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Ok, so while I was practicing NG, I had a bit of an idea of a new category that can make for an interesting run. I'm proposing a NG+ Skills Only category. I know that I'll need to put in a run first, but here are my impressions so far.

I feel that this is a decent middle ground between normal NG+ and NG. NG+ with everything imported makes for a pretty boring run since we one shot all the bosses aside from chapters 5 and 6, and even so, one session kills almost all of them. With skills only, especially on Hard, it becomes more skill intensive since everyone is squishy and EP becomes more valuable from using big skills. Plus, people won't have to worry about grinding stats and carnage (except for the skills you want).

I've currently only gone through chapter 1 (it's very late as I'm typing this), and I feel that we can come up with interesting strats for this category. One example being do we keep just the starter weapons and rely on skills? Do we just go straight to the boss or grind for exp? I think this can be a good category to experiment with.

Please let me know if this sounds good, or I'm just crazy.


Sounds good yeah... if exp wasn't important!

We kinda need the levela for dark Yashiro and Medeus in NG. the skills are a neat added bonus more than anything else.

But hey that's NG+ so maybe you can figure something out!