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Cool, I'll add the translator role to you on Discord as soon as I get home.

Yep that's what the æ icon means. It's super ugly and also needs an update 😛

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  [user deleted]

I could translate italian since I had a tour on Italy and learned it in their schools.

Sarei felice di aiutarvi 🙂


If you need help with the French Canadian language (Quebec), I can help.

Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour la traduction canadienne française (Québécois), je peux aider.


If you need any additional help with Spanish, I can do that. Also, if you want to make a Korean translation, I can do that as well.


I took over the translating duties for Turkish, but I'll let you both know if I need any help 🙂

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Ok, I've heard that some Turkish users complained with my work (I'm a former Turkish translator) so I hope you do better.


@Pac Hi, i stumbled across this thread by accident. I'd love to help with translating to Macedonian (if needed)


I can be a translator for Romanian if you ever need or want..

Pot să fiu un translator pentru limba Română dacă aveți nevoie sau dacă doriți..



If there's interest in translation into Korean, I am more than willing to help.


is it still relevant?
I can help with Russian language. I saw, what some people already offered their help, but it was a long time ago.
Perhaps my offering will be useful.


I can help translating to italian if needed, I saw some windows in this site where the text is not completely translated and would really like to help!


I can translate to hungarian, maybe it'd be useful


Might be useful to link this in the first post since you can also apply as a translator there:


I would be happy to help translate into Hebrew.

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I can translate into german

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I know I'm a bit late to the party. But I would be happy to help with the Dutch translation.


Is it still alive? If it is, I can help with translating Korean.


I'd be willing to offer translations to Ukrainian (the real one, not half-Ukrainian and half-Russian).


If any help is needed in translating to Polish, I'm ready to help. 🙂


Into Spanish language, it would be like a helluva option, soon... =)