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Thread: A note on mkr leaderboard times with images removed

Started by: TheguesstTheguesst

Any time listed on the leaderboard that has its video or picture becomes private or unavailable will be removed after a week if you do not contact the mod team. We'll attempt to contact you based off of social media information. If you notice your run is removed, you must resubmit it as if it were a new run.

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Thread: How to use ereader?

Started by: bluerapids12bluerapids12

Hi, I recommend searching the web for guides on how to do this. See here from a quick google search:
The current ruleset for most pokemon series games however prohibits the use of VBA and we consider adopting this by default unless there are any objections.

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Thread: Bounty discussion - looking for a solution to a problem

Started by: PacPac

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In the context of bug bounties for a game, there are many models out there in the information security community to base these off of. The best of which 1. stick to a specific offer instead of a maximum value and 2. require documentation and replication by the contracted party. I had made one about a year ago modeled as such, albeit a bit simpler.

In the context of speedruns, this intends to bring back an old Speed Demos Archive era relic. In order to make this viable, moderation of these supposed runs must be under harsher scrutiny. It would place more importance on moderation staff and probably cause a big shakeup in the speedrunning landscape for some communities whose moderation teams may be objectionable to a portion of the community. At worst it might incite civil wars inside some games. At best, it's the growth of an angle the game can take as an esport. I think direction is needed before bringing back a relic like this, give it more time.


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Thread: "Please log in as administrator and try again" on PC

Started by: PeterAfroPeterAfro

Hi, this is not a tech support form. Please look for help elsewhere.


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Thread: Tora-Thon Backup runner and volunteer information.

Started by: TheguesstTheguesst

This is an announcement regarding backup runners and volunteering for Tora-thon. We are going to need folks who will be around to perform a speedrun or two runs in case any of our scheduled runners do not show up anywhere between an hour and a week prior to the event. The folks we select as backup runners are also expected to help with the stream, the event hardware setup and teardown, chat moderation, audio support, and possibly other duties.

If you are interested in being a backup runner and volunteer for the marathon then please fill out the following form:

If you are selected to help as a backup runner and volunteer for a shift, your entry fee to the event will be waived.

This will not impact the marathon run selection process. ALL potential runners are still expected to fill out tora-con registration after submitting their speedruns. If you are selected as a primary runner, you may also volunteer, but are expected to help out on your scheduled shift as well as performing your planned marathon run.


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Thread: Tora-Thon Guide

Started by: TheguesstTheguesst

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Electronic Gaming Society’s subgroup ‘Speedruns Rochester’ is proud to present a 10 hour speedrunning marathon taking place at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s premiere yearly anime and nerd culture event: Tora-Con.


Saturday, April 14th 2018 from Noon to 10 PM EST.


Tora-Con is located in Rochester, New York at RIT. This is an attend-in-person speedrunning event.
The event’s room location is still being discussed at this time, but once available you can check the map for details.

Campus Map


Submissions are being accepted from local and regional runners from the New England area and beyond. While this is an anime-centric event, games do not have to stick to the theme of the event. Submit 3 games with up to 5 official categories per game. Click on the “submit run button on the left to submit your games.

Deadline for submissions will be February 28th at 11:59pm est, giving runners a month to arrange plans. Accepted runs will be available to view on a horaro schedule shortly after.

Note: it's the runner's responsibility to register for the convention and submit your marathon runs together! If you cannot wait until after the schedule to register, there is a chance the registration cap will be reached and you will not be able to enter the event. Please read the attendance section below for details!

We will also be accepting a handful of backup runners in case scheduled runners are unavailable. If you are accepted as a backup runner, it’s assumed you will be at the event regardless. Information on becoming a backup runner and event volunteer can be viewed here:


Attendance fee for the event is $25 for a Saturday pass and $30 for both days.
Register for the event online HERE.

“Registration will remain open until March 25, 2018 11:59 pm EST or until maximum capacity is reached.”

Badge pick up is available the day before the event and is ENCOURAGED FOR ALL ACCEPTED RUNNERS as the line for the day-of pick up tends to be quite long and will impact opening runs.

“Badges can be picked up at our Friday night early badge pick-up event April 13th at 8pm-10pm OR Saturday and Sunday morning starting at 8am at the Gordon Field House at RIT.”

Please check in to the stream room on the day of the event to confirm your attendance. If you have any technical needs for your run or other concerns, please contact the mod staff prior to the event so we can be aware.

Travel & Hotel information

Travel info is available on the event’s website near the bottom section of the FAQ. Nearby hotels are also included here. There are no group discount rates available, unfortunately. Transport is also the runner’s responsibility. We recommend using ride hailing apps to get to the event. Parking information is also listed in the FAQs. CLICK HERE FOR TRAVEL, HOTEL AND PARKING INFO

Chat moderation and other notes

This is a 1st year, grassroots event, we are not expecting it to be technically perfect. People should be ready to help out with the stream if necessary. The room will be highly trafficked, please keep that in mind.
We will also be needing mods to manage the Speedruns Rochester twitch chat during the event. Please contact our moderation staff if you are interested in helping out with this.

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Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

EnPassant, Theguesst, Protomagicalgirl, swc19


Rochester Institute of Technology’s Electronic Gaming Society subgroup ‘Speedruns Rochester’ is proud to present a 10 hour speedrunning marathon taking place at the RIT’s premiere yearly anime and nerd culture event; Tora-Con.

Saturday, April 14th 2018 | Noon to 10 PM EST.



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Thread: News Categories

Started by: WagnerBrasilWagnerBrasil

Hello, Could you please provide some reasoning as to why you'd be interested in these categories? Having an excessive amount of categories isn't really necessary for this game as no active runners need this. Additionally, the other versions of the game on snes don't feature these categories either.


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Thread: (Scans and Updated Runner List) Speedrunners featured in Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2018

Started by: TheguesstTheguesst

Hello again, It's been just over 1 week since the book was published so I thought I might as well share the archive I've collected of runners listed in GWR: Gamers Edition 2018.

As a disclaimer, I took the original scans and ATTEMPTED to enhance them, this is the first time I've worked on a project like this and I've had to quickly learn quite a bit on the magazine scanning process. There may be noticeable flaws in the scans or snapshots, please understand this situation before commenting on the quality.

With that said, the list is updated with runners mentioned in blurbs and some spelling was corrected. Feel free to let me know if I misspelled anyone's name or a game is mislabeled. Enjoy.

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Thread: Text list of Speedrunners featured in Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2018

Started by: TheguesstTheguesst

As of today, the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s edition 2018 edition book launched in the US. This year, they’ve partnered with to ensure accurate run information which is a highly welcome change (the logo is even on the back of the book!) With it, I have taken a number of hours acquiring scans and writing down names to create a searchable list of runners, games and page number mentioned. I'll be holding off on posting the scans for 1 week to not upset the publishers or twingalaxies sales of their product or invite litigation over potentially illegal distribution. I'll be making a list of runners mentioned available and page numbers in case people want to buy the book and see for themselves. After the week I'll be making my scans available on Imgur and posting it on and reddit for all to see. A pastebin is available to search with CTRL+F with runner names and games:

If anyone involved with Guinness world records, Twingalaxies or have any issues with me creating and posting this for public use, feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly remove this.

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Thread: Boss rush guide/ Boss movement guide

Started by: 1-up1-up

Hi, why not just take a look at the record video and see what they do?


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Thread: $200 bounty on a KPR and KTD autoscroller speedup glitch.

Started by: TheguesstTheguesst

This is recommended to be handled by individuals with TAS experience. If you are interested you can read the details here:


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Thread: Arena/True Arena Current Meta Strats

Started by: JoeyS111JoeyS111

Hello, well if you look at videos for the best used powers you can get an idea of what kind of movement you'll need to make hammer work.


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Thread: Never miss a tile glitch

Started by: TheguesstTheguesst

The following glitch is possible in some versions of this game.

Due to this glitch it's possible to get very fast times.


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Thread: Mix Wheel Question

Started by: DanTheEnigmaDanTheEnigma

The timing you have to select the power varies about 4 frames in KSSU, not sure if the same rule applies here but I would imagine as such. The wheel as it slows down also has the same button press window for powers despite the slower speed, making it harder. Even so, most powers you'll need to mix for can be done by holding b + down + a as you mix.