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  Super ModMattmatt10111

Time-Attack Marathon Round 2!

Time-Attack Marathon is an online speedrunning marathon that attempts to bring the speedrunning community closer together and to have fun, this is round 2.. and its going to be bigger and better!

Submissions open: 1st of September - 2nd of October
Schedule: 7th of October
Submission form: here!
Marathon dates: 14th of October and the end date will be determined when the schedule is out.

Time-Attack Marathon Discord server:

Our current team consists of: Mattmatt10111, 13irth and catalyst.
If you have any questions, please contact us on our Discord!
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Will we actually be doing the runs we ourselves submit? I saw your other event, and, while a novel idea, I can think of little that's less runner-friendly than that event.

If we can dictate which runs we (potentially, pending your cuts of course) do, I'll gladly submit.
  Super ModMattmatt10111
Yes its a normal speedrun marathon this time round and for the forseeable future So yeah you will be doing be running the games you submit, hope to see you submit some stuff