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Hello everyone, we here at Please Be Patient Ltd. are releasing our first game Gates of Horn and Ivory on Steam on 7th of September. We are holding a speedrunning contest at launch of the game with a chance to win prizes.


The Contest

Anyone who is willing can join the contest, it will take place from 7th of September to 30th of September 2018.
You can purchase the game for a -30% launch discount on September 7th 08:00 PDT.

The contest will have five different categories:
Ivory Ending: Any-%
Ivory Ending: No Major Skips
Void Ending
Horn Ending
Rules for the categories can be found at



Four best runs in each category will win a free Gates of Horn and Ivory Steam key and every runner that submits a run to any of the categories will get a -50% coupon for our next upcoming game which will be announced in late 2018.
Note: You can participate in multiple categories but only earn one reward, in order to ensure that as many players as possible have a chance to earn a reward.



In order to register for the contest, join our Discord server and submit your run to the game's page. After you have submitted a run, send a link to your verified entry in a PM on Discord to an admin.

The winners of each category will be announced on our blog.

Happy speedrunning!



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I'd be down to run this game, it looks fun and it looks like it'd be pretty cheap (no offense). Knowing me, i'd probably try to go for Any%.

And discounts are nice


Hey! Race is on! The game is now available and runs can be registered! Have fun!