normal and alters a few RNG behaviors in the game "Mothership" stages in particular.


Forum: Space Invaders 1999

Thread: Separate category for higher difficulty levels?

Started by: TransparentBlueTransparentBlue

The two higher difficulty levels present in the game are in my opinion interesting enough to run but because they don't have the same content the can't really share a single category.
If you'd prefer I could submit a run of those difficulty levels so you can see for yourself beforehand and/or not have to add a category that's empty.


Forum: Space Invaders 1999

Thread: N64 Sperate catergory?

Started by: DoomieTVDoomieTV

I haven't done any extensive testing but the N64 version seems to have one main difference is that both the enemies an their hitbox appear much faster than the PC/PS1 versions.

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