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Thread: I don't like this retexture

Started by: [Deleted user]

It's so bad, why are the boards so tiny? What's the point? The old design was just fine

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Thread: Mod Hub Hype

Started by: WalgreyWalgrey

it's a downgrade

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Forum: Streaming / Recording / Equipment

Thread: OBS Recording Problems

Started by: FireDragons52FireDragons52

Little correction on the above, do what he said. however video bitrate doesn't affect this.


Forum: Black Mesa: Hazard Course

Thread: Camera clip tutorial ?

Started by: MXYLRMXYLR

(edited: )

It's hard, honestly I dont even know, it also may not work in retail


Forum: Black Mesa

Thread: Steam version?

Started by: syxme21syxme21

Steam category is xengine and 0.91


Forum: Half-Life: Source

Thread: Glitchless Run-Type Idea.

Started by: Bruh11Bruh11

the arbitrary nature of glitches makes this impossible and if we did, it'd be a horrible category

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Forum: Bloons Tower Defense 6

Thread: Re-evaluating the rules

Started by: Atomical_SlothsAtomical_Sloths

I do not think a 60 fps cap should be in place. It's just as any other speedgame, platforms have an advantage.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: live splits in vr?

Started by: LenticularisLenticularis

@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs You can see livesplit in VR. Not sure how they set it up but you can as seen in Half life alyx runs

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Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: I'm new, got any easy PC speedruns (that doesn't cost money)

Started by: superboi0119superboi0119

It's not free, but it's practically free, Hl1 is fun.


Forum: Black Mesa

Thread: Discord

Started by: ET_wont_phone_homeET_wont_phone_home

After recent events, this is the new discord:

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Thread: fun fact

Started by: Bandit5568Bandit5568

Isn't that pretty obvious?

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Thread: h

Started by: JFG2010JFG2010



Forum: Introductions

Thread: new to speedruning

Started by: merdenmerden

You should post this on the game you want to run forums, glitches and skips are specific to the game

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Forum: Air

Thread: Does this Rom exist anywhere and why don't you mods show the file?

Started by: Nightmare101010Nightmare101010 I found Air(Smb1)hack.nes here, I can't guarantee it's not a virus since I'm not downloading it. Proceed at own risk.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Is it ok to submit a laggy video?

Started by: SugarlordSugarlord

It may be submitable, DM a mod or ask the fourms of the game.

To make OBS less laggy turn down the cpu preset lower

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Forum: Introductions

Thread: Heyo, I'm New

Started by: Brick8808Brick8808

A game you enjoy is a good one 🙂