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Thread: 'Delete This' Challenge any%

Started by: StuffingtonStuffington

I would say there would be a fairly low chance of this happening. For the following reasons:

1. It would be odd just to have a category for a single challenge on the leaderboards. If one were to be added then the natural thing would be to add all of them. Which clearly would be far too many categories.

2. My general rule (although I can't speak for the other moderators) for a category to be added to the leaderboards is that it needs to be run by more than a few people and be somewhat active/competitive. This would also feed into the previous point. As that if all the challenges were added then there would for sure be some challenges that just don't get run because they aren't fun.

Hopefully this is a satisfactory answer to your question. Sorry if it is disappointing but it does't mean you can't have a competition with your friend to see who can get a better time!

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Thread: Why is racing+ used?

Started by: Westernmango45Westernmango45

Hello Westernmango45, and welcome to the Binding of isaac leaderboards!

Racing+ existing doesn't discredit or de-legitimise that of vanilla runs. If it really does bother you that Racing+ is used then you are more than welcome to peruse the Vanilla speedruns and possibly even participate in them yourself!

To answer your original question though, the reason it is used is:

- It has made racing isaac more accessible to that of newbies and veterans alike. Newbies are able to see their improvement easily with the use of the R+ client as well as allowing them to even get some experience against and advice from veterans of isaac racing. For veterans it allows them to create races seamlessly as well as making a better environment for tournament play.

- It creates a less frustrating (and in turn more fun) version of isaac to speedrun. Even if this makes the game easier.

- As for this final point I think future put it best "People decide what they want or don't want to play.". The people of the community have decided that this is the best path forward. If it wasn't for R+ then these leaderboards would be all but dead aside from the 1 or 2 vanilla runs that get submitted.

Hopefully this answers your question, would love to see you participate in the vanilla leaderboard in the future if you are as educated and talented as you say!

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!