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It's too difficult to determine if a certain drawing is a masterpiece due to us all having a different opinion on one. Therefore unless the mods want to make a meme category that will most likely not happen (I know this is a joke lol).

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I think the mods should lock this thread by now. Anyone else here that agrees with me?

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Had such potential. But failed to reach it. R.I.P. this game unless something insane happens. Also i am looking to run this one day. Anyone gonna help me? Probably not.


Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon any% in 5:06:54. Can save a lot of time if i work harder to get a good time.


Too lazy too link it but it should be in the description on one of his recent uploads on youtube. Shoutouts to simpleflips lol. Edit: Didn't realize that he uploaded the full video. I swear it wasn't there last time i checked.

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Might update this when i find more. Also the runner (TamerKoh) has a src account under the same name. Well you are one of the mean bean machine mods and he did submit a run there @AquaBlake.


Sorry for the later reply. I like the new look. Some categories have been removed but they where filler categories pretty much expect for maybe the credits category that was pretty much the unofficial beat the game. Credits as in give birth to be specific.


^ NOT MODS BUT SUPERMODS!!!! No need for a new mod at all.


dem kids like dem simulators lul heheh gutta milk dat cow for dat sweet robux lululul ima make simulator number 75564434 heheh. But seriously simulators are a trend. They will one day die like tycoons did.


Thread name: How do i become moderator. Talks about getting a run verified for several days

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Unless cynda keeps questioning you. And if nobody has replied after this you will basically be necroing this thread.

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Which version do any of you suggest me to run on? Also arcade should be added as a platform. It's as if everyone forgot about it but still you can run on the arcade version and it's not a platform on this yet.


Citra is banned i think. Oh it apparently is allowed when i go to submit run just to confirm. Well i'm no big expert on emulators so contact a mod for confirmation of allowed versions i guess.


(For most categories but ironman maybe you will need to use at least splits to get the run verified most likely).


As a SSB Wii U runner no video runs are accepted. I believe it's the same for this game considering that this is the portable version of the Wii U version with slight changes like some exclusive (or different looking lol) changes to the console release to make it more handheld friendly i guess. But i'm sure that no video runs are accepted because there are some runs with no video. Also 2 months no reply lol gotta hop on that discord cuz forums are dead here apparently.


So basically the conclusion to this is that there is no real "true" world record accept for maybe the WiFi records. Intresting stuff indeed this was.

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@Cmdr Yes there are a few out there. Same with freestyle swimming as well.


Just search it on youtube then it will show somewhere.


WTF why isn't the video correctly linked for me? I swear the links are identical!


So i found a interesting 100m sprint run that i discovered while looking up the world records for some events. Here's the video:

I was looking into this when i saw @bdy1485 saying that cmdr's run was impossible to beat. And i found an answer which is that it's possible. And the comments lol everyone claims that they have a better pb than this run (and apparently the true record is in the 8.0s according to some sources in the comments).


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