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Forum: Portal Category Extensions

Thread: Category Request

Started by: BiiWiXBiiWiX

Okay so, hear me out, how about we finally get a leaderboard for wine (jless + ducked), there are two runs already done


Forum: Portal

Thread: Portal on Xbox One?

Started by: ChuMogpoChuMogpo

If both has the same base game, then you can get it through both ways


Forum: Portal Custom Maps

Thread: Maps

Started by: ToxicRavenToxicRaven

You should put the map files into the recourse tab, so its easier to find the maps

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Forum: Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Thread: Time Trials as a potential Catagory

Started by: AmorthxAmorthx

The IL boards consist of the Time Trials, so just look up the Level Leaderboard section.

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Forum: Portal Bhop Mod

Thread: ILs when?

Started by: ToxicRavenToxicRaven

Is there an IL leaderboard in planning or something similar?

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Forum: Portal

Thread: Time without loads

Started by: ToxicRavenToxicRaven

Is it allowed, that i just stop the timer when the loading screen comes up, and stop it when it disappiers?