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That is fair. I'm open to having a load remover. Keep me informed.


Hey there,

You can totally do the run on switch. As far as I know there isn't any differences between PC and switch. I have played both. I will update the 'Consoles' part cause for some reason I didn't realize there was a Switch port.

Personally from my experience though PC feels more smooth, but besides that, everything is the same.


So, I'm going to put this as nicely as I can...

1) Fair points. I just have the 'Any%' and 'Reborn%' there as more of a joke for the % sign.

2) They came from people deciding to run it first and enjoy it enough to have a discussion with the community about it. And again, you point at games that have a bigger community of people compared to this.I have retroactively removed the rule I put in recently about difficulty and won't be making separate leaderboards for difficulty.

3) That is not a 'segmented' run. Segmented means, whatever you end with at the end of the first segmented, you have to start with that at the beginning of the second segment. Again you are closer to IL's which there is no leaderboards for.


Twitter is definitely the better place to get a hold of me. I try to keep an eye on the forums as best I can, but it sometimes takes me a little bit to see the post or respond to the question.

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1) For 100% yes that is fine, but I think if the run is legit, I would be more comfortable calling it All Collectibles as there isn't a percentage counter in the game.

2) Am I not allowed to have a clean leaderboard? When I was given moderation of this board, I did not create this board, I came in to clean up the board and make it presentable. And that was to have no extra leaderboards that had no runs in it and the common sense for this game when people were running the normal campaign was that it was best to do it on the easiest difficulty. Also, people are allowed to run whatever category they want, doesn't mean I'm going to make a new leaderboard for every new category.

When I say small community, I am also referring to the number of people that run this game. People don't care about this game where as they care as much for FEAR 1 and it's expansion packs.

3) What you are doing is not segmented, what you are doing would be closer to IL's and even then, if you cut out all of your failed attempts in the middle, you would be splicing your run together. So with that, segmented has no reason to be part of this leaderboard as you are unable to 'segment' the run in the first place.


To adding new categories:

There isn't a way to define 100% so unless you are able to define it and have a run recorded, I won't be making 100% category.

To new sub-categories

Difficulty - I have made it so that they will stay on all the same leaderboard due to how small this community is. New ruling is that you may run both current categories on any difficulty.

SS/Segmented - Since there is no way to 'save' progress with a load/save function (Example like in FEAR 1), I believe that segmented really doesn't have a spot here. As such, the run you did submit after initial review did not look like a segmented run due to Reborn only having technically one level. If you are able to provide proof of different segments, I will reconsider my stance on the situation.



See the rule about if you die the run is over is a rule I highly dislike. Some of my better runs have a death in it and saying they are invalid because of that I find is stupid.

Currently because of the exploit with IGT, I don't find it reasonable to have it timed by IGT at the moment, and RTA for the most part is fairly accurate.

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Sounds good so far, but lets just start with Any% for the meantime.

Also I feel like 100% should also include all Portals. So maybe have Any% (i don't know any glitches yet, so if you could share that, that would be great), 100% (All seeds and portals) and then misc All Seeds and All Portals

Sorry this was delayed I didn't get a notification that this game was up, so i'm just setting everything up right now

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Hey guys...

If you haven't read this yet

I have stepped down from being mod of this game. You guys are in great hands with EBC.

All of you have made this game and community grow so much over the past 4 years, it is truely amazing. And I can't thank you guys enough for what you have done.

Keep pushing this game to its limit, and get that sub 11. I believe in you all.


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I am excited my dude.

Keep trying your best my dude. If your computer can handle it, you may want to also try to do local recordings as well.

And then maybe eventually get a capture card >.> but baby steps haha

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i second for a separate category, just for console vs pc stuff.


This is just a stupid one but we had it while we were just trying the other way. Bridges are a little broken


No it is still ultimately up to you. you guys are the mods of the game, you have full control over what is the ruling, i'm just trying to give my point and reasoning behind it.

but it seems we have different views on how it should be ran, and won't be able to come to an agreement.


Actually better point instead of adding credits...

Look at a game like 'Life is strange' where the timing ends on the last input, and that is a game not much different then A way out


I mean, if you are doing it that way, why not just go full Japanese RTA where we include the credits as well.

Personally I find the last input should be where the timer ends, it just makes the most sense to me.


Oh, I know it was the first come first serve mentality.

Personally I don't like that timing rule, only for the fact you aren't doing anything after the final handshake, with the final handshake being the last input. you are just sitting there waiting for the time to end. it artificially adds more time to a run that isn't really needed.


Also for timing, i believe it should start when you hit start game, and end when it is the last handshake. but up to you guys


Hey there guys.

Glad to see that this leaderboard is up and running. I also submitted to get this game up, but you guys beat me to it (good job)

Anyways, guess asking to be a mod would be out of the question at the moment.

Though I do have a suggestion for the leaderboards, have it split between Console and PC. And maybe have a split for Local and Online?


There isn't a manipulation for Kracko, you kind of just have to go in and hope you get good luck from Kracko


So what are the difference between No OOBs and Glitchless (for knowledge sake - might pick it up)


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