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I would love to help with russian translation.
I can help with Traditional Chinese translations. I'm Taiwanese and currently a graduate student studying translation and interpretation (English - Chinese). Would love to help out
@Gameboy736 Slovak translation is pretty useless since all Slovak people can understand Czech :^)
I can definitely help with the Spanish translation. I'm a native Spanish speaker, after all.
@CorkySek So? Just because the languages are similiar doesn't mean that it's useless. All big(ger) sites have Czech and Slovak translations, I don't see your arguement being valid.
Hi guys, I don't see anyone working on Italian so I could help with that if needed
I'm a Portuguese (brazilian) native speaker, i can offer my help to translate!
I can help with the italian language aswell
Hey! I can help with Chinese, connect me anytime u want
You can ask me for Brazilian Portuguese if you want. The main problem in doing this is that Brazil is so big there's a lot of differences in people's vocabulary. Especially the South, since it got a LOT of contact with European migrants in the 19th century. For an example, the city of Curitiba (which I was born in and still live nearby it) has some words that you'll only hear if you know someone from the city (e. g. "vina" for sausages; officially, it's "salsicha", "penal" for case; officially, it's "estojo", "japona" for jacket; officially it's "jaqueta" and some other words that won't even look like Portuguese at all), and the Rio Grande do Sul state having an own vocabulary. Also, there's the whole fight between what's the right word for "cookie"
I would gladly help with Swedish
Hey. I know you already have people working on spanish, but I'm wondering if you're working on different versions of spanish? because Europe spanish and american spanish are different and personally I hate reading Europe spanish.

If you don't have anybody already, I'd love to work on latinamerican/neutral spanish
I'll be glad to help with the Traditional Chinese. One or two people probably isn't enough for the site, and such a big language difference.
  Full modROMaster2
Based on this image of site usages by country posted a few months ago, the only two languages not available yet are Ukrainian and Romanian. Every country above 0.65% are being covered though, which is great.
a little improofment for this feature:
add a Database entry for each user to save the selected language
Great improvement! I see you already have Lithuanian translations down. I would be glad to help adding Latvian to that as well. I'm a native speaker and my girlfriend (who I could pull into doing this as well) has already done some translation work from English to Latvian for published materials.
Do you still need help with Portuguese (Portugal)?
There are some issues in Finnish:


Foorumi postaukset

-> Foorumipostaukset


Perus profiilinäkymä

-> Perusprofiilinäkymä


Näytä "miscellaneous" kategorian runit oletuksena profiilissasi

-> Näytä sekalaisten kategorioiden runit oletuksena profiilissasi


Näy "Striimit sivulla" kun striimaat

-> Näy "Striimit"-sivulla kun striimaat


Striimit [nosrl] merkinnällä otsikossa on aina piilotettuina.

-> Striimit [nosrl]-merkinnällä otsikossa ovat aina piilotettuina.

In the future, I would be happy to check this stuff beforehand.
I can help with Korean! Ill be glad to.
If needed i can help with Portuguese (Brazilian)!

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