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Forum: Velvet Assassin

Thread: Regarding speed bug

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

Want to remind that runs that have speed bug in it - where Violette runs almost at double/triple of normal speed (and does all actions with increased speed as well) will be rejected.

It has something to do with this game's programming and hardware acceleration on the PC.

If you want to make sure that your game runs normal & smooth - restart your PC before you start streaming/recording. Because that bug seems to appear after you have watched videos for a while or PC has worked for a long period of time without restarting.

If we could ever figure out a way to replicate it consistently - we could make a separate category for it, game would probably be 16-17mins long w/o loads.


Forum: Judgment

Thread: "Lure the Matsugane Family Out" (Chapter 10)

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

Apparently, you can fly through the 2nd door in the Bar Tender with your drone, which isn't useful here, unfortunately.


Forum: Judgment

Thread: "Lure the Matsugane Family Out" (Chapter 10)

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

After playing around with Main Story quest "Lure the Matsugane Family Out", which is chapter 10, i came to a couple of conclusions.

To progress the story as fast as possible you need to:
1) Trigger Kaito's dialogue in the small alleyway near the Nakamichi Alley.
2) Run a certain amount of distance to get his 2nd dialogue which also progresses the story and sends you to Tender.

Here are short videos of different approaches that you can use, those didn't have any enemies in it - despawn them with the Drone if needed - especially important to not be in any fight when heading to Nakamichi Alley Kaito's dialogue.

1) With going straight inside the Bar Tender and running around in it (1m15s):

2) With going to the Tender and just doing circles near the entrance (1m4s).

3) With passing Kaito's dialogue and running through random alleys for a bit (1m2s):

Timings are from [getting control] to [activating Mari's dialogue].

The one with going straight to Bar Tender i have tested the most, but still unsure if you need to wreck chaos inside, or you can just run inside the bar without touching chairs and stuff.
One thing is for certain - running into the walls doesn't help, it doesn't get counted as distance traveled fast enough and ends up taking over 3 minutes.


Forum: Thief (2014)

Thread: Major skips with inputs

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

This covers all the skips that we use in Any% Rogue. They work on other difficulty levels as well, as long as you take care in executing them whenever the guards are around you.
2 things to remember - you need to keep holding Run button to keep the storage with you. And if you run out of stamina - storage will get executed automatically (which is usually bad).

Feel free to add more below.

Chapter 2 - Vent storage.
Aim a throwable object at the vent, press Action and run away. Once you get stuck in that place in the wall - press Action again to get dragged away and clip through - make sure you are still holding Run button while clipping through the wall, to execute Storage for the 2nd time.

Chapter 3 - The House of Blossoms OoB.
If you don't have a throwable object - you can pick one up near the entrance (check video at the start).
This section needs a lot of practice and understanding where NPCs are located at the moment; your main object is to alert blossom near the bird cage (you can softly bump into her to make sure), so the guards runs up to her to ask what's wrong - this will move him away from your part.
Before activating the storage - regain a bit of your stamina by standing still, then do it - and once you see heartbeat icon again in the middle of the running - stop again.
Don't forget to press LMB while running - this will save your bottle for next location.
As long as you follow inputs and directions in the video you should be able to make it to the end - once you see Autosave symbol appear - hit F9.

@TheStunningParallelTheStunningParallel does it in the different place which is faster by a few seconds, check it out:

Chapter 3 - Bookshelf skip.
This is an absolute shitshow of a skip, and you need one throwable object for it.
You store the animation of opening the chest and run down the staircase - then you will have to try this skip for yourself and see where it works best for you. In the video i stand in the specific place where skip works 9 times out of 10 for me.
Just let go of all buttons to execute the storage and get booted into the window, from where you can safely reach next checkpoint.

Try to save the bottle, because you will need it later on in the ruins. to do storage for the lever, which is rather simple on it's own.

Chapter 4 - Great safe clip.
This works easily on 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the game. It BARELY works on 1.7 - you have to do some insane moves to try and clip through, while on early patches you literally hold 2 buttons and clip through, after cancelling out of safe code inputting.

Chapter 5 - Vent storage.
Another storage, but this time - we pull out a bow and aim it to be able to crouch, while still having the storage saved. It doesn't matter which arrow you use.

Chapter 5 - Treatment Center storage.
One of the easier tricks, since no one is in your way - however, you still need to chill for a couple of seconds before attempting this storage - just to regain your stamina. As you can see, i ran out of it by the end and barely managed to do the storage - you need to get behind that chair and let go of all buttons to get "warped" into nearby room and proceed to the vent.

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Forum: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Thread: Rules Set

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

Starting 29/02/2020 new set of Rules has been implemented. All runs submitted before the time of this post are not affected by it.

As of now, new submissions must:
- Show items (their names) that were used during the run. You can show them after the final battle, in the Treasure room. It's required for verification purposes, because:
- Onyx items are banned. Using Onyx items in the run doesn't add anything significant enough to justify a separate category for them - most of them, specifically Amulets and Weapons have alternatives in the base game's content, for ex.
+ Osiris's Gold Fire Crook and Flail,
+ Set's Silver Fire Crook and Flail,
+ Spitfire.
Those items (Epic & Legendary quality) perform just as good as Onyx ones; knowing that and the nature of how you acquire Onyx items in the first place - it was decided to forbid them to get everyone on the fair ground, especially people who don't have many friends playing the game (which is a main requirement to acquire those items).

Same deal with DLC items - they are, however, allowed in the runs, because of how insignificant they are to the speedrun. Majority of those items are sub-par to Epic quality items from the base game and don't affect, improve or add anything in current route to justify a separate category for them.

Reason to separate PC and Console:
1) on high FPS PC version of the game allows Croft to roll through collision for a short period of time - if you can bomb yourself with the right timing you will appear on the other side of the collision you were trying to roll through. As far as I'm concerned - those tricks don't work on console due to the low FPS, but they are saving reasonable amount of time to set platforms apart.
2) On high FPS game starts to drain resources of your computer at insane rate, which makes those skips possible mainly on high-end machines - if runs including those skips will be submitted - we will most likely separate it from 60 FPS ones to keep p2w-ness away.

Check Guides section for more information regarding those skips.

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Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: Discord invite link is broken

Started by: MaiguelsMaiguels

Updated the Link. Let me know if it works.

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Forum: Tomb Raider: Underworld

Thread: Glitchless Rules Discussion

Started by: cloveclove

1 - Floating Grenade: Glitch.
2 - Slope Kick: if that kick was enough to reach the very top of that ledge than I would say not a glitch. But since you are running (even tho it's only for a little bit, (and you could argue that IRL it would also be possible to run for a second or two before you start to slide down, so it's "natural")) up the slope, which wouldn't be possible in normal gameplay, I'd say it's glitch.

But that brings me to the point of Swan Dive into slope in Mexico Trials hub. It's also climbing up the slope of sorts, and it looks even more unnatural with roll after the swan dive allowing you to ascend it, which would normally slide you down if you just rolled into any other slope, I suppose?

3A - Burning Debris: Glitch.
3B - Niflheim Rock 1: Glitch.
3C - Niflheim Rock 2: extreme Glitch.

3D - Tiger Skip: not a Glitch.
3E - Crypt Ledge: I would say not a glitch, but very close to it, since it almost warps you up there.

4 - Thailand Statue Opening: Glitch. I think waiting until cutscene ends is a bit pushing it, but waiting until certain moving piece of ground is fully stopped before touching it - yes. Except maybe for the last one with a hole, that one is probably fine to swan dive over.

5 - Jan Mayen Bike Fall: Glitch. While I think that collectibles to increase health are a good use to survive some sketchy falls/jumps, this one looks as unnatural as it gets and beyond glitchless.

What about swan dive off a red pillar in Thailand? On the upper floor of the room where you kill the tiger with shotgun. Setup itself looks normal, but she seems to not being able to reach the ledge (starting to fall down lower than ledge level) then in a moment she gets warped (moved up a bit? gain some upwards momentum by swan diving into the wall?) to grab the ledge.


Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: Is emulating the game okay for runs?

Started by: CryoshotzCryoshotz

Emulator runs are allowed, correct. You can see some runs submitted for PS1 emulator. I'd personally recommend using ePSXe, 1.90 or newer version.

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Forum: Thief (2014)

Thread: Chapter 8, Stowage Deck comparison

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

A little comparison of possible ways to get around the area prior to Orion and Erin.

Two ways on the left side require you lock-picking the 4-pin door, with 2 different ways of reaching it.

One on top right needs you to setup a rope first, but you don't have to rush it, because guard in the room on the right is blocking you from lock-picking 3-pin door, so there is no rush when aiming that rope.

Bottom right one - the fastest - requires a Wirecutter. You have to be careful when dropping down on the guard, because if you are too fast you may land on his head, which will alert him when you will try to reach wire-cutting box.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation (Read the first post before posting!)

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

I would like to be a moderator of Dino Stalker. Current mods have been inactive for a long time, and my run didn't get verified in last 3 months. Last time i was in contact with TheLevelBest he was trying to get an access to the site again to verify it, but haven't heard from him since (early June). Currently i'm getting runs done for 5 other categories , so i'd appreciate if there was someone there to verify them as well.


Forum: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Thread: All Treasures Route

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

Chapter 5 (6 treasures)

29. After dropping down one level in the beginning of the chapter, head left and collect this treasure in the corner - r/c after that:

30. In the next area, after climbing up using claws:

31. Inside Ganesh interior, after you drop down from second rope:

32. After crawling through tight tunnels:

33. Inside the room where you push skeletons out of your way - in the left corner:

34. If you do the APC skip (refer to Any% runs), this treasure is in the right corner of the room after dropping down. If you don't then you will find it in the same place after cutscene ended (where Nadine and Chloe bust down the door):

Chapter 7 (5 treasures, and 2 leftover from ch4)

35. One of two treasures leftover from ch4 - on the right side from your usual path to shrine with C4:

36. Another one from ch4 - make sure to throw C4 first to start arming it and while it does - collect the treasure:

37. On the right side of the stairs leading to tight tunnel:

38. On top of the ground after you climb up another set of stairs and heard elephant sound for the first time:

39. After you done starring at elephant family - collect this treasure on the right side of the area - before climbing up the ledge:

40. In the small alcove - you can drop down there once you used claws to climb up:

41. Right after taking previous treasure use the rope to reach this one:

Chapter 7 (16 treasures)

42. Once you executed ch7 Fight Skip (refer to Any%) you will come across rope - swing in the forward direction, turn 180 degrees and let go off it once you are near small alcove with a treasure - r/c after that:

43. Right before you climb vent-like tunnel, center of the area:

44. Asav's mercs are planting explosives here, you can trigger the explosion by firing your gun, and if you roll or jump at right moment, you will avoid the stagger:

45. In the next area; you have enough time to collect it and not suffocate - but do emerge after you got it:

46. In the area with giant tusk, top-left corner (from where you enter):

47. Same room, top-center part of the room:

48. Easily on of the hardest treasures to collect - Triangle is very unresponsive underwater, because your position is constantly changes once you are swimming, so it’s really tricky to adjust Chloe correctly. You want dive into the water from the top of the room - if you don't - dialogue will happen, which will prevent you from diving for next 4-5s:

49. Next room, on the land area:

50. Next room, top-left corner of it

51. Once you enter gigantic puzzle room, you have 3 treasures to collect on the bottom floor. You want to start with the one on the right ... (because Chloe and Nadine constantly talking will prevent you from going underwater to collect other one):

52. ... once you collect it - r/c, to spawn in the middle of the room - where you can collect another one ... :

53. ... after that - go in the left side of the room - if your timings are correct, characters will stop speaking right when you want to dive for the treasure (r/c after you got it):

54. Climb up a few floors to get next one - careful when you go down on the bottom level - there are no ledges to grab, so you will fall to your death if not careful:

55. Next one is located on the balcony and accessible after your turned lower right hand of Shiva; there is a ledge that you can grab and drop down from. R/c afterwards to avoid climbing:

56. Go past the wheel that you need to turn to get next treasure - r/c afterwards to spawn at the wheel:

57. To avoid going around the area to collect next one, use this trick to climb unreachable ledge:

This video showcases both old (bad) and new (improved) means to climb it - you need to pull out your gun, get in the corner, aim-unaim and jump forward - you will be able to grab a ledge to climb up and get the treasure (r/c afterwards):

Chapter 8 (8 treasures)

58. On the left from the start of the chapter:

59. In the water where you'd cannonball yourself to from top ledge:

60. On the top ledge after climbing up with claws. Once you got it - don't drop down - turn around and proceed with plot normally:

61. In the corner, before climbing the grid wall:

62. While Nadine and Sam are climbing up the rope go left and collect this treasure. If timings are right - you will come back to Sam dropping you the rope:

63. While you wait for Nadine and Sam, drop down on small area and collect this treasure - r/c afterwards:

64. In the cave where you boosted up Sam:

65. Once you get to the rope leading to Orca fight - spin 180 degrees while on it and jump on the ledge to collect last treasure in this chapter:

Chapter 9 (3 treasures)

66. On the first part of the train, roof:

67. On the third part of the train, at the front of it - you need to grab onto the ledge to collect it:

68. On the left side of the second to last cabin leading to cutscene with pulling up the sliding door. You need to shimmy along the side to get it - to get back: you can shimmy as well, or make a jump forward along the wall to grab a ledge and save a good amount of time. Make sure to not jump into the wall, which will put you at the first cabin of this part losing you a huge chunk of time:

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Forum: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Thread: All Treasures Route

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

This covers current route for All Treasures (AT) category, tricks and shortcuts you can take while collecting 68 treasures. Explorer difficulty.

Skips from Any% that CAN be used in AT:
- ch3 Gate Skip,
- ch5 APC Skip,
- ch7 Fight Skip.

Skips from Any% that are NOT used in AT:
- ch4 Swimming (forces us to miss 1 treasure),
- ch5 Ganesh Interior/Rope Skip (forces us to miss 3 treasures).

Prologue (1 treasure)
1. Game gives you first treasure as a part of the plot:

Chapter 1 (1 treasure)
2. You can restart checkpoint (r/c) once Chloe faces the camera after closing the door - this will place you closer to the treasure, which is located on the other side of the roof:

Chapter 2 (5 treasures)
3. Before sliding down on the next building, you need to collect the treasure nearby; careful - Chloe might jump off this small area without grabbing the ledge, if you are running full speed:

4. Collect this BEFORE moving the trolley:

5. Collect this AFTER dropping the trolley. Technically, you can jump off right onto roof below, but it's extremely hard:

6. On the left side of the office:

7. To the left of the board - pick it up before advancing the story:

Chapter 3 (4 treasures)
8. In the back side of flamingo area; don't park too close to the treasure, because game will not allow you to pick it up ('Enter the car' and Action button is the same):

9. Shoot first 2 guards, leave the one on the left alive and proceed climbing up. Once you are near him – blind-fire until he is dead (you can also count on Nadine to kill him). Collect the treasure on top (using grenade) and if everyone is dead - r/c to teleport closer to the car:

10. In a small area between two waterfalls:

11. After ch3 Gate Skip - collect this treasure, which is located on the right side of this area:

Chapter 4 (19 treasures, 2 skipped until ch6)

Map that showcases route below:

Once you are inside the area with many guards - don't start the fight and just sneak through to the spinning wheel - Explorer difficulty allows you to survive all gunshots while turning it.

To skip climbing around while Nadine is waiting for you, use this little skip:

To descent quicker (after you done with puzzle), refer to this video:

Both your position and aiming direction are very specific - as long as you hang in the air for a bit - you should be fine and not die. R/c brings you closer to the car.

12. Next treasure is located at the base nearby - make sure to park your car accordingly, because after collecting this treasure you will head north:

13. This treasure is located at the northernmost part of the map, you need to climb up a bit to reach it; there is also a r/c, but i wouldn't recommend doing it - if it fails, game puts you back at 7-8s of progress:

14. Near Axe Fortress - park your car accordingly - you should be able to jump into it after collecting it:

In the fight area you don’t have to fight anyway - just kill a guard near the wall you will be climbing up and starting climbing it - Explorer difficulty allows you to survive the damage.

When going back to the car, there is a small skip that saves around 1s, but extremely hard to pull off:

You need to jump on the small piece of collision that will not slide you down to death and the roll off hugging the right side of the wall. I'd not recommend doing it, but it's there.

Instead of getting into the car on foot and driving down, you can roll into checkpoint in a very specific way - that will spawn you in the car on the bottom side of the fortress. Refer to LUMOSHROOM's Any% run (timestamp 36:51) to see it in action.

15. In the tunnel, after Axe Fortress - it's easy to spot in the darkness - don't park your car too close to it, or game will prevent you picking it up:

16. In the small area with a lot of flowers. Use handbrake to par car accordingly - you will continue to move clockwise around the map:

17. In the box, in front of the area with monkeys:

18. 19. 20. Normally you'd need to collect Queen's Ruby to get access to these 3 treasures, but you can bypass doing that by doing this skip:

Props to osskari for the help with optimizing it.

Once you collected these treasure - r/c to get back on the other side of the area.

21. At the top of the tower nearby - you can jump from the top right into your car - you will not die:

22. Park your car under the treasure and drop down once you got it - it will put you into driver's seat:

23. On the mountain pathway - don't park your car too close to it:

24. Next one is located near the small altar - you can jump from your car right on the ledge leading to it:

Use this skip to avoid fighting enemies:

On your way back - run past everyone, climb up the exit, jump forward as fast as you can and r/c - it will spawn you in the car facing the correct way.

25. In the small cave - you need to either climb this rock or jump on it from the car - in most cases game doesn't allow you to pick it up if you approach it from low ground:

26. In the same area - you need to either climb up this rock or at least grab the ledge:

27. Head north from waterfalls area to find next treasure - park your car accordingly, you will be heading to the right side of this area:

28. Last treasure in this chapter, head to the giant gate afterwards:

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Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: Dino Crisis SourceNext JPN

Started by: BrentTaylor90BrentTaylor90

Never heard of that before, unfortunately.


Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: Dino Crisis SourceNext JPN

Started by: BrentTaylor90BrentTaylor90

None that we are aware of. And doubt there will be any, tbh.
I think starting to play using US version to memorize all menus (getting some muscle memory for it) and then switching to JPN ver. is the way to go.

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Forum: Parasite Eve II

Thread: Official EMu setting?

Started by: Snipo01Snipo01

I use the same setup as SG posted one message above (1.8.0). Makes graphics look like crap, but it works very smooth.
I know a few people who use 1.9 and 2.0.5, it works fine as well.

About other Emus: Mednafen - very slow room transitions, loses a lot of time since timing convention is RTA, PSXjin - crashes/freezes after Burner fight.

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Forum: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Thread: All checkpoint restarts

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

Right before the room with a giant tusk - you can reload a checkpoint when you passed the 2nd octagon on the floor - this will teleport Nadine closer to you, because you need her be available asap to checkout the tusk.

in the beginning of the chapter you can reload a checkpoint while sliding down the dirt and appear further in the area, saving ~3.5s. Technically, you can jump right into that trigger, but there is a big chance that you will die from fall damage.

Once Sam made his jump and you regained control of Chloe AND made at least one step forward - you can see game autosaving; reloading will put you a bit closer to the wall you need to reach, saving you ~2s.

Section where Chloe has to wait for something to grapple to has an autosave, that happens when you grab this long ledge AND Sam started to say "By the radio tower. Nadine, do you see a way up?". Restarting will save you whooping ~14.5s - teleporting you on higher ledge and skipping the wait for Sam and Nadine.

While waiting for Sam, there is a checkpoint restart that you can do - just look at Nadine's flashlight - once it's turned ON you can restart. This will teleport you on the other side and skip ~31s of dialogue.

Once you grappled to the helicopter - you can restart checkpoint and get a bit higher on the rope that way - timesave of ~3s.

To save ~8s, spawn 4x4 faster and closer to you - you can reload a checkpoint after you jump into this wagon from a rope.

Once you done driving first 4x4 - you have to jump on a platform. Waiting for next 4x4 and a truck with turret will be a huge waste of time - so going into next wagon, triggering "Blocked Again" phrase and restarting a checkpoint will allow you to spawn everything closer to you.

Last reload is happening once you have killed all Asav's men who interrupted you from changing tracks. Reloading will put You closer to the lever, and train - closer to you.

This restart may or may not be needed. While moving to the 3rd mirror Chloe must say "Got it" phrase; if she doesn't - then you have to restart checkpoint after Nadine takes 3rd mirror from you.

This restart is purely optional and very handy if you having problems emerging from the water while dodging falling rocks.
Once Nadine and Sam start going up and you regain control of Chloe - game autosaves, and you can restart checkpoint. It will spawn you in the same place, but - holding X (to swim up) here will make game guide you in a perfect line to dodge all rocks. You don't need to do any inputs other than holding X throughout whole section. Loses ~0.5s, but guarantees to not lose 9s.

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Forum: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Thread: All checkpoint restarts

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

In this thread you can find all checkpoint restarts that you can do during a run. There are at least a few more out there, but they are not as useful and barely save you any time.
I will cut this in 2 posts: ch1-ch6, ch7-misc.

After you done with walking section you have to crouch and go through the grate. Once you lose control of Chloe and she starts to open the grate by herself - game autosaves; if you restart checkpoint here - it will put you around the corner, making you skip animation of her moving the grate and walking a few steps: ~7.5s timesave

You can save ~2s here: once Chloe says word "Pink" in this cutscene - reload a checkpoint - which will make you skip her putting away phone and allow you to walk right away.

Antique shop: once Chloe starts to raise her hand up - you can pause and notice that game autosaves - restart checkpoint here. It will allow you to skip ~5.5s of cutscene. Note: be careful with that reload, because it's very easy to pause it too early - just take a look at "Autosaving ... " message in pause - if you see it, then your timing is right.

When you managed to pull down this gate you will hear a loud noise - that's when you can restart checkpoint to spawn closer to the entry and save ~4.5s.

If you are fast enough in this climbing section you will have to wait ~8s for Nadine to give you a hand - reloading a checkpoint once you grabbed last ledge will spawn her next to you immediately.

If you are not doing APC skip, you have 3 ways to go around the fight. One of those is to jump over those pink-ish plants into the dirt - if you jumped correctly - the game will autosave; reloading a checkpont will place you closer to the wall you need to climb.

Once you climbed on this wall - restart checkpoint, it will teleport both Nadine and You closer to the door infront of you.

You can reload the checkpoint right after you reached on of the ledges of this wall (reference screenshot) - it will allow you to skip ~3.5s of climbing and watching animation of falling down AND will put you directly into cinematic.

During the dirtslide: as soon as you lose control of Chloe, you can restart checkpoint to appear a bit further ahead. That allows you to skip animation of Chloe finishing the slide & standing up, saving you ~8.5-9s (props to @Mattmatt for the find)

After meeting elephant family: once you climb this ledge and Chloe will start talking - game autosaves, and reloading it will put you a further in the area, saving you ~6s of jump-rolling.

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Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: [USA] & [JPN] versions differences.

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

[USA] and [PC.JPN-Original Mode]:
1: Management Office Safe code.
Timesave: <0.5s (USA is faster)

2: Gas Experiment Room code.
Timesave: <0.5s (USA is faster)

3: ID Card (Paul Baker) code.
Timesave: <0.5s (USA is faster)

4: ID Card (Dr.Kirk) code.
Timesave: <0.5s (JPN is faster)

5: Passageway To The Power Room. Regina's positioning.
Timesave: <1s (USA is faster?)

6: Communication Room.
Timesave: 1s (JPN is faster)

7: 4 Plot choices.
Timesave: 0s

8: Office Hallway Vent.
Timesave: ~5s (JPN is faster)

9. Comm Antenna Room.
Timesave: ~5.3s (JPN is faster)

10: Moving Boxes "Puzzle".
Timesave: ~12s (JPN is faster)

Total: ~22s (PC.JPN is faster)
PC.JPN is far more superior and faster version compared to USA in general; 10 aforementioned points are merely a few examples of timesaves that are somewhat under the control of runner.

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Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: [USA] & [JPN] versions differences.

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

All there is to it for [USA] vs [PS1.JPN] for now.
if anything new will come up - i will update the thread.
Total timesave: ~19s (PS1.JPN is faster)

In the next post i will quickly go through differences between [USA] and [PC.JPN] using the same pointers as examples.



Forum: Dino Crisis

Thread: [USA] & [JPN] versions differences.

Started by: ToxicTTToxicTT

Update 1. Added Comm Antenna Room comparison (n.9 currently), japanese version is faster, yet again. By a large margin too.

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