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Good morning/afternoon/evening/night,

I'm just writing a small thread to inform all of you that I'm leaving the site's staff after more than 3 years (maybe even more, I don't even remember) of being a Global Mod.

For the last few months, it has become a burden to handle all of this, and I also want to move on and focus on other personal projects, some of them still related to speedrunning.
For instance, now I will be able to focus more on promoting the hobby in the french community, with my association LeFrenchRestream. We're most known for taking care of GDQ restreams in french (it's in the name) but we're starting to organize events on our own as well.

I'd like to thank Pac and Kirkq for their trust in me, despite all the things I fucked up (lol). I've had good times, it's been a pleasure to handle what I could over those years, but now it's time to turn the page.
I will still be around the site, probably more discreetly than before, but I still hope will last long.

Best regards,

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Best of luck and thank you for all you have done for the site.

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see you and good luck with the other projects 🙂


I already thanked you in the discord, but I’ll thank you again for all your hard work.


You did a great job from what I saw, Gyoo. Enjoy your other projects.


Can't imagine how much work you've probably put in over the course of 3 years. Thanks for that effort, and look forward to seeing your projects in the future.


Au revior mon amis! Thanks for doing all you did and good luck in your projects!


Gyoo It's been warming to have you around doing what you have been over the years.
You will be missed by allot of the people who also have seen the hours put in by yourself and the others that keep the site going so its understandable to want to move on at some point to other things. Best of luck with your projects and hope to still see you around the site or other places. ;D

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