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Started by: doctorlove108doctorlove108

Join the discord and watch some guides for colossus skips. You should practise the skips in the ng+ timed fights and you can compare them to the level times here on the site (You can also watch the top times to get an idea how a colossus can be done, tho some of the strats used are very inconsitent. If you want to run the full game watch distortion's run. He uses mostly consistent strats). Some minor details that are kinda important: hold the stab button whenever you stab. That makes the stabs faster. Switching to the hand before going to a sigil also makes the first stab faster. Definitely pay close attention to the positioning before you stab. There are so called "plants", that stop the shaking and make stabbing without interruption possible. For more questions definitely use the discord, because I feel like you get a quicker answer that way.

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