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Hello Speedrun Community,
Hello Admin?

i submitted for some days a game called "mr. President". and now its not more in the "Pending game requests" site.

its just away.

ps: in notifications is nothing about this.


Someone requested the game before you so the board was made and any requests were removed from the pending list.


That's interesting. I thought users were supposed to receive a notification, if their request was denied. Maybe Sgitch missed the notification, or maybe admins can't exactly deny the game for one person when it was already accepted for someone else, so they have to delete it in a way that doesn't send a notification.


While it is technically possible to delete a game request, which wouldn't send out a notification, your game request was denied (reason: Another user requested this.) and you did receive a notification about this. You must have missed it, somehow.

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seriously wtf i request first.


all okey 😃 feels just bad :DD


Originally posted by Sgitchfeels just bad

Just ask the dude on any of his social media accounts if he could add you to the list of mods if you really need it.