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@Gyoo: Huh, I see. That's a shame.


Hey guys, nice to see interest in this is still alive. It took a little bit of a backseat the past few months while we were concentrating on other things, but I want to get it wrapped up and finished soon.

I also made a terrible decision when designing how the language data should be stored in the database (I'm too embarrassed to even say what it was), so I've gotta reorganise that, and that will also make it easier to translate things like game names into any language (not just Japanese).

For now, I've added Turkish and set you as a translator for it, SpiderSponge. You should also make sure you're in the Discord (link is in ... on the navbar) so that I can add you to the #translation channel.

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Thank you!

Edit: I have just entered the discord server. My username is the same as this one.

Edit 2: Also, I have noticed I got an "ae" icon next to my name. Is that because i'm a translator for the site?


Cool, I'll add the translator role to you on Discord as soon as I get home.

Yep that's what the æ icon means. It's super ugly and also needs an update 😛

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  [user deleted]

I could translate italian since I had a tour on Italy and learned it in their schools.

Sarei felice di aiutarvi 🙂


If you need help with the French Canadian language (Quebec), I can help.

Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour la traduction canadienne française (Québécois), je peux aider.


If you need any additional help with Spanish, I can do that. Also, if you want to make a Korean translation, I can do that as well.


I can help you translate this site for Turkish and Azeri.


I took over the translating duties for Turkish, but I'll let you both know if I need any help 🙂

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Ok, I've heard that some Turkish users complained with my work (I'm a former Turkish translator) so I hope you do better.


@Pac Hi, i stumbled across this thread by accident. I'd love to help with translating to Macedonian (if needed)


I can be a translator for Romanian if you ever need or want..

Pot să fiu un translator pentru limba Română dacă aveți nevoie sau dacă doriți..



If there's interest in translation into Korean, I am more than willing to help.


is it still relevant?
I can help with Russian language. I saw, what some people already offered their help, but it was a long time ago.
Perhaps my offering will be useful.


I can help translating to italian if needed, I saw some windows in this site where the text is not completely translated and would really like to help!


I can translate to hungarian, maybe it'd be useful


Might be useful to link this in the first post since you can also apply as a translator there:


I would be happy to help translate into Hebrew.

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I can translate into german

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I know I'm a bit late to the party. But I would be happy to help with the Dutch translation.


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